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For the week of February 8 – 14, 2016

Expect the unexpected this week as we step even more fully into the Aquarian energy field of awakening, transparency, and the dropping of veils, all in the name of human evolution, freedom and empowerment.  Chaos precedes transformation, and a single bolt of lightning can strike in a nanosecond, providing the epic game changer .  We’re becoming familiar with the recent climate of inner and outer disturbances and disrupts, and this week we begin to see in plain sight what the shake ups have been calling our attention to.  It’s time to keep our eyes peeled and stay focused.  The purpose is never to dwell on the past, but to boldly step into the unprecedented future vision, liberated and aware.

We see what we want to see, or we get accustomed to seeing what we expect to see, what’s comfortable to look at based on our own previous experiences, conditioning and belief systems, and oftentimes the reality of what’s occurring right under our noses is hidden in plain sight.  I can remember growing up in a family where we didn’t discuss certain topics, even though they were clearly playing out in front of us and affecting all of us quite profoundly.  We ignored the uncomfortable, ignored what we didn’t understand, and ultimately ignored the highest vibration of truth, for fear that we couldn’t do anything about it, weren’t strong enough to hold it, and didn’t have a clue how to feel it, heal it, love it, or forgive it.

Focus on what you want, be optimistic and hopeful, and pretend the pain isn’t really there.  That’s what many people believe the “mind/body” connection is all about, mind over matter, forcing our thoughts to change our reality.  But there’s importance in looking the truth square in the eyes, no matter how it might disrupt the flow…so that it can be released, forgiven, transcended, so that we can be liberated and transformed as we step into that higher vision.  Having a healthy relationship with current results means bearing witness to the full picture of reality, without twisting or adjusting reality to match our comfort zone, or the volume of truth we feel we can handle.

Transparency is neutral, just like the mirror itself is free from judgment.  The assessment of good/bad, right/wrong, acceptable/unacceptable, pleasant/unpleasant/ etc comes from a mental reaction to what’s being observed, an ego’s qualification based on comparison, preference, conditioning, and status quo.  Our higher minds aren’t intended for mastery of judgment or subjective analysis. Our higher minds are best used for a disciplined focus and the clear ability to perceive and experience the fullness of what’s occurring, at all levels.  In times of confusion, the best way to tune into the deepest truth is to feel it internally from within ones own Self.  In order to connect with our deepest truth, we must be willing to eliminate distractions and tendencies that keep us partially slumbering, dull, or checked out.  A highly developed sense of intuition requires non attachment to the messages coming in.  If we really want to know the truth, we have to be willing to sit with it, whatever it is.   If we really want to know our Selves, we must be willing to truly sit with our whole Self, uncensored, transparent, and fully revealed.  In 5D, there’s nothing to hide and nothing to fear, but we’re still untangling the conditioned 3D reactionary responses and judgments that make us turn away or flinch at the thought of seeing everything exposed in the fullest light.

In this 2 month of February, we’re focusing on the mirrored self and the mirrored reflection for the highest realization.  Our communications are heightened, giving us access to what we couldn’t see before, and if we have a healthy relationship with the mirror, we can see the highest reflection of truth and take responsible loving action with urgency and compassion.  If we’re still stuck in judgment and assessment, or denying what we don’t want to see, we can’t fully take ownership, activate our inner authority, and spark change.  Evolutionary change comes from awareness, not from resistance, fear, or ego.

The New Moon on Monday 2/8 is in Aquarius.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Aquarian energy is the Great Awakener, and also the messenger of unconditional Self Love, Divine Love, intimacy, transparency, and revolutionary awakenings for the evolution of collective consciousness and service to humanity.   We’re planting the seeds for a revolution of collective awakening, and that awakening requires full exposure and transparency of the truth of what’s occurring, on every level, in each and every one of us.  The only way to stand naked and revealed in front of the world is to become masters of unconditional love, for ourselves and each other, and practice loving ourselves the way Source does…seeing the divine while allowing our perceived reality to dissolve and shift before our very eyes.  Seeing the divine light in humanity doesn’t mean we ignore and turn a blind eye to what’s happening in our world…it means we tune in, look closely, pay attention, and start taking appropriate action in alignment with the higher spiritual truths in the vibration of Love.   When we choose Love over fear, we’ll take the bold steps required to elevate our current world condition.

Venus and Jupiter create a powerful manifestation (trine) on Wednesday 2/10, giving us opportunity to expand into our newly elevated and highly sophisticated heart space as we continue to balance heart and mind.  Speaking of Mind, Mercury moves into Aquarius on Saturday, so our newly upgraded operating systems are fully activated, awake, and focused on the Aquarian New Moon.  When planting new seeds, we want our minds to be sharp and clear, aligned with a higher vision.  Mercury is exalted in Aquarius, so we feel at ease in the observer’s perch, and we gain access to the genius intelligence, masterful observation, and detached compassion that Aquarius is known for.  If we keep our eyes wide open and stay present, a lot will be revealed, boosting our ability to navigate the coming months with precision and clarity.

We’re waking up, in every way, and it’s so exciting!  Waking up to an elevated frequency of Divine Love, the Aquarian Theme and the Aquarian Age, requires a new level of maturity and collective responsibility as we shift the consciousness of our planet.  Intellectual knowledge alone is not enough…wisdom comes from experiential practice, application, integration, and embodiment.  We’re walking the path, hand in hand, inside and out.  No one is immune from the changes that are occurring, because we’re all One.  Our unified hearts and minds are the rudder for our boat, steering the course, in alignment with Truth and Universal Love.

The practice this week is to continue working to observe your own reactions, whatever they are, however they appear.  We all have them. A good way to practice this is to spend 10 minutes meditating in the mirror, with eyes open and a softened gaze.  Practice becoming the neutral witness, and see what you see, feel what you feel…without judgment.  Be curious about what you notice, and allow different dimensions to reveal themselves.  If it’s uncomfortable, keep sitting.  If you’re inspired to take action based on something you witness, do it with love for Self, not from aversion.  This is a week of reality checks and wake up calls that inspire courageous Love based response!




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