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For February 1-7, 2016

Welcome to the beginning of February!  After an intense month of what felt like “surgery” on our mental operating system, we’re now emerging from the temporary disorientation and heading boldly into a month of integration, practice, and balance.  This is the week we begin to explore and experience the newly awakened and upgraded features of the higher mind.  Wisdom requires practical application, and that’s the theme of this week.

In the movie “Groundhog Day”, Bill Murray continues to repeat the same cycle of events over and over again and can’t seem to wake up into a new day, new reality.   Similarly, the karmic wheel keeps repeating and repeating, fueling itself with old mental attachments and reactions, both blind and obvious.  The only way to stop the cycle is to wake up to our Selves and choose the observers mind, the higher mind, and let go of any personal attachment to suffering and clinging.  The observer is neutral, balanced, refined, unattached and undefined…just as Mercury’s archetype is neutral, androgynous, highly evolved.

We have undergone a massive fine tuning and sharpening of our communications equipment and our ability to receive the most subtle sensations, vibrations, and frequencies…now our practice and integration requires equanimity, balanced non-attachment, and the letting go of old primal and instinctive thoughts and mental reactions, most of which are so hidden and buried below the surface that we don’t even realize they’re there.

When we observe ourselves in any event, we can study our relationship with our physical sensations, starting with the breath.  Any experience that elicits a reaction, no matter how small, activates a reactionary thought.  That reactionary thought evokes an emotional response, and the physical body manifests both as dense matter, karmic debris.  That karmic debris is the seed of our next manifestation, and is planted into our consciousness (often at the unconscious level).  Even if we are emotionally strong enough to respond from a higher consciousness and overpower our thoughts with our hearts, if our minds aren’t balanced and pure, we will remain on the karmic loop.  It takes a disciplined mind to remain quiet and still, without judgment, to simply observe the fullness of our own physical sensations and karmic patterns, especially when our egos are tagged, and allow the roots of old residue to come up and clear…without reacting.

Our new operating system gives us the enhanced opportunity to use all of our physical sensations to purify our minds, thereby purifying our physical manifestations, and purifying (and eventually eradicating) our karmic patterns and cycles.  When the mind becomes so focused and aware, it can actually serve as a karmic clearing device, or a sharp tool, to extract the old embedded subconscious visceral patterns.

The prime time to clear karmic debris is when it’s being activated, when it’s awake and engaged, like a live wire.  If we react, we invite that current of energy to plug in and it expands.  If we remain calm and balanced in the mind without reacting, the live wire may sting with discomfort for a moment, or even a while, but it can’t connect it’s charge, and eventually it diffuses.   When we choose to respond with compassion, love, acceptance, and patience at the emotional level, the root of the disturbance can be cleared from within at the deepest level.

Our minds have a new ability to explore and penetrate beyond the visible realm, and many of our embedded karmic roots are deeper than the conscious mind could perceive before.   We have access, but it requires neutrality and unconditional Love.   We cannot expect to clear the most painfully deep karmic attachments if our minds are spinning in judgment or gripped in fear, or worse yet, disconnected from the experience all together.

This week delivers some amazing aspects to support in our integration work.  On Tuesday 2/2, Groundhog’s Day, the Mars Pluto resource assists us in allowing the deepest unseen karmic roots hidden underground within our physicality to be fully seen and accessed.  This is a great day to become aware of those embedded and buried patterns that continue to replay over and over again for the purpose of empowerment and freedom.  We have the opportunity to recognize our shadow and not run away, but instead be liberated by our awareness.

On 2/5, Venus meets with Pluto at exactly the same degree where Mercury last did on 1/30, aligning and attuning herself with the same upgraded intelligence.  This translates to a highly sophisticated heart intelligence that’s capable of generating an even more mature quality of compassion and unconditional love at the purest frequency, in harmony with the purified and refined equanimous mind.  We will need this high frequency of balanced support as we pierce even deeper through the dense layers of karmic debris, the layers that are like solid bedrock below all the layers of soil and water.

On Saturday 2/6, the Sun Uranus resource brings the spotlight of our consciousness on an awakening event.  Remember, the event itself is irrelevant, though it may be uncomfortable.  It’s the opportunity for reaction that matters, or better yet, the opportunity to observe non-reaction and hold a space of compassionate love.  No matter what is occurring.

This is important because later that same day, the Mercury Jupiter manifestation creates exponential expansion from our mental frequency.  Make sure your mind is focusing on the frequency you wish to manifest from.  If the focus is on an uncomfortable outside event, that event will expand in your mind.  If the focus is within, on your Self, your own conscious awareness will expand.  And like clockwork, what comes next is a beautiful Venus Uranus stepping stone, an opportunity to take a giant step up into the newly calibrated higher heart space, and allow the mind/heart integration and balance to occur.   For those who are aware, ready, and alert, this is a moment for evolutionary breakthrough and balance.

Once again, like clockwork, Sunday 2/7 brings a Sun Mars stepping stone, bringing consciousness to the physical body in another opportunity to take a giant step up onto the higher road, up and out of the karmic trenches, transcending our physicality and stepping into unprecedented new ground…and preparing to step into the New Moon on Monday next week.   We end the week with a Venus Sun semisextile (intimacy) which feels like the sun kissing our hearts, and our hearts opening to receive the brilliant light of our consciousness.

The practice this week is to pay close attention to anything that elicits a reaction, whether the source feels internal or external, physical or emotional.  Remember that nothing can trigger a live wire unless that live wire is present within.  Take the focus off any external object, event, or person, and use the highest observer’s mind to go deep within in order to find the root of your own live wire.  As you do, practice holding a space of compassion, Love, and unconditional acceptance for your Self, whatever is there, no matter how painful or uncomfortable it may be, no matter how long it lasts.



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