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For the week of February 15 – 21, 2016

After some unexpected shake ups last week, and several very surprising revelations, things start smoothing out this week, providing clarity and solid ground under our feet as we shift into a new gear and a whole new chapter.  Fasten your seat belts because this amazing week ahead brings us to the forefront of a whole new world (and dimension) where anything is possible, specifically through the mind/body connection.

On Monday, Mercury finally leaves his shadow and we start moving into the uncharted terrain of our brand new operating system.  Get ready to explore new dimensions and octaves as we fine-tune everything we think we’ve known before.  The more we discipline our minds to hold our seat in the highest observer’s perch, which requires neutral, objective, and unattached compassionate witnessing, the more limitless and sophisticated our capacity to communicate becomes.   As we elevate our perceptions, we release the old habitual reactions, judgments, and primal fears, and our physicality literally begins to shift and transform as a result.  Our experience of the physical body and physical reality mirrors the vibrational frequency of our thoughts and mental body.   Mars (physical body) is preparing for his big retrograde cycle in the upcoming weeks, taking us into the realm of physical transformation, transmutation, and transcendence as we experience the manifestation of the amazing shifts in consciousness Mercury has facilitated.  This entire retrograde journey will be complete in August.

Sedna and Mars are currently moving into position to form an exact bridge this weekend onSaturday 2/20 and Sunday 2/21.   In Cosmic Consciousness, Sedna is the outermost planet of our consciousness, the infinite cosmic record keeper, where all information is encoded like grooves on crystal, storing the wisdom of all existence (past, present and future).  With Sedna in an exact bridge with Mars (which will occur 3 times between now and August) it becomes clear that our bodies are also record keepers (encoding all information, subconscious memories, and past life records as frequency in our cellular memory) and through our physical body and the physical earth, we have access to all of the infinite cosmic wisdom (past, present, and future).   As above, so below.  Interesting to note, Sedna is the new archetypal ruler of Libra, representing the mirrored self, and the highest realization through our physical power.   We are embarking on a journey of awakening to the infinite power and potential of our own physicality.

What’s important to remember is that Sedna is a 5D planet, meaning we can only access this archetype through our higher consciousness.  If we’re in fear, anxiety, or judgment, we can’t see clearly, and we can’t even begin to grasp the full meaning of this Sedna Mars bridge.  The potential here is breathtaking!

In regards to the mind/body connection, the ancient Buddhist meditators practiced and believed that a purified mind yields a purified body.  The more refined and equanimous the observer’s mind becomes, the clearer the physical body reflects as the karmic roots of historical attachment are cleared and dissolved.   Our mental reactions and judgments cause impure (karmically dense) thoughts and limiting beliefs that trigger misqualified emotional reactions and manifest as physical density, continuing the karmic wheel of suffering.  The purified higher mind can witness this cycle without becoming attached or engaged, while being the response of unconditional love and compassion as the transformation occurs though time and space.   This purified mind/body connection literally moves us into alignment at the vertical axis of the Cosmic Clock at the completion of the hour of mental wisdom (at the root) and at the completion of the hour of physical wisdom (at the crown).  Purification at the root ultimately restores our ability to manifest directly from Source, as Source, where we create heaven on earth.  And as we purify our minds through our newly upgraded operating system, we gain access to our records, and can then expunge the karmic debris from our records, wiping the slate clean and clearing the decks, reactivating our vertical axis and Christ Consciousness.  We can’t erase the events that have occurred, but we can forgive and surrender the emotional residue and karmic entanglements that have kept us locked down in suffering for so many lifetimes.

Again, remember that Sedna is a 5D planet, and a lot of what we’re still experiencing in the 3D realm doesn’t apply or exist in the higher realms of consciousness, specifically physical conditions and perceived limitations.  We have the opportunity to truly unravel and transcend some old karmic health conditions through our willingness to observe ourselves and connect with our inner record keeper.  This theme will be significant between now and August as our physicality undergoes a massive transformation, and anything is possible.   Sedna also reminds us of the potential capabilities of our high frequency crystalline bodies, which will be activated several times during Mars’ retrograde cycle.

This is such an incredible time for awakening, self realization, and infinite possibilities!  The key to our liberation is the willingness to continue to forgive and release old emotional attachments to our past and allow our current emotional response to be unconditional love, compassion, and acceptance.  Our recent mental body overhaul is creating the potential for a whole new relationship with our Selves, each other, and our entire physical reality.

The practice this week is to pay close attention to your inner dialogue and the private communications occurring within your mind, especially when there is discomfort or uncertainty.   Everything is changing, change historically evokes fear or anxiety, and it’s important to be the consistent response of Love in every interaction within your Self, no matter what is occurring.  Turn up the volume on your inner communications channel, and pay close attention.   Any conversation that carries a lower vibration must be interrupted and elevated, with Love.  There’s a lot of unsettled energy still moving through as we’re collectively purging lifetimes of suffering, and it’s important to maintain sacred inner space to ground yourself each day.   When our minds are focused, still, and refined, and we’re holding our seat in the highest observers perch, we can access and embody our Christ Consciousness and I AM presence, activating our physical bodies with the light of consciousness.

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