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February 29 – March 6, 2016

The themes of mind/body connection, personal mastery and expansion of consciousness continue as we launch into this week gaining a whole Leap Year day (expansion), on the 29th, (which is an 11 – mastery).  What a powerful time to step into mastery at the physical level as we complete, balance, and calibrate the mirrored relationship energies of February.  For those who are ready and open, we can use this leap year day to practice stretching beyond the historical time/space limitations and begin to realize the power of our Pisces limitlessness.


We are not bound by any historical programming, just as we are not bound by any perceived physical conditions or limitations, or the illusions of time/space.   We are infinite, whole, abundant, and carry within us the entire vast universe of possibilities.  When we unify our consciousness with the infinite realm, we can allow some truly amazing and unprecedented realignments and synchronizations to occur…now…at the physical level.  We’re entering a ‘3’ month of manifestation in the Pisces energy field of creativity and limitlessness, AND preparing all week this week to enter a wormhole…anything can happen!
Just as each dimension of our lower 4 body system (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical) contains and reflects the whole, every moment of our experience also contains and reflects the whole of our Soul’s experience, past, present, and future.  It’s all here, in the limitless field.  We choose our reality by tuning into the frequency we’re focused on, or the channel we’re watching, living, and manifesting from.   Mastery is achieved when we’re able to be fully present in the now, so present that we can observe and let go of any attachments to past illusions, scenarios or suffering, and allow all future possibilities to show up in the empty space, now.


Anything is possible, always…and we can embody a possibility when it aligns with the frequency of our current state of mind.  The conversation we’re living in NOW, is the channel we’re tuned into, and it determines our perception of reality and ultimately the manifestations in our physical body.  Change the channel, change the frequency, change the manifestation.

Our newly upgraded operating systems give us the astonishing capacity to tune into some very high frequencies to receive the most subtle and deep inner communication (through sound, vibration) from our lower 4 body systems.  When we align and harmonize each of our 4 body systems, activating our crystalline light body like an antenna, we can also attune and synch ourselves to any and all perceived timelines and higher dimensions of consciousness.   Imagine being able to access the records of a future self, the fully integrated, awakened, and embodied Cosmic Self, in this moment, now, for healing/wholing at the current physical level.


We know that Mars has just begun what is destined to be a remarkable and revolutionary retrograde journey, leading to many profound and dramatic shifts in our physical bodies and the physical realm in the months ahead. Picture this: A person who is currently in the process of evolutionary growth and awakening is clearing and releasing old karmic patterns and debris.  While viewing recent physical scans, doctors perceive a potential recurring episode of cancer in this person (the manifestation of chronic karmic energy patterns) and they opt to begin immediate and aggressive radiation throughout the entire spine and head.


But we know that the karmic clearing and alignment has already begun, and is in fact complete at the higher dimensions. Time and space haven’t allowed the final physical manifestation of those results yet.  In other words, the vibrational frequency of the cancer of this person is totally cleared at the spiritual level, but because the physical dimension operates at a denser vibration, there is the illusion of a time/space barrier that must be broken through before we can experience holistic vibrational alignment from a purely physical perspective, like a medical scan.


A 5D wholing session can awaken the body to its crystalline state and recalibrate it to embody the limitless realm (Christ Consciousness), where all possibilities and all timelines exist, where there is always wholeness and divine perfection, AND the outcome of the Mars retrograde journey can be fully realized and embodied now, allowing this current moment to reflect the wholeness that already exists in the limitless realm.  And the results:  the next set of medical scans come back completely clean, doctors determine that there’s no need to aggressively begin radiation or chemo, and they schedule follow up scans in the months ahead, to monitor the progress.


That’s the potential of self-mastery available to us now, courtesy of the Chiron/Jupiter bridge conjunct the Virgo/Pisces nodes, and it’s a huge game changer. At this time, this process still requires a high level of self-focus and conscious discipline…but it’s available to us all.  We are no longer bound to the physical limitations of time…our true nature is infinite, limitless.  All possibilities exist, always.  What we expect or what we believe determines our current reality.

Further, our DNA strands contain all those infinite possibilities.  They are programmed based on our karmic circumstances as we enter this incarnation (South Node), and they are encoded with the fullest potential of our dharma (North Node).  As we do the spiritual work to awaken and expand our consciousness, we gain the ability to zoom in and zoom out, accessing the limitless realm of infinite possibilities, and honing in on the specific frequency we wish to harness, grounding it into our physical body, embodying that expression of Light.  Everything is potential, and our entire physical universe is mostly empty space, infinite potential from which to create.  The Chiron/Jupiter bridge opens our consciousness to personal mastery in a whole new way that can be experienced in the physical.

We’re continuing to align and recalibrate our lower 4 body system this entire Spring, preparing for the epic meeting of Eris and Uranus this summer, providing what’s sure to be a collective holistic awakening for humanity, and an opportunity for union and integration with our higher Cosmic Selves.  Every adjustment, download, and clearing from now until then is preparation work, expanding us into the empty space to receive our potential.


The first half of this week specifically addresses the heart and the emotional body with a Venus/Saturn resource on Monday, Venus/Pluto semisextile on Tuesday, Venus/Uranus resource on Wednesday, and Venus/Jupiter inconjunct on Thursday.   It’s time for the heart to fully allow our innermost purity and sacredness, the powerful strength that delivers and births our highest Self, our Christ Consciousness, into our current bodies. 


We must fully awaken the heart, so it can open and expand like a birthing canal.  Any area that has been shut down, cut off, denied, suppressed, or detached will be addressed and tended to as we nurture the heart back to its original condition, restoring our Divinity and our connection to Source.    The heart is then realized as the inner teacher/guide, and is resurrected, awakened, and expanded…ready for the next phase of integration.   A strong open heart, rooted in Love, provides the emotional support for what comes up in the 2nd half of the week.  Our minds and hearts are continuing an ongoing yin/yang calibration of balance and partnership.

On Saturday, Mercury and Mars form a very significant stepping stone.  This event provides a MAJOR opportunity to step up into mastery of the mind/body connection.  Mercury is at 29 Aquarius, and Mars is at 29 Scorpio, both master degrees, both planets powerfully exalted.  Mercury in Aquarius produces genius, intelligence, and exceptional cutting edge visionary capabilities through unconditional higher Self Love.  And Mars in Scorpio generates transformation, shape shifting, alchemy, and rebirth through physical Love.


Later on Saturday, Mercury moves into Pisces, bringing the newly activated mastery of our mental body into the limitless realm of spiritual wisdom where all possibilities exist, and Mars moves into Sagittarius (in his retrograde shadow), and the ultimate karmic clearing and untangling of chronic debris begins to play out, like demolition time in a total home renovation.   Our mind/body connection truly is limitless, and our potential for radical physical transformation right now is mind blowing!

Sunday holds a powerful Sun/Saturn stepping stone and a Jupiter/Uranus inconjunct, and the day ends with a Sun/Pluto resource around midnight . These are some extremely BIG energies lining up to deliver us to the New Moon eclipse that opens a worm hole on 3/8, and ultimately sparking the grand universal alignment for our connection, rebirth, and integration with our Higher Self.  Every shift and calibration that occurs this week is significant and intentional, and for our highest evolution.  No matter what occurs, our primary work is to always choose Love over fear, and to continue opening unconditionally.  The more we surrender and open, the more possibilities we can access, and the more Light we can embody.  As we become infinite beings of Light and pure potential, we will ground the highest frequencies of Love into our Selves and the planet.

The practice this week is to let go and open unconditionally to every moment.  Allow your physical body to release any tension or resistance moment to moment and open to the frequency of Love, finding comfort in any temporary discomfort.  Allow your heart to soften, stretch wide open, and let go.  Old fears and wounds from loss, hurt, and betrayal are resurfacing now, in order to slough off and clear the space, expanding the heart’s capacity to channel even larger volumes of Love.  Allow your mind to remain open, neutral, free from judgment, and consciously attuned to the highest frequency of Love.   This is the most exciting moment to be alive here on the planet!!!  Stay grounded, and present…and witness the beauty emerging!!!


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