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Today is the day the world begins what is probably the most profound transition period of modern times. It's an evolutionary passage that must be perceived from the highest perspective for best results. Today the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump, will be inaugurated. Everyone is feeling something profound. Many are afraid, others are concerned, and there are still those who are excited for this change. Change is probably the most operative word for this momentous occasion. But we have to realize that change can be anywhere and everywhere, and show up in places we would never expect to find it. 

Everywhere you look you can recognize the signs of transformation. This is the 45th presidency. 45 is a '9', and '9' is the completion of things. It's safe to say that nothing will be the same after this administration. It's also safe to say that this can go one of three ways: Not so good, really good, and the most desirable of all, reunification.

If those three options don't appear to belong together at first glance, look again. The Mercury Pluto new cycle in one week's time brings the resurrection of the Christed Mind to humanity. This comes one day after the Aquarius New Moon that heralds the Year of the Fire Rooster. (It's time to wake up to the burning world).

At the higher level, the new consciousness is being fully awakened in each and every soul, and those of us who have worked on our Selves to be ready for this moment are the first to reap the benefits of reclaiming the cosmic Self.

It's best not to put too much focus on the drama that is playing out in the physical. It's going to get messy. A good rule to live by would be to live in the knowledge that the messier the better in the end. Polarization is like that. The two sides of this dualistic realm we have created have to come completely apart before we can realize the way to reunification.

It's coming apart pretty good. Let it BE. Surrender to the mess. Trust in the Divine Plan that can only set things right in the end. ALTAR your thoughts when things start to get you down. Keep your heart open as best you can, especially when you don't want to. Love is the only answer.

What is happening may SEEM like darkness, but in Truth it is only the shadow of the polarizing parts. What is a shadow? It is nothing. It is NO THING. It does not MATTER. Don't decide that it does. Making that decision is living in fear, and that is the very last choice you want to make.

With the demise of the old patriarchal world, (which is exactly what we are witnessing now,  no matter how it looks), we are participating in the birthing of the new world, and the rebirthing of higher Cosmic Self. It may feel new, but none of it is really new.

What matters now is not understanding or knowing how to proceed. The only thing that matters now is allowing your Self the experience of all that is happening. In this way, and ONLY in this way, will you be able to realize anything close to the Truth. And at this time, the Truth is all that matters, and it is going to get harder and harder to See for a while.

Stay tuned to you. Come from the heart and you will never lose your way.

"Faith means living with uncertainty - feeling your way through life, letting your heart guide you like a lantern in the dark." 

Dan Millman