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For the week of March 9 – 15, 2020

The week ahead delivers a major calibration and alignment that reboots our cells to the new paradigm. Wherever we’ve historically been operating from a limitation or conditioned belief, we’re now stretching into new territory and shedding the old vibrational skin of attachment. The process itself is transformative, restoring wholeness by expanding into our divine power and infinite potential.
Imagine a pendulum that swings between yin and yang energy. Our dominate expression, or our conditioned tendency, can manifest an imbalance in the wholeness of the pendulum swing. If we favor the dominant yang energy, or live in a comfort zone of pushing forward, forcing action, and controlling/making things happen, our operating system will re-orient over time to establish a new normal “set point”. That new balance point will be an inaccurate reflection of the over-use of dominant energy.

If we run our systems on high overdrive for prolonged periods of time, we can burn out our inner technology, the communication that indicates when our engine is running hot and it’s time to rest. If we get too accustomed to our comfort zone, continually re-orienting towards our favored tendency, we establish deep grooves that feel strong, even though they’re limiting and unhealthy.
To jump the track or skip out of the deeply engrained groove of a familiar pattern, especially in the way we’ve oriented ourselves to regulate energy, can feel temporarily debilitating and disorienting. However, if we truly want to awaken our full potential, we must stretch out of our historic tendencies and reclaim the potential we each contain within our yin energy.

The fascinating thing to consider about the yin/yang pendulum is the reflection of our nervous system. The relationship between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system is crucial to health, wellness, consciousness, and sustainability. When we’re triggered in fight or flight, or triggered by a personal wound or insecurity, our nervous system activates our yang energy, and the sympathetic nervous system initiates. For some people, this might feel “normal”. This might match the conditioned orientation of an overuse or extended activation of yang/masculine energy, and it can motivate or drive action.

When we think about the karmic repercussions of a misuse of power, specifically the overdominance of masculine (yang) energy and the suppression of feminine (yin) energy, we can see that this pattern runs much deeper than just our social structures of politics, business, and industry. Our disrespect for the feminine wisdom shows up in our relationship with patience, rest, healing, and wholeness, and our ability to spend time alone with ourselves, to unplug from our current schedule in order to commune with Self, God, and Truth. When we unplug from the external stimulus, we come home to ourselves, and we reboot in alignment with our divine nature. Without forcing an agenda or expectation of 3D healing, we allow ourselves to truly heal, unleashing new potential and new consciousness and higher wisdom that wasn’t originally available.

This week’s Virgo Full Moon reminds us of the importance of holistic health, wholeness, and purification…in order to restore alignment, integrity, and divine wisdom. In a world that runs “hot” and favors “faster, better, more” in all domains of life, the cure to the imbalance is in the feminine (yin). The inconvenient moments of a forced slow down, the unplugged isolation of a sick day or even a global pandemic, are also opportunities to consciously come home to our own divine feminine energy, in order to restore wholeness, and awaken new potential that has been held dormant beyond our conditioned tendencies and comfort zone. It’s inconvenient for a reason, it’s meant to wake us up, from the heart.

If the pendulum continues to recalibrate towards the gravitational pull of convenience and familiarity, we eventually gravitate away from our full potential, and away from our truth. We establish new norms based on the trends towards yang (masculine) acceleration…without realizing that we’re the wholeness of both yin and yang…all of us. The heart is yin, the mind is yang. Equality is wholeness. Equality is health. Equality is sustainable. This isn’t just about gender, it’s about all beings, all manifestations, all organizations.

It’s important to remember that healing occurs in rest mode. When the parasympathetic nervous system kicks in, the body has an innate capacity to self heal, self align, self correct. Always. In order for rest mode to be fully realized, the entire lower 4 body system must be at rest. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Oftentimes we try to rest the body while the mind is spinning, avoiding and ignoring that our hearts are inflamed with hurt. We disconnect from any discomfort in order to keep pushing through, without realizing the nervous system is inflamed in fight/flight/fear and our emotional body is inflamed. The ego mind wants a quick fix so we can get back to work, back to status quo, the way things were.


The current “status quo” is misaligned. Instead of trying to hurry up and get back to that place where we feel in control and unstoppable, it might serve us well to take a deep breath and surrender into the opportunity to heal, and to truly understand what that word really means. Healing isn’t about fixing or manipulating something so that it works well enough to get back to what we were doing. True healing is a spiritual awakening, a revelation of wholeness. Any moment of a healing crisis is an opening, an entry point, into massive awakening and transformation. Our evolution depends on our capacity for wholeness, and the adaptability that is required to shift and flex through the moments of radical change. We awaken and we heal by experiencing the moments as they unfold. And we create new results by being responsible with our thoughts, seeing the newness that’s revealed in every breath, every step.


Right alignment with power requires wholeness of yin/yang heart/mind and personal responsibility to honor that wholeness, moment to moment. If we overpower the wisdom of the heart by forcing our thoughts towards misaligned expectations or ego agendas, we perpetuate the misaligned karma of Capricorn, which is the patriarchy that is currently experiencing a healing crisis….and a divine opportunity for awakening and evolution. It’s important to consciously choose, moment to moment, from the awakened seat of our unified heart/mind. We are powerful creators, and we must awaken to the unmanifested potential we all embody within the feminine aspect of our consciousness in order to realize our truth and embody our wholeness. It’s not about gender. It’s about wholeness.

The week begins on Monday 3/9 with a Venus Quaoar manifestation, Black Moon Saturn resource, Full Moon at 20 Virgo, Venus South Node manifestation, Venus North Node resource, then Mercury stations direct at 28 Aquarius (in a near manifestation with Haumea), and Pallas forms a stepping stone with Juno. This is a huge day to recalibrate and reorient ourselves and our cells to the new paradigm and the wisdom of the awakened heart.

In Cosmic Consciousness, Virgo represents Emotional Wisdom (Heart Wisdom) and the purest heart that births Christ Consciousness, the infinite Pisces Ocean of Unconditional Love. Virgo is about holistic alignment, integration, and distilled integrity of all the pieces and parts, and the wisdom of the whole. In 5D, healing is experienced as Wholeness, which requires the integration of wisdom at an elevated perspective through the lens of Universal Love. The universal consciousness of Love is the consciousness the heals. Not by fixing, changing, or resisting…but by accepting and loving all that is, exactly as it is.

The pure awakened heart that lives by the universal wisdom to Love (and Forgive) Unconditionally is the greatest conduit of healing on the planet. When we try to fix what hurts, change what we don’t like, or make something happen by force or will, we override the purest integrity of the heart.

Virgo is the still point of the Divine Feminine Yin Consciousness. When we defer to the heart, we defer to our feminine wisdom that discerns right alignment, right action, and right timing. We don’t need to fix everything that appears messy. The mess is part of the wholeness, the breakdown is required for massive breakthrough and quantum leaps in consciousness. The heart holds our highest wisdom and discernment of when to take action, when to let go, and ultimately to remain open through the consciousness of Unconditional Love. When we choose to be Love – as a calibrated state of consciousness – we become master healers and teachers walking our talk and elevating our universal frequency on behalf of All. Consciousness is medicine, and Love is the highest frequency of medicine that calibrates everything towards expansion and limitless possibilities.

The Full Moon in Virgo is manifesting with Jupiter, so this alignment and calibration is key to our greatest expansion. Virgo is ruled by Chiron, the Master Healer/Teacher, and the higher octave of Virgo is Haumea, the 5D archetype of Wholeness. Mercury’s station is manifesting with Haumea, and Chiron continues to hold a balance point between the karmic and dharmic nodes. Any temporary discomfort or breakdowns are serving our greatest expansion and the redefinition of our forms and structures moving forward. We are reorienting ourselves holistically to the new consciousness that’s coming online, through the heart, through the feminine yin aspect of our being. There may be moments of temporary healing crisis in the process, but the overall theme is expansion.

Tuesday 3/10 is a Black Moon Haumea great eliminator, Black Moon Sedna resource, Venus MakeMake great eliminator, and Black Moon Vesta resource. It’s important to choose Love and find the higher universal lens of vision in all that we’re navigating and witnessing. Our hearts will reveal what matters most, and if we can discern truth from illusion, our hearts will deliver us to our most profound moment of wholeness.

On Wednesday 3/11, there’s a Sun Jupiter resource, Neptune Juno great eliminator, and Black Moon Pluto resource. We each have infinite capacity for expansion, beyond any circumstances or perceived limitations. When we remember our infiniteness, we begin to see ourselves and our reality clearly. The lens of enlightened clarity reveals every moment of transformation as sacred alchemy. Nothing is wrong, there’s nothing to fear…moment to moment, our cells and our universe are unfolding and creating new expressions and new consciousness. If we can be present with what is right in front of us, we can experience the magic in high definition.

Thursday 3/12 delivers a Venus Albion new cycle, Vesta Sedna new cycle, Vesta Galactic Center great eliminator, Chiron Quaoar stepping stone, and Black Moon Jupiter resource. The heart is a sacred vessel that contains manifested and un-manifested potential, like a record keeper of possibilities, sacred designs, and 5D blueprints. Just because the potential lives within the heart doesn’t mean it will manifest in tangible form….we must have the courage and faith to believe in the un-manifested potential in order to awaken it and realize it. Often times, when we feel hurt or disappointed, we stop believing…we contract and shut down aspects of our heart. We react out of protection, and alter our state of being in order to guard against more hurt. The Chiron Quaoar stepping stone will stretch our hearts back out to the limitless belief that all is possible, always. The only limits are the ones within our own minds, from a wounded state of consciousness. When we remember our capacity for expansion, we unveil the magic within our own hearts.

On Friday 3/13, Mars and Juno form a stepping stone, followed by a Black Moon Pallas resource, Vesta Haumea great eliminator, and Chiron intersects the Moon’s Nodes. Chiron is the dispositor of the Virgo Full Moon, so this exact intersection is a significant calibration point from Monday’s event. Moment to moment, we have a choice…we can embody the karmic skin of our limitations, or embody the dharmic skin of our evolution. Both are necessary, the moments of limitation help refine and define our path of evolution, so that we can remember who we are and fully awaken.

Saturday 3/14 is a Black Moon Neptune conjunction, Black Moon Mars resource, Mars Neptune resource, Sun Pluto resource, and Black Moon Juno great eliminator. The physical body is a record keeper of our thoughts, experiences, and beliefs. The body never lies, and if we learn to read our bodies and the energy revealed, we can enlighten ourselves to the story we’re living in. The only way to truly transform anything is to see it clearly first, and understand the wisdom behind the current expression. Once we see the truth, and let go of the false beliefs or misaligned patterns, we liberate ourselves and allow a new manifestation to take shape.

And Sunday 3/15 is a Quaoar South Node conjunction. This is huge. The South Node is our karmic doorway, or the transpersonal connection to our Earth Star Chakra. Our karmic entry point that unites us all in physical form on this planet is conjunct Quaoar, the new parardigm, the restoration of our limitless nature. When we remember our true nature, we also remember that we’re not bound to anything in the physical dimension. We need an entry point to have an experience here. We need a body, which also includes karmic patterning and limitations. That’s the shared human story of suffering. However, when we activate the new paradigm into our shared humanity, we all have access to everything. Whether asleep or awake, it’s available to All.

The practice this week is alignment with the heart. Find time each day to unplug from the daily activities and earthly distractions, and bring you undivided attention into the heart for rest and reboot. The same way you would power down your electronics, computer, cell phone…power down your mental body, emotional body, physical body, and return your spirit into the resting still point of the heart. Imagine the inhale stretches beyond time and space, and the exhale gently brings every system, piece, and part of your wholeness into a stillpoint of rest. In rest mode, the body has an innate ability to heal, align, correct, and awaken new consciousness. Celebrate the wholeness of this current moment, without needing to fix, push, or change anything. That moment of surrendered rest recalibrates the entire lower 4 body system to Love and Unity.

“Letting there be room for not knowing is the most important thing of all. When there’s a big disappointment, we don’t know if that’s the end of the story. It may just be the beginning of a great adventure. Life is like that. We don’t know anything. We call something bad; we call it good. But really we just don’t know.”
― Pema Chödrön, When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times



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