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For the week of March 21 – 27, 2016

With a HUGE week on tap, it’s never been more important to discipline the mind to think loving thoughts and tune into our higher consciousness.   As we reach the halfway point of the wormhole this week, everything is highly activated and super charged.  Change is the name of the game, and our willingness to let go and surrender any/all attachments makes this portal SO much more expansive and limitless.  There’s so much occurring this week, and it’s life altering, to say the least.

Mercury moves to 0 Aries on Monday.  This event  alone amplifies the wormhole and takes the game of limitless manifestation us to a whole new realm of possibility.  According to the Cosmic Clock, Aries is the first hour of our mental body quadrant, where spirit manifests as thought.  Mercury is the powerful Messenger, the ruler of the mental body, and the activator of our brand new operating system which gives us the capacity for cutting edge communications, not only within our lower 4 body system, but also with the invisible realms and higher dimensions.


0 Aries is the World Axis Zero Point, signifying the beginning and the end, and everything in our universe moves with communication, with frequency and vibration.  For communication to occur, there must be a sender and a receiver, which would imply separation consciousness, but we’re awakening to unity consciousness, recognizing that we are the sender AND the receiver, and our ability to think a thought sparks the action that manifests our world, which is our reflection.

Our thoughts, words, and communications spark movement and vibrational change.  When we recognize that we are responsible for the world we’ve created, we become empowered and fully capable of de-manifesting it as well, creating something new.  Source is limitless and infinite, containing every possibility for any and all options to exist.  Pure consciousness is passive, requiring a “receiver” to spark action into manifestation.  We All are Source, manifested through our unique expressions, co-creating the world by our willingness to communicate in the frequency of Love.  When we deny this relationship, and we insist on manifesting based on our individual ego’s agenda, we spin off into a reality other than what was originally intended, a reality that is in conflict with our very nature and our highest Truth.  As we awaken and move up the spiral, towards union with Source, it becomes even more important to be excellent caretakers of our minds and thoughts, maintaining the utmost purity and clarity, restoring the frequency to Love.

When our minds are distracted, congested, focused on drama and chaos, or numbed out and detached, we can’t be fully present to tune into our most precious relationship, the relationship with Source, with our Higher Self and our Christ Consciousness.  If our minds are creating random sparks of potential based on reactions to 3D drama and fear, then we are contributing to the recurring manifestations that keep us bound to that 3D reality.

That is why now more than ever, it’s crucial that we elevate our thoughts and the quality of our minds to match the frequency of UNIVERSAL LOVE and Spiritual Wisdom.  When our minds are attuned to that higher frequency, our thoughts, words and actions are congruent with Cosmic Law.  In 5D, Love is the Law.  Our new operating system is rooted in Love.  Love is the language, the currency, the medicine, and the correction that shifts us, individually and collectively, into wholeness and completion, sparking a brand new beginning for a whole new world.

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday 3/23 at 8am ET occurs at 3 Libra, conjunct MakeMake AND the Super Galactic Center, which is the Source of our Source.   In Cosmic Consciousness, Libra represents the mirrored Self.  The reflection in our relationships reveals the relationship with Self, and this Full Moon/ Eclipse event illuminates the highest realization that We are Source, in relationship with our Self.  When we truly receive that reflection, and take ownership for the Truth of who we are and what we’re capable of creating, Cosmic Law can be restored.

MakeMake is the archetype of Cosmic Law and Order.  Cosmic Leadership is effortless, harmonious, respectful and honorable.  To LEAD is to be in service to the WHOLE, and leadership is bestowed based on results.  It’s a gift and a privilege, and is held with reverence.  When the results decline, it’s in the best interest of All that the leadership position be recycled, and the next best candidate emerges, seamlessly.  All roles work together in partnership, in harmony, with the utmost respect for contribution and service, and ALL are good stewards of the reality they co-create.

Because there are no victims in Cosmic Law, ALL behave as leaders in whatever role they play, and ALL are responsible for the creation and sustainability of their reality.  ALL recognize that they are reflecting the whole, in Unity and in Love, and are honored to do so.  This Full Moon Eclipse event is an EPIC turning point for us to awaken as ONE and align our world, starting with our thoughts.

The Sun/Mercury superior conjunction later on Wednesday  links our higher consciousness to our mental body, as Mercury is on the far side of the Sun, closer to Source.  Prepare for mega downloads and messages coming from the higher dimensions as navigation tools.

Interestingly, just 2 hours prior to the Full Moon event, Jupiter and Saturn form an important stepping stone, the 2nd of 3, providing a giant step towards our shift from social to spiritual consciousness.  The first occurred last August, and the 3rd will occur on May 26th.  We are in the midst of a major planetary shift, and it’s crucially important to hold the mental focus and the heart space for the highest vibration of LOVE to manifest.

The potential is here, NOW, and WE are the ones tuning in, holding hands, linking hearts, and restoring Cosmic Law and Leadership, as the tuning forks for humanity.   We’re waking up and remembering ourselves through each other, and as we defragment ourselves, we are wholing and healing the Earth.   This Full Moon Eclipse also contains a Chiron/ South Node conjunction, joined by Ceres the next day.  As we whole ourselves, we are delivered back to Source, and our completion is the beginning.

Later on Thursday, Mercury (in Aries) and Mars (in Sagittarius) form a manifestation (trine) which creates a huge mind/body spark that has the power to de-manifest the old karmic reality and create a new option that didn’t exist before.   At 5pm ET that same day, the Moon goes void in a bridge (polarity) with Uranus, and remains void until the next day.  Within that void Moon, Saturn stations, Venus opens a bridge to Jupiter, and a Venus Saturn stepping stone forms a Wisdom Cross with Jupiter…all inside the Libra Void Moon!  The bridge that ushers us into the Awakened Unity Heart is revealed, opened and expanded in high definition as we come to the highest realization that “I AM YOU and YOU ARE ME”.

And if that weren’t enough, the week completes with a big Sun/Mars manifestation (trine) and a Venus/Pluto resource (sextile).  Remember, the Sun is in Aries, and Mars is the ruler of Aries AND is in his retrograde shadow, preparing for a journey towards Source.  This feels like Big Bang potential that can spark a powerful new creation, or a massive revolution!  Get ready for an unprecedented Easter Weekend!  Stay present, hearts wide open, in LOVE…and focused on your divine Self.  As you Love, honor, and nurture your Self, you’re Loving ALL, including the Earth.   Now more than ever, it’s time to honor all life with respect and Love, as every life is divine, and all life reflects and contains Source, which is you, us, and ALL.

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