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Today the Sun comes together with Pluto for a new cycle, which is a very significant event, because it speaks to the power of rebirth and resurrection, and provides each of us with the inner strength to brush our Selves off and stand up and start again. It's been a brutal month or two, and the world is heating up and continues to polarize radically. As Light workers, we can make great use of this Sun Pluto conjunction to recharge our spirits and our Light, and take the opportunity to let it shine ever more brightly. We are in the throes of a major mental operating system swap out, courtesy of the Mercury Quaoar triple conjunction, and this Sun Pluto event is very much a part of that process.

The Sun Pluto conjunction today serves double duty, because it Lights up and energizes the place within our energy field where Mercury went retrograde and will soon come together for his own new cycle with Pluto (on January 29). There's a lot to be realized from this Sun Pluto event today, if we have the eyes to See.

For some this will be a moment to step fully into our empowered Selves. There has been so much terror and corruption permeating the world recently that it has been all too easy to cower and allow the Light within to be diminished. This will not serve us or anyone now. With Mercury Quaoar coming together on the World Axis/ Galactic Center, we are being downloaded with new consciousness whether we are aware of it or not.

All we need to do today is allow the keys and codes in through the crown chakra, and as always where Pluto is involved, surrender to the process. Surrender is a significantly feminine word... I have always felt that Pluto has a special affinity with the Feminine in each of us. He wakes it up in us, either by desire or by necessity. When Pluto is running the show, we must get on our knees and surrender to its process.

This is NOT because of some kind of male dominance, but more because Pluto is the first archetype within us that represents the Divine plan. There is no denying the profound power and purpose of Pluto's presence, and he is with us today in no uncertain terms. What he brings now will be with us for around 3 weeks, until Mercury recovers his shadow and comes together with Pluto on January 29.

You may recall that this Mercury Pluto new cycle began with a refranation, which means that absolutely everything that has happened since December 18 when Mercury went retrograde and everything that will happen between tomorrow when Mercury goes direct and his actual conjunction with Pluto has been intrinsic to the actual new cycle. We needed these few weeks to prepare us for this, and today's Sun Pluto is a major energizing of that new cycle starting point.

Keep your eyes and ears open. There's a lot going on, and the understanding of it all is not possible. What is needed now is the kind of realization that comes from allowing it all to unfold and letting your Self move through it without too much mental processing. In this way you can experience something new and come to Know what it all represents. It's cryptic, I know, but that's all that's available at this time. (But then, you didn't need me to tell you that!)

Here is Ellias Lonsdale's meditation for today's Sun Pluto new cycle, reprinted with the author's permission from his book Star Sparks:

Capricorn 18:  A black leopard with green eyes.

"He sees inside. He penetrates the appearances with the most implacable determination, and he goes about his business of getting down to what counts and discarding the rest. He is ruthless and not given to second thoughts. He just goes with the intuitive sense and will not step aside for anything.

                He is one of those characters you need to be on the good side of, for he is indeed ferocious. Not that he acts it out. It’s all in the manner; a glance, an intonation. Nobody had better step out of line around here.

                He is a patroller, a vigil keeper, a watching one. His instructions are to keep a very keen eye out for all outstanding factors and to be as disciplined and constrained as possible in not acting too fast or jumping to conclusions. But he is so intent and on the spot that he does see it coming, before it’s even there.

                This is the one to do the job. He never sleeps. He never varies. His track is that of staying on it. And he is severely one-pointed in carrying out his objective. That’s the way it’s gotta be.

                What he is most obsessed with is making sure that we get where we’re going, and we can be less interfered with by the dark ones than we would otherwise be. He’s a protective fellow, the one who intends the very best.

                When he takes his power and surrenders it again to the Higher Power, he is a miracle of intervention. Then he can transmit the ultimate and essential, to fit within the most ordinary contexts. His tone functions to restore peace of mind and a guided, well-orchestrated life."


"Growth demands a temporary surrender of security."

- Gail Sheehy


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