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For January 18 – 24, 2016


Everything has shifted, we are in the midst of a total rewiring process, and we are now just past the halfway point of Mercury’s retrograde cycle, We’ve made it over the hump and are gaining momentum towards a very big finale.  This week marks the climactic conclusion of the profoundly uncomfortable Eris storm of 2016.

This week will see a big final storm clearing with several major aspects.  Now is a good time to check in and observe…how do you weather an intense storm?  Do you have the courage and stamina to sit in the observer’s perch, in the still point of your heart, and trust that you are safe and all is well, while having faith that whatever gets blown away, uprooted, or wiped off the map was meant to be and serves a higher purpose to deliver you to higher ground?  Or do you white knuckle it, drenched in fear and sweat, begging the universe, God, or some external authority to take it easy on you and lighten up the intensity?


Without judgment, just notice how you’ve navigated this current storm system so far.  This is the time to let go and TRUST, to allow the storm to rage in order to clear away all the patterns and limitations that need to clear, to find the sweet spot of release and surrender in the eye of the storm, allowing the intense energy surges to amplify in momentum while patiently knowing that the path will be revealed soon enough. Remember that nothing can ever happen that isn’t meant to happen, and we never face any challenge that we aren’t fully prepared or equipped to handle.

The current storms are mirroring the places we’ve already been, the chaotic turbulence of the pain and trauma we’ve created and stored in our minds.  The winds of change are storming through, as forces of nature, calling forth our surrender to a higher calling, beyond our lower mind’s ego control.  In the path of a tornado or any unpredictable storm cell, there’s nothing a human ego can do to alter the course of events, other than surrender to the higher Self, in harmony with the entire infinite universe.  Resistance produces suffering. It is time to let go of all the lifetimes and the many ways that we’ve ever resisted or denied the truth of who we are, the authentic calling of our higher self, and our true nature.  This is the beginning of the grand return home to ourselves and our ultimate communion and reunion with Source…and we MUST allow it.

The week starts off with some HUGE energies on Monday the 18th.  Just after midnight, Venus and Jupiter form a stepping stone, which literally lays the foundation for the entire week ahead, establishing a context of expansive heart consciousness.  When we access this stepping stone, we place ourselves right where we need to be in order to experience the weeks’ events from the observer’s perch within a newly awakened and wide open heart.


In any major storm, there comes a point where we grab our loved ones and seek shelter.  Imagine this stepping stone as an elevation into our heart space, infinitely spacious and expansive enough to provide respite from the outer turbulence.  When we seek shelter and refuge in our own hearts, we can trust that all is well, no matter what occurs, we are safely held in Universal Love.  There’s nowhere to go outside of ourselves, and there’s nothing to fear when we reside in our hearts.

Monday is a busy day full of aspects: by 6am (EST) Mars and Neptune form a manifestation (trine) enlightening our physicality (body, home, environment, planet).  By 8am, Mars and Jupiter create some “stressors”….minor events that cause enough friction to activate momentum and awaken our sensitivity, rendering us deeply present as we expand even more into our physicality.  By 10am, the Sun and Saturn connect, and our inner guidance mechanism is activated.

The Sun enters Aquarius on Wednesday 1/20 and we experience a big collective shift in consciousness.  The focus is divine Self Love as we open unconditionally, allowing ourselves to be seen, fully revealed and naked to the world.  Aquarius energy is cutting edge, bringing forth the future, ushering in new consciousness, facilitating spontaneous awakening and transformation, in service to humanity.  We are moving from the Capricorn archetype of the earthy Executive Director into the free spirited, independent, futuristic visionary, highly intelligent Aquarian energy that also helps us to be emotionally detached and neutral as the great powerful observer.

Uranus is the dispositor of Aquarius, and Mercury is exalted in Aquarius, so the Mercury/Uranus stepping stone on Wed (the 2nd of 3) can be a hugely beneficial gift this week that feels very comfortable and familiar, bringing a sense of peace in the midst of escalating discomfort.  It gives us solid footing and powerful traction to navigate the unexpected shake ups.

Friday holds a Mercury/Pluto conjunction, the 2nd of 3 (the first occurred on Dec 19th that kicked off this cycle of 3)  The higher mind and all of our communication systems are undergoing complete resurrection and realignment right now, and we are right in the middle of the process.

Allowing the mind to go beyond any realm of familiarity, comfort or security, allowing it to reach the edge of known landscapes and cross over into the darkness while trusting in the calibrations that are taking place, without understanding or analyzing the process.  The mind continues to be challenged to unravel and let go of what feels safe and logical, as the ego flares up with bold desire to protect the illusion of sanity and safety that keeps us small.  It’s not logical to leap so far “out there” without knowing the measurable outcome or certainty of our return “back here”, and right now our mental bodies are not only journeying retrograde, towards Source (away from ego), but we’re also flirting again with what feels like the death and resurrection of the mind.  What is really dying is the ego’s control and limitations of how far and how much we’ll allow our mental bodies to calibrate and activate. (for much more from Christine on this topic, please click here).

On Saturday, Venus enters Capricorn at 3:30pm EST, and the heart steps into a position of leadership and authority, escorting us to the FULL MOON in LEO at 8:45pm.  We have an opportunity to reflect and respond with heartfelt gratitude and humble appreciation of the infinite blessings from this month’s journey, including the recent lessons, challenges, breakthroughs, and losses.  We are not who we were one month ago.


We’ve been recalibrated, our internal landscape has been radically redesigned, and our outer world is undergoing rapid transformation to reflect the upgrades.  Everything is moving at the speed of light, and this Full Moon is a perfect time to pause for a moment to hold sacred ceremony, acknowledging and celebrating all that has and is occurring.


Every period of transformation requires a letting go of what was in order to clear space for new possibilities and potential.  Even though we’re heading for higher ground, the choice to let go of our attachments to the past can be emotional, and this is a perfect time to create an intentional space of honor, compassion, and reverence for ourselves and each other.

Sunday is a quiet day providing some much needed stillness for reflection and integration.  Mercury is stationing, turning direct at the beginning of next week, Eris also begins her slow forward movement, and the storm is finally over.  Take a deep breath in, and let everything go.

The practice for this week is to remain fully present in the still point of the heart and find refuge within.  Do your best to keep your thoughts, words, attitudes, and actions aligned with the highest vibration of Love, and let your heart continue to expand and open as you find peace and comfort within.  No matter what is occurring outside, find shelter in your ability to trust and let go.  The storm will soon be over, and a whole new landscape will be revealed as we embark on the next exciting new chapter.



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