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We have seen some life altering weeks in the past few years but nothing, and I mean NOTHING, comes close to the stretch of days ahead of us now. There is so much going on that the only way to do it is with a firm centered connection to the heart, in stillness and a solid state of surrender. If you can't or won't be still, you will have a hard time making sense out of what happens next. 

By the way, Christine Clemmer's CC Weekly is a MUST read this week. Check it out HERE.


Notice there are three aspect charts today. Two of these are aspects to MakeMake. You may recall that when I was offering up my election webinar, I mentioned that this administration is actually all about the transfer of authority from Saturn to MakeMake. MakeMake is the higher octave of Saturn. Saturn deals with all the laws we have made up in order to have what we refer to as civilization here on Earth. MakeMake deals with cosmic order and the laws of the universe which always supersede anything we make up here and call reality.

The first aspect is a Great Eliminator with the Earth Star chakra (the Karmic South Node). We are looking right at this issue as we watch the incredible polarization of the planet continue to manifest with every new event that takes place. We MUST choose Love, and in Truth, it doesn't matter who we're for. Love is Love. And no matter what happens now, it IS the final result of all of this.

The Sun manifests with MakeMake today too, which bodes well for the consciousness of the higher Truths. Most may not be able to see it today, (though many of us will), it's for certain that whatever happens now will become the fodder for choosing Love at the end of the day.

Mercury is on his way to the completion of that new mental operating system installation, which occurs on Sunday. Today Mercury is in resource with Neptune. The Truth is hard to find at this moment, but the more foggy it gets, the more clear it will become.

This is only Monday. There are more aspects this week than any I've seen in a very long time. MANY of them involve 5D planets. The new consciousness is already born and the old consciousness is fighting hard to hold its ground. Sometimes it's hard to tell which is which.

That's why the only thing that matters is that you know your Self and stay tuned to you. It's messy out there. There is very little to go on, because this is a new world and the old world is trying with all its might to change it back.

The Women's movement that showed itself in full force on Saturday is truly the beginning of the remembrance... the putting back together... of the Divine Feminine. She is here to stay and she has some fundamental Truth up her sleeve that will catch every last one of us off guard.

Let the Truth that is revealed continue to wake you and assist your ascension process.

"Good instincts usually tell you what to do long before your head has figured it out."

- Michael Burke