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For the week of September 25 – October 1, 2017:

The week ahead promises to be highly transformative as we shed the skin of our karmic attachments, revealing our fine tuned crystalline light body from underneath the surface.  All things physical contain divine wisdom, light, and spirit at the innermost core, and as we let go of our identifications with the karmic stories of duality and the polarizing belief that any one perception is better or worse than the other, we begin to liberate ourselves from physical density, and elevate our experience of physical reality through the embodiment of Light.

A perfect example of duality is the experience of light and dark, and the tendency to prefer light over darkness.  It’s important to remember that transformation occurs in the dark, in the unknown, unfamiliar, and uncharted territory.  As we navigate through any experience of darkness, we become transformed by the wholeness of the experience, and our wisdom generates the light that expands our consciousness as we grow and leap forward.  That wisdom becomes engrained and encoded in our bodies, like recorded grooves of a crystal, or like markings of light codes within our new skin.


Imagine we are already downloaded with the full spectrum of divine feminine wisdom, which has been stored below the surface, dormant until now.  It’s inherent in our core, in every cell of our being.  We must each go through the experiential process of initiation, awakening to that wisdom, remembering and aligning ourselves and our cells with that volume of wisdom in this lifetime.  Wisdom is the experiential fuel for enlightenment, the traction and movement that sloughs off our skin as we shed and release the expired dead cells from misqualified beliefs, exfoliating and refining ourselves as Light.


This week delivers us through the completion of September, a “9” month, which included a profound holistic reboot and recalibration of our entire lower 4 body system (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).  We’ve journeyed through the depths of our emotional wisdom to arrive in a brand new experience of truth regarding our physical power and the physical world.  Nothing is separate, nothing is outside of us.  The physical dimension is reflecting our current state of consciousness, and moment to moment, anything can change on a dime when we choose to elevate our consciousness.  We each hold the power to choose and the power to shift, with every breath, from the inside out.


We’re moving into a “10” month of October by the end of the week, and while “1” is a number of new beginnings, “10” is the vision of a profound new beginning amplified by light.  It’s the possibility of what’s to come, if our thoughts, words, and actions are congruent with our newly awakened wisdom.  Wisdom comes from completion of a cycle, completion of wholeness, and the purification that occurs by releasing oneself in order to surrender to the process.  Dying in order to experience transformation and rebirth.  Like being baptized by fire, the experience delivers personal wisdom far beyond what any logical information or storytelling could provide.  That kind of wisdom, though at times painfully vulnerable, leads to personal mastery and fine tuned excellence.  If we play it safe and choose to remain in the shallow waters of manageable discomfort, we’ll never explore the edges of our mastery through profound transformation.  “Only those willing to go too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”  T.S. Eliot.


We’re each being called forth to honor our truth and to follow our hearts with passion and devotion into the unknown territory, without any promise of safety, comfort, or security.  When we do, we can experience the vision of what’s possible beyond the current limits and status quo, beyond the edge of anything we’ve ever known until now.  When we remain safe and shallow, we stay in the realms of familiarity where we’ve already been a thousands times over.  There’s nothing new in the rearview mirror, no matter how much we long to go back.  This is a time to be courageous authentic visionary leaders, the pioneers of a new Earth.  We are shifting the context, shaking up the status quo, in order to manifest a whole new reality with Love.  Love awakens, Love heals, Love transforms…Love is the frequency that restores peace, unifying All in wholeness, through diversity, wisdom, and mastery.


The week begins on Monday 9/25 with no major aspects.  As with any period of transformation, take care of your body and nourish yourself well.


On Tuesday 9/26, the Sun and MakeMake begin a new cycle and Mars is manifesting with Pallas, 5D divine feminine wisdom.  MakeMake is the 5D octave of Saturn, representing the higher laws of nature and the universal law of Unconditional Love.  Love is measured as the highest frequency of energy available to us in the universe, and Love is the Language, the Currency, and the Law in 5D.  As our consciousness begins a new cycle with the higher laws of Universal Love, we calibrate our selves with that frequency of Light.  We are awakened to the higher authority within, which gives high definition and clarity to our contribution of leadership and service in the new world.  We each have the capacity to shine brightly, in service to All through Love.  How we do that is unique and authentic, determined by our blueprint and awakened mastery.  No gift of service is more or less valuable than any other, so there’s nothing to compare or judge, however it is essential that we allow ourselves to shine as we manifest our wisdom.


Wednesday 9/27 is a Sun Vesta new cycle, a Venus Orcus new cycle, a Ceres Varuna new cycle, and the Moon’s Nodes are stationing in resonance with the Light Bridge.   In any new relationship or new beginning, we have the option to move forward with wisdom and clarity in tact, elevating to a whole new level of excellence.  Sun Vesta represents the inner fire of devotion and our awakened consciousness.  When we consciously infuse our fire of devotion into anything, we elevate the level of commitment, excellence, and reverence.  Devotion is sacred, and what we hold as sacred, we honor, protect, nourish, and value.  Venus and Orcus represent the heart’s capacity to resurrect and come back to life in the physical realm, remembering the original promise to resurrect through even the most challenging times and events.  And Ceres Varuna represents the deliverance of a higher vision of wholeness, beyond the veils and illusions of separation, beyond time and space.


The Moon’s Nodes represent the collective Earth Star Chakra and Soul Star Chakra, the karmic circumstances that unite us in this earthly experience, and the dharmic path of evolution that liberates us from those conditions, uniting us with the light of our eternal truth, oneness, and Love.   The fact that the Nodes are stationing in resonance with the Light Bridge is profoundly impactful to our collective consciousness.  We all have common roots that connect us to the Earth, our ancestral stories of suffering and limitation unify us all.  And our divine human nature to evolve, transcend, and liberate from oppression and limitation unites us in spirit.  We’re experiencing our oneness, through our humanity and our divinity, as we unify and ascend onto the Light Bridge, awakening social consciousness to Unity Consciousness, through the language and practice of Unconditional Love.  These themes are unmistakeable, and they’re visible everywhere we look.


On Thursday 9/28, Pluto stations at 17 Capricorn and Mercury calibrates at the exact degree of the recent Virgo New Moon that ended the wormhole.  Pluto is the archetype of transformation through death and rebirth.  Anytime we experience a loss, betrayal, death, or ending…of any kind…we can be sure that transformation is in process.  And Pluto in Capricorn assures us that the transformation is divinely guided, directly from Source.   Pluto went retrograde on April 20th, so for the last 5 months we’ve been in a cocoon of alchemy.  Think of all that has occurred during this portal of metamorphosis.


The process of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly is magical and mysterious…and also quite messy and uncertain.  From a well defined being with fully functioning capabilities, the caterpillar completely dissolves unto itself, literally turning into an unrecognizable fluid of imaginal cells.  Formless, structureless, seemingly powerless…helpless, inefficient, and incompetent…yet holding the blueprint within that crystalline fluid, holding the promise and the vision of what’s to come.  Reflect on the last 5 months to see if at any point you’ve identified with this story of metamorphosis  Not only must we surrender our old identity and appearances, we must also experience a surrender of control, power, and previously defined purpose, in order to emerge as our most brilliant, beautiful and breathtaking self…the butterfly.  In our most vulnerable moments, we find our wisdom and inner beauty emerging in the empty space of nothingness, and we manifest wings to fly, taking us to new dimensions and possibilities.   Mercury calibrating at the degree of the Virgo New Moon aligns our inner communications system with wholeness, emotional wisdom, mastery, and purification, allowing us to interpret all that has occurred as we begin to operate our brand new navigation equipment as we take flight.


Friday 9/29, Venus and Neptune form a bridge, and Mercury enters Libra.  Our hearts align with clarity and enlightenment as Mercury moves into the realm of physical power and the highest realization of the mirrored self, that I am you and you are me.  Our inner communications system is ready to reveal the newness of the mind/body connection through the feedback mechanism of all physical body sensations and all reflections of relationships with the physical world.


On Saturday 9/30, Venus manifests with Pallas, allowing our hearts to calibrate the creative force of harmonious energy that comes from divine feminine wisdom.


And on Sunday 10/1, the North Node (Soul Star Chakra) is manifesting with Eris, as the South Node (Earth Star Chakra) is in a resource with Eris.  The Moon’s Nodes are moving direct, and this is the vision of what’s to come.  This is the awakening of our collective consciousness through the wholeness of our evolutionary path, from karma to dharma.  When we can socially allow each individual to be on their path, trusting that no matter where they are at any given moment is sacred and divine, we awaken a new octave of acceptance and wholeness through diversity and freedom.  The fact that we’re here means we’re on the path of evolution.  Where we are on that path is irrelevant, the path itself is sacred.


When we can honor each individual for simply being here, and surrender the judgment and polarity of comparison, we actually release the density and resistance that holds humanity small, thereby liberating us All to a higher vibration of Love.  The path itself is the physical journey.  The evolution is the upward spiral in consciousness that allows us to be fully present, aware, and awake…no matter where we’re standing on our path.  We’re all in the same game, playing on the same team, as One.  Diversity is the allowance of choice and free will.  Unity is in our breath and our collective gravitational pull to be here at the same time and place, as co-creators of this reality.  There are no accidents, and nothing is random on the sacred path.  Everything contains everything, and everything is divine Love in action.


The practice this week is to surrender judgment of self and others, and practice seeing the divine in All.  No matter what.  Practice seeing the divine light through Unconditional Love in all souls, no matter what their path looks like on the surface.  Remember the full journey of the caterpillar, to imaginal cells within a cocoon, to butterfly.  Greet the people on your path as if they are each in their most sacred moment of metamorphosis.  Without labeling or defining what their process looks like or what it means, see if you can connect to the transformation occurring and the divinity of their most vulnerable and authentic current expression.  Practice being the response of Love, and see what emerges in the space.  As we shine light on those around us, we begin to recognize the light emerging, and we unify in Love, regardless of what’s occurring on the surface.  Messy or pretty, all is divinely sacred, and every moment contains wisdom that liberates our souls.


“Our lives are not our own. We are bound to others, past and present, and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.” 
― David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas


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