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So many of you are sending me amazing comments and questions, and I'd like to respond, (and I will), but there's so much going on in the cosmos these days, it's hard to ignore it all. Today, for example, begins with Mars moving into his home sign of Aries, and then there are four more dynamic aspects today, three of them from Venus. Three Venus aspects after the other five she just made earlier this week. There is a definite chapter beginning that focuses on the Divine Feminine, and the more fully we embrace the heart and Love, the more we will be able to receive from the energies that now prevail for those of us with eyes to See.

I have NEVER displayed so many aspects in one day! That many connections translates into one very significant day. With Mars coming home to Aries and Venus making so many connections, ALL of them to 5D planets, there are some very new frequencies manifesting. Mars and Venus will take center stage together now, as both will transit Aries and approach the Great Awakeners in the weeks to come,

Usually, Venus would be traveling faster than Mars and make it to a new cycle with her divine feminine co-ruler in short order, but Venus is slowing down to go retrograde and she isn't going to make it to Mars just yet. In fact after all these Venus aspects this week, Venus is st to enter her retrograde shadow in just two days, on the 30th.

Mars will make it to Uranus and Eris at the end of February, and Venus will go retrograde at 13 Aries on March 3. She won't make it to the Great Awakeners until after they complete their triple conjunction and truly begin their new cycle.Venus goes direct on April 15 and comes together with Uranus and Eris at the end of April.

Venus and Mars are very close together now, and they will both enter Aries in the next week or so, but they won't come together for a new cycle until October. Interesting, isn't it? It seems to point to a very VERY important Venus retrograde cycle that prepares us for a whole new heart experience.

And all this comes at the moment when Mercury comes together with Pluto  at last, and the resurrected mental body is fully manifested. So what is Venus doing today, after she came together with Chiron, Jupiter and Saturn, Uranus and Eris  earlier this week?

She has a Great Eliminator (inconjunct) with Haumea, a resource (sextile) with Sedna, and a stepping stone with Ixion.) A stepping stone with Quaoar is just up ahead too). All these 5D connections are reshaping our consciousness at the heart level. Haumea (wholeness), Sedna (remembrance of the Feminine) and Ixion (Life's purpose) all tell the tale, taken together.

All of these aspects are dynamic, meaning we won't be able to miss the energies as they come about today. There's no denying that the world is new. It's not the same as it was two week ago. And right now, the main thing is staying tuned to the inner awakening that is taking place, while it is set against the backdrop of a most polarized world.

Stay tuned to you, and you won't go wrong.

"Faith is to believe what you do not see. The reward of this Faith is to see what you believe."

St. Augustine