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March 28 – April 3, 2016


After a massive week of intense and disorienting eclipse energy, we begin to smooth out and settle into a new kind of balance this week.  The atmosphere is still a bit unstable with the worm hole winding down, but our nervous systems are gently being restored and rebooted, calibrating a new and improved yin/yang relationship.  Everything has changed and there’s no going back.


We’re catching our breath this week as the dust settles and we begin to find our footing in a fluid world.  The focus is subtle yet deeply profound as Mercury and Venus take center stage this week.  Mind and Heart must be in balance the moment the wormhole closes and the elevator doors open at the New Moon on April 7th.   We’re moving into a “4″ month, which is all about foundation, support, and solid structure.   This crucial balance point week will provide the necessary platform for the new chapter ahead.


Mercury has been implementing and activating our new “state of the art” operating system since the first of the year, boosting ultra-refined communications and messaging systems.  Our higher communications will connect us with our hearts to tell us when to initiate action and when to surrender to the current momentum that’s moving us.


If we’ve historically been motivated by pain or pressure, or by the obvious lightning bolt message in our face, it may feel too subtle, almost insignificant, to be moved by the gentle breeze of an intuitive nudge or a psychic whisper.  The more elevated and fine-tuned we become, the less effort and energy is required to navigate change when we are open, receptive, and in synch with our higher selves, ultimately creating a highly efficient and clean response mechanism, which is our new emotional body.


We’re bringing the heart into the operating system, calibrating beauty and subtlety within the mind.   How we typically react (at the densest, most visceral level) when we observe beauty, grace, innocence and purity is different than how we react when we observe conflict, war, ego, and darkness.   Our nervous systems react and respond to our environment and what we perceive, in subtle instinctive ways.  We tend to open more readily to beauty, and we tread lightly upon the earth in the presence of divinity.  We breathe more deeply, give more freely, and create effortlessly when we’re inspired by love and beauty.


When viewing abstract art, the observer will interpret whatever resonates with their operating system and their current state of mind.  In any given piece of art, random observers might experience chaos, darkness, resistance, and anger, or they might experience beauty, diversity, abundance, and creativity.


All things contain the possibility of all meanings, the entire infinite universe can be found within anything.  So all events, people, and things hold the possibility of beauty, Love, and divine Light, which would create a response of opening instead of closing.   All options are available, always…if we’re not attached to how it looks.  We will always find what we’re looking for, if we consciously tune in and allow it to emerge.


As our highly sophisticated operating systems come into partnership with the purest beauty of the heart, we begin to allow a whole new world to emerge, a world that already existed but we haven’t had the delicate filters in place yet to fully receive it.  We’re learning to navigate this new operating system, how to access the subtlest vibrations of all communications, and how to fine tune and dial in on the frequency that supports our higher consciousness and the manifestation of 5D, and also how to gracefully demanifest the old while still operating from a vibration of Love.


As Venus comes into a new balance with Mercury, we’re intentionally evoking the response of beauty and Love from our emotional body, manifesting a world of multidimensional art, creative expression, and refined intuitive communication.


The week begins with a Venus Uranus semisextile, which in Cosmic Consciousness is a “getting to know you” aspect of intimacy and coming together.  It’s gentle.  The heart is getting involved in our awakening process, and sometimes our most powerful awakenings come from a subtle opening rather than a lightning strike across the forehead.   In fact, when transitioning from an environment of confusion, chaos or disruption, oftentimes the only way to open profoundly to Love is through a very slight, subtle touch that feels safe and non-confrontational.   It calms the nervous system and allows for an opening into something new.


The dance of integration and balance plays out all week between Mind and Heart through Mercury (Divine Masculine – yang) and Venus (Divine Feminine – yin).  Mercury and Jupiter form a Great Eliminator on Tuesday, followed by a Mercury Saturn manifestation, and a Mercury Pluto stepping stone on Wednesday inside the void Moon.   


On Thursday, Mercury conjoins Uranus and then moves on to meet Eris by Sunday, linking our operating system to that powerful Uranus/Eris event coming up this summer.    We are embarking on unprecedented mental terrain, from the 3D perspective, but our higher consciousness and the invisible realms continue to communicate clearly, every step of the way.  Like voices from the dark calling us forth to remember the way home to the light as our eyes recalibrate to perceive the light that was already there, shining infinitely bright.  We’re readjusting and recalibrating, moment to moment, to see with new eyes and perceive from higher dimensions what’s been right before our eyes the whole time.


Venus conjoins with the South Node on Tuesday, Chiron on Wednesday, and Ceres on Friday, following in Mercury’s footsteps from last week.  The Venus/Ceres conjunction on Friday forms a very sensitive and high frequency resource with Sedna, delivering the heart to the highest record keeping available to our human consciousness at this time.  The downloads to the heart will be off the charts, yet subtle.  Much like a mother’s intuition, there’s a powerful knowing without any physical evidence, logic or reasoning. 


The Ceres Venus connection is always profoundly intuitive and deep, as we tune in to receive the encoded frequency of heartbeats and most authentic communications from Mother Earth and Cosmic Mother within our own hearts.   The Mother keeps track of the family’s important information, memories, and sacred documents, with Love from the heart.   And so we are awakened and reunited with our heart’s most authentic truth, downloaded and delivered straight from the most reliable source, Sedna.


The practice this week is to find balance within the innermost yin and yang relationship, even as the world continues to shift and change.   Focus on the merging points of the breath; the entry point of the inhale, the pause at full capacity, the release and surrender of the exhale, and the pause at emptiness.   Allow the physical movement of breath to activate subtle vibrations and sensations throughout the nose and the body, calming the nervous system while awakening to higher consciousness.  Tune into the subtle, and allow space for unknown beauty and possibilities to emerge.

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