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Christine ClemmerCosmic Consciousness Weekly


For the week of April 13 – 19, 2020

The week ahead delivers clarity from the mind/heart union as we access the power of the mind to choose loving thoughts, and to choose the high road as the primary lens of interpretation. Regardless of what’s occurring on the ground or in the world around us, we always have a choice of where to invest our attention, and the meaning we assign through our interpretations and beliefs.


Oftentimes, we believe what we see, and we create reactionary thought-forms based on what we think we’re seeing. We give up our seat as a conscious creator when we live in reaction to what’s already occurring. From that perspective, we tend to see things based on familiarity, categorically navigating daily events from a lens that’s calibrated by past experiences. However, in this current moment, we’re in totally uncharted territory. We can’t look back into our historic rolodex of interpretations to see how we’ve done this one before.


The truth is, every moment is uncharted. Every breath is brand new. We take for granted the gift of a blank slate, a brand new possibility, when things look familiar on the surface. When we’re operating within our status quo comfort zone – whether healthy or unheathly – we tend to relax into the known landscape. When we know how to navigate blindfolded in our sleep, we can bet we’re not paying our full attention to what’s new. In this moment on the planet, there is no familiar landscape, we’ve never been here before. This moment requires an elevated approach to being present without pre-programed assumptions, attachments, or expectations.


The gift in this moment is our remembrance that we always have a choice. Moment to moment, we are choosing where we invest our attention (accessing free will and personal power) and how we assign meaning to what we’re experiencing. It’s important to remember, we have access to the infinite realm of limitless possibilities….always. We are not bound by anything, ever. The power of our free will can elevate us to the highest observer’s perch where we can see the divine wholeness unfolding in every scenario.

When we access divine wholeness, we access the universal lens of higher vision. That universal lens is calibrated to the highest frequency of Unconditional Love. When we see from that lens – when we live our lives from that lens of perspective – we’re accessing the eye of God, the I AM Presence. There’s nothing more powerful than that.


That lens of higher vision is attuned to Unconditional Love, meaning whatever appears in the divine unfolding, no matter what is occurring, we open unconditionally with Love. When we close off or push back against what we don’t like, or if we judge what we’re seeing or label it with imperfections, we limit our scope of higher vision, and we can’t see the wholeness (holiness) of the situation.


Everything physical contains spirit. The physical dimension is 99.9% empty space, which means what we observe as tangible holds a lot of potential for the intangible to express. Things are not what they appear at face value, and if we continually assign meaning, labels, and judgments about surface appearances, we miss the whole story of what’s occurring in the empty space within everything.


We must learn to look within all things, to open as we deepen our relationship with intimacy. From that unified lens of the mind/heart, we access higher consciousness which awakens new possibilities never before considered, enabling new responses, new thoughts, and new actions. Unification is the portal, and awareness is the key that unlocks previous limitations and transcends barriers. Resistance only perpetuates the same cycles and patterns of our past. When we unify, we expand and elevate, multiplying and strengthening exponentially. When we separate or fragment from any aspect of ourselves, we remain limited.


We are limitless instruments of infinite creative potential. The only limitations that exist are the thought forms created within our own minds. Given that we each have the free will and the personal responsibility to choose our thought forms, why not choose liberation, freedom, and expansion? When we affirm our stuckness, or affirm any perceived limitation – whether vocally or silently – we are declaring it as truth and writing it into the script of our future. Thought forms are the seeds that manifest as new growth…or reinforce repetitive cycles of past conditions.


The beauty of transformation is that we can choose to release, let go, and “die off” any part of our thinking that is limiting. As we shed that skin – the vibrational residue of old thought forms that have materialized in our embodied skin – we wipe the slate clean. Coming from a blank slate, all possibilities are available. With conscious discipline, we can navigate each breath as a blank slate, a new beginning, a gift and a miracle.


When we receive each breath as a miracle, we elevate beyond any limiting conversations, which instantly awakens us to the divinity that’s present with each new moment of Life. When we hold each breath as a miracle, we live in gratitude, opening ourselves up to the magic and grace of Life flowing through us. We engage in intimate connection with the breath, opening unconditionally to receive each blessing, and that blessing motivates and inspires our actions. We become the embodiment of Love, and the embodiment of the Awakened Divine. We become miracles in action, and life becomes multidimensionally magical. When we plant ourselves in this consciousness and state of being, miracles grow and our experience or reality transforms. We become master alchemists, and the pioneering creators of a brand new world. Not by trying to fix or change anything, simply by being the miracle inspired by Love.


The week begins on Monday 4/13 with a Sun Eris new cycle, Black Moon Quaoar stepping stone, then the Black Moon retrogrades into Pisces, followed by a Ceres Haumea manifestation, and Mercury Quaoar stepping stone. Today is a huge opportunity to shed some old skin while stepping into our limitless nature through the lens of wholeness. Any moment of frustration or irritation is an activation that initiates the shedding process. When we’ve outgrown our skin of limitation, the discomfort of wearing those old threads is a powerful indicator that it’s time to release. We can’t continue wearing old skin that doesn’t fit, ignoring the blisters and refusing to surrender. Eventually it simply wears off, leaving holes and thin patches, wiping the slate clean whether we try to cling on or not. This moment is an important initiation that awakens us to higher consciousness. It’s a gift.


On Tuesday 4/14, Mercury and Salacia spark a new cycle, Varuna stations direct, and the Sun forms a stepping stone with Pluto, followed by a Ceres Galactic Center resource, Mercury MakeMake Light Bridge, Venus Vesta new cycle, Mars Orcus great eliminator, Pluto occultation by the Moon, Ceres Sedna stepping stone, and Mars Juno manifestation. There’s a lot happening today, most importantly, we have an opportunity to elevate to that Light Bridge to see through the lens of universal order and the higher laws of nature. When we can see divine intelligence behind the scenes, overriding and superseding manmade laws or ego agendas, we can witness the force of nature that lives and breathes through everything. Nature knows how to wipe the slate clean and start again when there is a correction needed to restore alignment and harmony. So often humans resist those kinds of shifts, and the indicators that precede the shifts….fighting against what is inherently serving to heal, whole, and align the bigger picture. When we can see the higher wisdom, when we can see behind the curtain and beyond the veils of surface level appearances, we unify our lens with the universal lens of oneness. We’re all in this together…not just as humans, but as pure infinite consciousness, awakening through every unfolding as Love.


Wednesday 4/15 is a Mercury Chiron new cycle, Sun Jupiter stepping stone, and the Black Moon turns direct. The power to choose our thoughts, attitudes, and interpretations is the key to unlocking our greatest personal mastery. How we greet each experience determines the available bandwith for evolution and awakening. If we meet the moment with resistance or judgment, or with a disempowering belief that we’re limited or flawed in any way, our available space for awakening and expansion is limited. As we expand our minds with Love, we can elevate through anything, and every new experience becomes an initiator of greatness, no matter how it appears on the surface. We were built for greatness, we were hard-wired for sustainable expansion, and the higher context of every moment is the awakening of our divine embodiment as Love.


On Thursday 4/16, Venus forms a stepping stone with Orcus, then Venus manifests with Juno, followed by a Sun Haumea Light Bridge, and Sun Galactic Center resource. The heart lives beyond time and space, and holds the records and the templates for unification. Today is another powerful Light Bridge that allows us to elevate to the lens of 5D Wholeness, from the heart. In the end, there is only Love, and Love is always present. We never lose the Love that lives within our hearts. Love changes shape and form – embodying and recycling – but Love never dies. It’s infinite. Our attachment to forms, structures, time, and space generate the experience of loss, only in the physical dimension. The doorway of Unity and Oneness is always open.


Friday 4/17 is another HUGE day. Juno manifests with Vesta, followed by a Mercury Juno bridge, Mercury Vesta resource, Mercury Orcus great eliminator, Vesta Orcus stepping stone, then the Black Moon enters Aries, followed by a Black Moon Quaoar stepping stone, Sun Ceres resource, Saturn North Node (Soul Star Chakra) great eliminator, Sun Pallas stepping stone, and Mercury Venus resource. Timeless Unity and Oneness is the theme today. When we talk about eliminating the limiting beliefs that keep us stuck, one of those limiting beliefs is that all we are is this body and this lifetime. When we shed that vibrational skin from our wholeness, we’re free to unify with our highest Self, beyond time and space. We are free to unify with our inner Guides, Gurus, and Teachers, recognizing that we are all One. The limiting belief of separation is the fabric of consciousness we hold within our skin that makes us feel separated from the intimate connections we cherish and faithfully tune into. That voice of wisdom is within us, and the key to unification is mind/heart oneness.


On Saturday 4/18, the Black Moon intersects the Nodes (Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras), followed by a Black Moon Saturn resource, Black Moon Varuna manifestation, Sun Chariklo stepping stone, and Mercury Mars resource. Moment to moment, we are navigating these choice-points or cross roads at every intersection. The still point is our power to choose from a seat of neutrality, equanimity, and Love…from the mind/heart union we always have access to the higher lens of Universal Love. Letting go of past reactionary triggers, we’re free to elevate through our higher lens of vision and consciously create new possibilities. And as we do so, we chip away at the old historic patterns and grooves that have defined our existence and engraved our story. The truth is, we’re infinite potential, and the next moment is unwritten. Every moment is a still point, a choice point, and an opportunity to elevate to higher ground.


And Sunday 4/19 is a Mercury Great Attractor resource, then the Sun moves into Taurus, and the Sun manifests with Ixion. The Sun in Taurus gives us rich fertile soil to plant into, as the mind plants into the heart like a massive Redwood Tree, activating our mind/heart union as a metaphysical Tree of Life. In Cosmic Consciousness, Taurus is the sign of Conscious Obedience, where the mind obeys the heart. The heart holds sacred space, rich fertile soil for new growth and multidimensional transformation. As the mind comes home to that sacred space, resting and deeply rooting, the unified configuration is sustainable partnership. When we activate this symbol of conscious partnership within ourselves, we activate the template for alchemy of the highest order. Conscious partnership requires commitment and obedience to Love. Obeying the frequency of Love above all else, and trusting in the sustainability and abundance that exists through Love. We’re not only establishing a new way of living within our own mind/heart relationship, we’re establishing a new way of living on the planet, in sustainable relationship with all of our resources, elements, and nature.


The practice this week is to mindfully navigate the choice points each day by finding the still-point, unifying mind and heart, and elevating through a higher lens of vision. From that highest observer’s perspective and the lens of wholeness, allow the heart to inform and inspire your actions, as the embodiment of Love in Action. Notice when the mind wants to push back or react in fear, arguing for a perceived limitation. Gently soften the mind, bring it home into the fertile soil of the heart, and plant deep roots. Any moment of fear, doubt, or limitation is an opportunity to strengthen the root system of your mind/heart relationship. When the mind is still, there is peace. When the mind is rooted within the heart, there is Oneness. And in that template of Oneness, the heart awakens as a diamond lens, revealing clarity, truth, and wisdom in high definition.


“To know yourself as the Being underneath the thinker, the stillness underneath the mental noise, the love and joy underneath the pain, is freedom, salvation, enlightenment.” ~ Eckhart Tolle


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