Cosmic Consciousness Weekly

Christine ClemmerCosmic Consciousness Weekly


For March 14 – 20, 2016

With the Worm Hole fully activated, we find ourselves swimming in the limitless realm, inside the birth canal where anything is possible, and anything can change, moment to moment.  This is the most sensitive and profound time to be alive on the planet, and our current experiences are amplifying just how powerful we are at manifesting and demanifesting our reality.  Our frequency is delivering us to the next manifestation, and we can change it all in an instant when we shift our consciousness.

Anytime we shift our frequency to non-local consciousness,  we align our Selves (and our physical cells) with the frequency of Cosmic Order, with Truth, with Christ Consciousness, so that we can operate as a full body conduit of Universal Love in service to All.   That’s the powerful essence of the Virgo/Pisces polarity/bridge, the ability to fine tune the dial, zoom in, and align ourselves holistically with the vast infinite universal vibration of LOVE.  Spiritual Wisdom becomes the conscious medicine for any perceived imbalance or disturbance, and the adjustment is always made within.  Love is the correction that restores wholeness.  When we master this, we master our Selves and our health/wellness, and we unlock our potential for service and personal mastery on the planet.

There’s a refined art to the ability to remain grounded while infinitely fluid.  In the limitless realm, it’s easy to become disoriented or overwhelmed by the abundance of possibilities, especially if the historical operating system has been run by certainty or stability.   We’re in a whole new world, and the only barriers or limitations are the fabricated ones in our own minds.  Those old limitations actually used to ground us into a temporary sense of safety and familiarity, and as we liberate ourselves more and more, we learn to swim/fly with an invisible “umbilical cord” plugged in to the core of the Earth, grounding us in the physical dimension.  We’re able to remain in our body as we explore multidimensional freedom and realize our own authority to create magic through the other realms.  The more and more we let go, the lighter and lighter we become, the more fluid like we can move, and the more high frequency crystalline light we can channel.

The week begins with two giant stepping stones on Monday, Mercury/Saturn and Venus/Mars, providing some interesting opportunities to step up into ourselves as we continue floating and swimming in the limitless field.  Or perhaps we’re stepping into a higher dimension of the vast infinite ocean, a higher vibrational octave of the space between the space that we’re floating in, allowing us to access the flow of a different current altogether.

Mercury and Saturn activate our newly upgraded operating systems as our highest consciousness takes the wheel, taking us places we never knew were possible.  With a highly sophisticated internal wiring system and state of the art internal communications, we are reminded and encouraged to trust the inner guidance and internal navigation we receive from our higher Self.  If we dismiss our own messaging system and tune into someone else’s, whether intentionally or empathically, we miss the opportunity for right alignment and proper placement.

A stepping stone in the middle of the vast ocean can align us with a possibility that’s coming our way that maybe requires a shift in position or perspective for us to connect and receive it.   We must be in our own body, paying attention to our own inner signals and communication, in order to sense and feel when it’s time to step and when it’s time to float.

The Venus/Mars stepping stone offers an activation of heart and body, where we can be moved by the heart to take action.  This action requires a pure and centered heart space, grounded and open.  This is not the time to react and move unconsciously from fear or misqualified emotions.  In a wormhole, everything is sensitive, everything is Now, and everything is happening to support our highest potential, so it’s best to trust and allow, and remain in the expansive vibration of Love.

Tuesday’s Mercury/Pluto resource provides a quick reboot to our new holistic operating system, like a mechanical tune up or an important “coaching session” from the invisible realm, just before Mercury connects in a bridge with Jupiter, expanding our consciousness even more of this whole new operating system, and dialing us directly into the recent Chiron Jupiter Bridge for personal mastery.  

On Wednesday, Jupiter and Pluto create a manifestation (trine) with a HUGE connection to events in 2007/2008 when these two planets conjoined and began this cycle.  This is fascinating because Mercury then comes together with Chiron on Thurs 3/17, at 22 Pisces, a master number.  Our minds are about to open wide to the divine perfection and wholeness linked to those events from 7 or 8 years ago, revealing the intelligence and mastery of our higher consciousness that has been navigating and orchestrating this entire journey.   This is the spark of a major paradigm shift that’s just now beginning to be fully realized within our newly expanded operating system, and it’s happening Now, inside this wormhole.

Speaking of major sparks, the Sun enters Aries just after midnight on Sunday.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Aries represents mental power, the conscious discipline to think loving thoughts, to love with the mind, and this part of our energy field is the first initial spark of manifestation that comes from our thoughts.  According to the Cosmic Clock, Aries is the first hour of the mental quadrant, and holds the powerful presence of Truth where spiritual wisdom becomes a thought.  It matters to pay attention to our thoughts, especially in a Pisces wormhole.  Every single thought has the potential to express fully as a powerful manifestation of reality, and if we truly want to become masters of our reality, then we must master the mind from a higher spiritual perspective.  If we want to manifest a world of Love, we must consciously discipline our minds to think loving thoughts as the seeds of our new world.

The week completes with a balance point, The Spring Equinox.  The still point between light and dark, the pause between inner and outer, before all seeds reveal their truth as Spring blossoms and births hidden potential.   And so are we, on the verge of revealing our deepest hidden potential, the seeds within our hearts.  Prepare to fall in Love with it all!

The practice this week is to remain open to anything, and consciously tuned in to the frequency of Love, grounded in the still point of the heart.   So much is being revealed, there’s nothing to reach for or figure out…it’s all here, it’s all now, and it’s all moving us together in Love.

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