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April 4-10, 2016

The wormhole is deactivating and we’re at the threshold of a whole new world.   Everything has changed.  We are awakening, and undergoing rapid transformation, becoming the living reflection of our higher consciousness.  This week delivers us to the powerful Mars storm (Mars reaches the degree of his station and will take nearly two weeks to actually turn around) as of Tuesday, the New Moon in Aries on Thursday, and the official ending of the wild Spring eclipse passage. 

While the intensity of the wormhole is winding down, we’re just starting to ramp up to a full throttle experience that will rock our world this summer, literally, as we breakthrough the old limits and boundaries, and ultimately shatter the old paradigms and belief systems that have manifested scarcity, victimization, and separation consciousness on our planet.   We are manifesting a world of unity, empowerment, freedom, and Love…and it’s happening NOW.

The old is crumbling, and the new is emerging, simultaneously and quickly.   While every step we take is still met with Earth below our feet, both the Earth AND our feet are changing so radically moment to moment,  it can feel like walking on quick sand at times, intermittently floating sideways on air pockets for a step or two in between.   Finding our bearings and feeling grounded take on a whole new meaning now, and the only solid ground we can consistently connect with is the unwavering commitment to honor Self and be Love, without any attachments to what’s occurring (or not occurring fast enough).

Moving powerfully into the ‘4’ month of April, we’re discovering that the foundation of our support structure is sparked by our thoughts and planted within us, and we carry it wherever we go.  Our internal balance and alignment come from our conscious discipline to think Love, be Love, act with Love, and manifest Love, and to continually practice surrendering the ego to the higher Self and Source.   Keeping our attention on Source while remaining in our physical bodies is the new way of grounding…we’re grounding light into our bodies and into the Earth.

That’s the theme of this Mars retrograde journey.  Grounding light into the physical.  Grounding higher consciousness into our bodies.  Infusing the divine frequency of LOVE into the densest, darkest karmic debris of our bodies and our planet…allowing the vibration of Love to transmute and resurrect All.  As we wipe the collective karmic slate clean, we clear the decks and finish the game…and start again, unified as One with Source.

As our bodies continue to upgrade from carbon to crystal, our physical operating system is undergoing a massive overhaul and reconfiguration.   Crystal is activated by light, and our newly upgraded bodies are transitioning, expanding our capacity to receive light at a cellular level, and transitioning to operate more efficiently and effectively on light based foods, specifically green plants.  Our cells become the living response of what we metabolize, and as we digest more and more light, we’re activating our crystalline spines, and sparking higher communications, messages, and light codes through our divine antenna.

The color green vibrationally activates the heart chakra, so eating raw green plant based foods can deliver raw potent light straight to the heart, alkalinizing our emotions from acidity or congestion to vibrant Love.  Green plants harness light as energy through photosynthesis, and as we ingest and digest raw greens, we’re ingesting high frequency light, SOURCE.  Everything contains Source, and we can mentally choose to receive light from anywhere, but the more consciously we choose to eat potent and pure greens, the more we are feeding our physical bodies with light potential.  The goal is to infuse light into our cells, to enlighten our bodies.

Light purifies our physical and emotional responses.  The more light we receive, the lighter our physical bodies become, the less carbon footprint we leave behind on the planet, and the less karma we generate.  Karmic density is heavy, and historically, our physicality reflected our karma.  As we take responsibility for clearing our karma and elevating our consciousness, we begin to embody light, and every cell of our physical body is infused with divine infinite light.   As our bodies shift and transform to accommodate our light bodies, our vitality is restored, and our infinite life through spirit is embodied.  Illness and disease are karmic and circumstantial, light is infinite and immortal.

In order to fully embody higher consciousness, we must surrender old mental and emotional beliefs and attachments to what we used to “think” our bodies needed for sustenance, survival, and comfort.   Mars is stationing this week, gaining potency for his retrograde journey of physical metamorphosis, as we’re collectively in the Aries energy of April.  In Cosmic Consciousness, the Aries hour is mental power.   Our willingness to allow the new mental operating system to lead the way is imperative.  Mental power is accessed as we operate from our highest consciousness, navigated by spirit. 

The instability of the physical realm is becoming obvious, which reveals the radical power of conscious manifestation that is available to us.   Everything is shiftable, movable, and permeable, and the light of our consciousness is the tool that can alter and shift any reality…not by force, but by allowing the vibration of Love to expand.

The New Moon in Aries on Thursday April 7th marks the official closing of the wormhole passage, and the beginning of a whole new chapter of conscious discipline and mental power.   Our thoughts spark potential that manifests our physical reality, and this is the most important time for transformation on the planet.   Transformation of any kind happens in a nanosecond, through the spark of a new thought.  Anything can happen, everything is possible.  The more we let go of old beliefs and limiting assumptions, the more we can discover new potential.  It’s all right here.

The practice this week is to consciously BE the seed of possibility.  Be mindful of any limiting beliefs, thoughts, and conversations.  Anytime you observe yourself buying into a historical limitation or condition, pause and ask yourself “what if that perceived barrier doesn’t really exist?”  And allow new potential to awaken.   We experience what we believe, so if you want to transform an experience, shift the belief.   Nothing is impossible, anything can happen.  Give yourself permission to believe in the impossible, and see what happens.  Take time each day to breath deeply and stretch the empty space within each cell, expanding your capacity to receive light in your physical body.  Empty space infused with light ignites powerful vision and magic!


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