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For January 25 – 31, 2016

After navigating an intense week of spontaneous inner and outer storms, we finally slow down to enter Mercury’s Station, accessing a refreshing still point to pause, catch our breath, and take a good look around.   The word “profound” doesn’t even begin to describe our recent retrograde journey…we’ve just undergone a massive mental body renovation project with total removal, overhaul and re-installation of our brand new operating system…and it’s not done yet.  This weekend will provide the ultimate reboot and finalization of our enormous transformation.

The fact that we still can’t fully wrap our heads around what’s occurring is a good thing, we’re not supposed to be in our heads at all about this.  Communication of the highest order doesn’t come from the head, it comes from our ability to intuitively receive and interpret subtle frequencies and vibrations that are moving throughout the entire body.  Communication requires presence, which has to be felt and experienced.  Frequencies are felt through our senses, and the logical mind doesn’t feel, it can only process and think about a feeling in comparison to previous experiences.  We’re stepping into brand new terrain now, and every cell in our bodies carries the awakened intelligence and sensitivity to move us there.  It’s increasingly important to surrender the ego and the desire to understand in order to remain in the neutral observer’s perch at all times.  Our capacity to observe and receive messages is expanding exponentially, and t’s exciting to witness so many amazing shifts and changes just by breathing alone!

On Monday, Mercury stations at 15 Capricorn, accessing the Executive Director in a wide open channel with Source.  What a perfect opportunity to remain present and grounded while listening for inner guidance through the crown chakra.  When traveling by car through an unfamiliar city, we rely on the guidance of our car’s navigation system.  That voice of directive instruction is critical, and we tune out all other distractions in order to hear it clearly.   Now is the time to listen wholeheartedly for the voice of the Cosmic Self, and let go of all other distractions.  This is the start of a brand new relationship, and all relationships require impeccable communication.  Interestingly, we’re completing our 1st month of the new year this week and transitioning into February, a 2 month, which holds the vibration of relationship energy.  Every completion takes us into a brand new beginning, each segment builds upon the next, and every transition this year is calibrating and preparing for the full embodiment of our awakened Cosmic Self.  The roadmap is exquisite and the journey is evolutionary.

The entire week is leading up to the 3rd of 3 Mercury Pluto conjunctions, which occurs on Saturday 1/30.  This is the big one, the final reboot that brings us fully online and activates live communication between our 4 lower body systems, our Cosmic Self, and the infinite realm where all possibilities and dimensions are accessible.  This is the moment we’ve been waiting for. We don’t need to physically cross over to resurrect and reunite with the infinite realm…this upgrade plugs us in here and now, allowing us access to everything, within and without, including the memories held deep within our physical cellular imprint that may have been disconnected or subconsciously suppressed in our bodies.  All of that information is coming available to us now.  The truth is, it always has been, but the layers of dense debris made communication challenging with our old wiring system.

Later on Saturday, the heart gets an extra calibration with a Venus Neptune resource in Capricorn and Pisces.  As we go live with our newly overhauled operating system, communication is brilliantly restored at the heart level and we’re able to clearly decipher messages that may have be buried or muffled from deep below the surface.  Our hearts are where our authentic voice resides, and our hearts are also calibrating at the 5D level in union with the infinite Cosmic Heart.  Now is the time to add our unique voice to the collective choir of awakened hearts as we joyfully sing the frequency of Love to each other, the planet, and the cosmos.

The week ends with a perfectly timed Mercury Uranus stepping stone,  a powerful lightning bolt prompting our immediate full mental body wake up, almost like a crisp snap of the fingers following a hypnosis session.  The mind has journeyed far and deep, and has been completely uprooted, upgraded, and rebooted.  Any disorientation, dizziness, or jet lag starts to clear as we’re ready to step forward into a new week, new month, and new phase of integration and implementation.

With such an increase in our communication and channeling ability, many are experiencing acute auditory sensitivity, dizziness, amplified sound disturbance, and static.  As we’re entering the infinite universal mind, we also have access to all thoughts, all conversations, all of the overflowing and overwhelming vibrations, textures, and background noises in our abundant universe.  We certainly don’t want or need to tune into all of that, so it’s important to intentionally choose the frequency we do wish to plug into.  If we don’t select a channel that resonates, we can easily fall victim to the loudest or most dramatic frequency that captures our attention.  Conscious discipline is critical right now, and a daily meditation practice is necessary.

We’re learning so much about frequency and the infinite potential to communicate via sound and vibration.   In 5D, Love is the Law, Love is the Language…and Love is the frequency of our universe.  The more consciously we attune ourselves to that frequency, we’re nourishing the relationship between our lower 4 body system and our higher self, in harmony with Cosmic Law and Order.  The vibration of Love is abundance, health, vitality, joy, creativity, expansion, unity, freedom, and peace.   The practice this week is daily meditation and daily calibration to the frequency of Universal Love.




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