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January 4 – 10, 2016:

Welcome to 2016, the most powerful, cutting edge and unprecedented year we’ve ever experienced, because it’s where we are NOW!   As we begin each day this year, we are also bringing ourselves to completion.  Every moment of this year brings wholeness, coming full circle within ourselves, demanifesting karma, and awakening to oneness and unity.  Every new beginning is birthed by a completion, and each new now contains the full spectrum of everything, past, present and future, like a multidimensional circle that expands infinitely outward and inward, in 360 degrees.


2016 is a 9 year, and when 9 is added to any other number, it clears itself out and starts again.  It’s like a recycling agent.  It takes the whole and brings it back to the origin.  The completion this year is a return to Love.  Love is the final ingredient that brings us to wholeness, and Love is our origin, our roots, our Truth.  Everything begins and ends with Love.  Love completes, love heals, love wholes, love awakens, love remembers, and love inspires.  This is the year that we awaken ourselves to holistically embody Unconditional Love, the 5D Law of the Universe, which completes the old karmic loop and brings us to the starting point of a whole new world.


One of the biggest aspects this week is the Mercury station, when Mercury turns retrograde on Tuesday 1/5.  This particular retrograde cycle is especially profound because we are rewiring and upgrading our entire lower body communication system.  Love is the Law, AND Love is the Language in 5D, so the way we communicate within ourselves and with each other is undergoing rapid transmutation.  The thoughts we think to ourselves, about ourselves and about others, how we speak to ourselves, our inner most private dialogues are all elevating to the frequency of Love…if we can allow it.


We’re recognizing the importance of our conscious connection with our thoughts and the instantaneous power we have to manifest our world through our thoughts.  Whatever habitual patterns or historical conversations we’ve been replaying over and over again in our subconscious programming must be interrupted so that we can insert a new frequency of communication.  How we speak, our context, and the channels we are tuned in to are so significant for manifesting the new world.   How we listen and witness the events around us, our ability to hold our seat as the highest observer of our own movie screen is central so that we don’t buy into the lower vibrational story lines, the very threads of consciousness that we’re awakening from.  And it’s especially important to remember that as we hold space for others, in those silent moments of compassion, we are also broadcasting the frequency of our private innermost conversations, thoughts and judgments.  Any misqualified background static needs to clear, and it absolutely can the moment we calibrate to a still point of Love, in sync with the universal sound of OM.


Tuesday is a HUGE day this week.  In addition to Mercury’s retrograde launch, Mercury also forms the first of two stepping stones with Mars, which taken together are reactivating and recalibrating the mind/body connection. This day also features a beautiful Venus/Neptune stepping stone to support us in elevating to a higher perspective of the heart.  When we can receive the communications from our Mind/Body connection through the purity of an elevated heart space, the result will be compassion and a response of Love, no matter what the message is.  Remember, Love heals, Love wholes, Love completes.  If we can express and interpret all communication through the highest frequency of Love, then those messages can come to completion, releasing the habitual need for the original feedback, and manifesting an important leg up towards a brand new reality.


Also on Tuesday, the moon sextiles Jupiter, and there is a powerful Sun/Pluto conjunction occurring at the same place where Mercury and Pluto recently came together, and will revisit during this retrograde journey.  All of this adds another dimensional boost of expansion and Light to the resurrection and rebooting of our new operating system and communication network.   Our ability to communicate – within, without, verbally and nonverbally…between our own lower body system and also with all other souls-  is being upgraded to the frequency of Unconditional Love.


Imagine a world where we can speak our Truth, our highest Truth, freely and wholly, with Love and compassion, and allow it to be received as Love, regardless of the outcome.  When we spend energy trying to buffer, soften, or sugar coat our words, we water down and diminish the vibrational frequency of our communication.  A pure antenna or channel has no need to censor, eliminate, or water down the messages coming through.  The message is Divine, and it’s our responsibility to honor and deliver it with integrity, fully intact.


In order to elevate and deliver with pure potency, we must be able to walk the planet with open hearts, with the capacity to hear another’s Truth with Love, without compromising our own or shrinking in the process.  In the end, there is no separation between any of us, so everyone’s Truth is an aspect of our Truth, no matter how difficult it is to hear, otherwise it wouldn’t be showing up at all.  There’s nothing to fear.


The same thing applies within ourselves and our bodies.  If the body is giving feedback, communicating that something is out of balance or needs attention, and we fear the message, fear the implications, and ignore or refuse to listen, we’re not operating from Love.  If we can graciously receive every communication from the highest observer’s perch of Love, in our high heart, then Mercury can deliver the clearest, most direct and honest interpretation of what that message means, and how it supports our highest spiritual evolution.  We can’t ignore our internal messaging system anymore.  We must tune in and begin to honor, listen, and take action accordingly as a living response of Love.


The New Moon in Capricorn later this week gives us a direct link to the executive director within, our higher selves in partnership with Source.  The New Moon will be squaring Uranus and Eris, creating a huge stepping stone for our inner and outer awakenings, and calibrating new dimensions in our ability to respond with Love to any unexpected events or disruptions that may show up.  Everything we experience is an opportunity to be Love and respond with Love.  Whatever gets shaken up or removed from our path is meant to be cleared for our highest evolution.  Our job is to continue tuning in and spiraling up, with disciplined focus, while softening our judgments and rigidity towards ourselves and others, and embracing anything that interrupts our historical limiting patterns.


If the spoken word creates our reality, then it’s even more important to pay attention to the quiet space between the connection to Source and the actual formation of our thoughts and words.  This week, notice what drives your choices of language, your verbal and nonverbal responses to events and circumstances, and see if your words are congruent with the unspoken frequency of your highest Truth and the messages coming straight from Source.  This is a week to check in and make sure your words are matching your music, and that the space you’re listening from is quiet, pure, and undisturbed.  If you’re noticing background static or inner toxicity that isn’t aligned with the frequency of Love, take some time to clear and reset.  There are many ways to recalibrate back to Love, through sounds, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, chanting, or silent meditation.  Intentionally calibrate your antenna to sharpen your ability to channel at higher frequencies and the distractions and interferences will clear.


When we observe a moment of silence, we connect to a deep space of honor, reverence, or remembrance with Love that alters and elevates the environment within and around us.  When we stop talking and listen with our hearts, we are present and in the flow of Love.  When we unplug from the distractions and drama that entangle our minds as static disruption, we can experience the still point where we are connected to All and we can hear and feel the communication of unity and eternity.  We can sit in silent meditation with our eyes closed in solitude in a dark room and feel connected to the infinite, to ALL, in Love.


This Mercury retrograde offers an opportunity to unplug, upgrade, and reboot all of our methods of communication, through every network available, to tune into the sound and frequency of LOVE.  Any interruptions that might occur this week are delivering the gift of a reboot…allow that frequency to guide and motivate the next step, as conduits of Love in Action, driven by Source.


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