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 Today Venus comes together for a new cycle with Chiron. You may recall that Mars did the same thing on January 16. New cycles with Chiron relate to ‘wholing’ and realignment. In Mars’ case it was all about they physical clearings we were going through. With Venus it’s the heart and it’s emotional. There’s no denying that we are all emotionally stretched to the max these days. The Divine Feminine has risen up to respond in full force to all this stress and strain. Things are not the same as they were before, and Venus is SO busy this week that by the time the new Aquarius Moon happens (Friday) the new balance of power should be clearer than ever. 

Venus and Chiron start a new cycle today that promises to place the heart (and the Divine Feminine) on newer, more solid turf. The planet her Self is ready for a new chapter. The patriarchy is doing its job, making its heavy handed effort to maintain its control over humanity, but with every effort it makes the feminine rises just a little more.

There’s no other way  but for the balance to come about. We need patience, faith and the willingness to surrender to the inevitable outcome where Love triumphs over not-Love. Venus is also currently making intimate contact with Eris today, so expect the status quo to be disrupted, albeit subtly.

What is subtle now will not remain so for long. The wholing of the heart us well underway, and the new mental operating system is just about ready for its big reveal. The rest of this week will see both of these situations come about. It may seem like a wildly fast transformation, but in actuality it has taken many thousands of years. Such is the experience at the end of a very long time line.

The feminine is birthing, the patriarchy is dying, and it is all one event. We can’t have one without the other. What an amazing Truth is unfolding before our eyes. Use all three of your eyes as best you can. It’s the third one that Sees most clearly.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Venus Chiron new cycle. It takes place at 22 Pisces 00, but according to all the systems that relate to the symbolism of the degrees, 22 00 of any sign is considered the 23rd degree. This passage is reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

  Pisces 23:  Someone lurking in a dark wood. They are waiting for a passerby.

The inward experience of a primal split. We search for our lost self and equally are the one who is lost. We span many polarities. We are life and death, spirit and deep substance, awaking awareness and the nightmares which haunt.

                We are disturbed, uneasy, on edge. Whatever we fear feels to be very close at hand. We are stalking ourselves. A part got dislodged from the rest somewhere back there. And so we can sense that something is missing, something is wrong with us, and nothing outward can make any difference in it.

                Our path here lies in soul process of a radical kind. We cannot find a true center and inner ground. So we are desperate to probe, to pierce, to get down under. This leads us on an adventure through our own primal soul, through the collective undersoul, into all the deep hidden places of this earth.

                We are called upon to heal the split. It is absolutely crucial that we do something about what we are up against. It’s the kind of thing which gets worse if you ignore it. Whatever is faced becomes the known, something to build on in these deep waters.

                Whether sensed as inside the soul, inside the world, or both, we are here faced with an unavoidable dilemma. Part of us is trying to get the attention of the other part. But they speak a different language. It’s been too long. They don’t know how to get through to each other. And there is a lot of pain and grief involved.

                It is possible to come through this frequency with a tremendous victory. This arises where we persevere mightily in our intention to bring a vibrant spirit to bear upon old traumas and wounds.”

“In the practice of tolerance, one’s enemy is the best teacher.”

– Dalai Lama 

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