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For the week of January 11 – 17, 2016

The energies are supercharged this week and the downloads are off the charts.  So much is shaking up in the world (and our bodies) as frequencies are calibrating, fine tuning, and aligning, and information is flooding in.

Oftentimes when rapid downloads come through a computer or operating system, the system overloads temporarily and has to completely shut down to reboot.  This Mercury retrograde is producing those kinds of dramatic shut downs and reboots through all of our lower 4 body systems.  The surges of energy are so intensely strong right now, it doesn’t take much to short circuit our old wiring and our nervous systems, or trigger a fever, virus, or sneezing attack.  The good news is that the reboot process is amplifying our ability to communicate efficiently within ourselves and with our higher Cosmic Self in alignment with the divine blueprint.  Anything incongruent is being stripped away and recycled.  Similar to gutting a house in a total renovation, we are gutting out the old wiring systems and completely upgrading and installing something new…think state of the art copper wiring to better enhance our crystalline features.

Mercury is in the heart of his retrograde journey right now, and any connections, relationships, and networking opportunities that we weren’t quite ready to step into previously due to outstanding self worth issues are clearing up now, recalibrating, and those connections are resurfacing and circling back around to revisit and plug in.  It is not possible to miss anything that is meant to occur, but we can only prolong the amount of time it takes for that event to manifest.  Now is the time to say Yes to ourselves, wholeheartedly, and trust in the messages of the heart.  The current themes are inviting us towards the expression of our highest truth, and we can’t deny them anymore.  We can’t hide, shrink, play small, or pretend not to know our potential any more…this is the moment of alignment that sets the stage and the foundation for the great meeting of Uranus and Eris that will occur this summer.

Speaking of Eris, she takes the spotlight this week as she finally begins moving direct again onTuesday 1/12 at 22 Aries.  We’ve been hearing a lot about Eris lately, she’s the great female inner awakener, destined to meet her counterpart Uranus, the great male awakener, for the first time ever in human consciousness this summer to shake things up inside and out.   And anyone who hasn’t “heard” of Eris has undoubtedly been “feeling” her.  No one on the planet is exempt from the inner agitations, stirrings, disruptions, blow ups and volcanos that have been building in intensity since she stationed last week.   We’ve been sitting in the still point of our innermost dissatisfaction and cravings for change until that irritation starts rubbing and ripping apart the old threads of attachments like velcro ripping off the limitations of our skin from the inside out until we finally wake up, shed the skin like a snake, refine ourselves and move forward without delay, concern, or doubt.  Sometimes we have to sit in the discomfort and feel the friction long enough until we shift out of our heads and allow ourselves to be moved by a more authentic navigation system…the authority of our awakened heart.

Thanks to Venus and her new cycle with Saturn, our hearts are holding the authority and are ready to lead the way.  Venus forms a manifestation with Uranus on 1/12 as the heart continues to receive calibrations like little electric shocks that jumpstart and awaken the truth and clear away old patterns.  We have so much movement and support from multiple manifestations (trines) this week, including the Sun/Jupiter on 1/13 and Mercury/Jupiter on 1/14.   Mercury makes the halfway mark on Thursday 1/14 as he meets up with the Sun.  Imagine all of our newly upgraded wiring systems being activated with light codes.  Get ready for some even more impressive frequencies, providing some much needed fine tuning of the innermost messages that are awakening within as our nervous systems become like crystalline high frequency antennas.  There are many other subtle aspects this week, providing the constant buzzing and humming of momentum that drives us forward and inspires us to pick up the pace.  We’re ramping up, and this is the most exciting time to be alive!

This supercharged week ahead will inspire every spiritual enthusiast who is here to experience the complete awakening and resurrection of humanity and the planet, and this is only the beginning.  Fasten your seat belts, get out of your head, let go of anything you think you know, and let your Self be danced through the cosmic orchestration that’s occurring right now.  It’s quite breathtaking.

The practice this week is to surrender while staying grounded.  Take a few moments each day to connect your feet to the Earth, close your eyes, and find your balance within.  Find your footing, and remain in your heart for the week ahead.  The mind can’t even begin to understand or control the events that are occurring, so don’t even try.   Take the extra time to dot your i’s and cross your t’s, and be impeccable with all commitments to your Self and others, providing a solid foundation to walk upon.  Eris surely has some big surprises in store for all of us this week!



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