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For the Week of April 25 – May 1, 2016

After a full blown weekend of intensive awakenings and stirrings, we now have access to the abundant energy (fuel source) that was being held dormant and suppressed below the surface.  Freedom, expansion, and liberation are swirling through our veins, as if our clogged arteries have been opened and cleared through a metaphysical angioplasty.  Our hearts have been multidimensionally stretched to increase our capacity to channel the universal flow of Love.  Love is the flow of currency in 5D, and with the floodgates fully open, now is the time to ground Love into the Earth for improved circulation.  With 5 planets retrograde this week, every fiber of our being is intimately plugged in to Source energy, accessing super charged resources from multiple dimensions.

The main focus this week is Mercury’s retrograde station on Thursday 4/28, conjunct Sedna, in Taurus.  This entire Mercury retrograde journey is providing a very specific and unique opportunity to synch our brand new operating system with the highest cosmic record keeper, Sedna, and root that consciousness into the planet.  The fact that Mars (physical body) is also retrograding and undergoing massive transmutation and redesign, is mind blowing to say the least.  Records communicate evidence and information that inspires and awakens (or reminds us) of our potential.   As we’re shifting our frequency and grounding higher consciousness into the physical (body and Earth), we will start seeing new earth shattering research, results, and testimonials of what’s actually possible in this new paradigm regarding health, ecological systems, sustainable energy resources, and leadership/organizational structures.

Everything has changed, everything is brand new, and anything is possible.  For the majority of people on our planet, scientific evidence is required before a mind will open to consider a new possibility.  Once evidence is proven, hope for a new potential future is created.  For many of us who are the visionary leaders and healers on the cutting edge of revolutionary insights, we’ve been intuitively sensing new frequencies and witnessing “miracles” in healing/wholing all along.  We’ve seen it or known it without being able to scientifically prove it (or maybe we have but the masses couldn’t hear).  Get ready for miracles to become mainstream, at least for the ones who are now ready to receive it.   It’s been there all along, and now more and more will be able to acknowledge this presence as our operating systems allow for higher communication with the invisible realm and new frequencies of information.  The merging of science and spirituality is beginning to awaken and take root on our planet.

The Mercury station in Taurus conjunct Sedna also opens doors for the launch of new consciousness resources being written and delivered, like a high frequency user manuals for our state of the art operating system, or textbooks written in the most updated language of Cosmic Consciousness for living in the new Earth.  We’re evolving so quickly, there’s great need for current and updated resource books and information.  If we’ve been resisting writing and sharing our profound wisdom with the world up until now, it’s time to step boldly forward and contribute our life’s work with the people who are hungry to hear it.   Our life’s work is a valuable precious resource that needs to be shared with the collective, for the benefit of all.   As we willingly share our resources and our presence with each other, we can all flourish together.

Interestingly Haumea, the planet of 5D (and higher) wholeness and integration, is holding a bridge with Uranus/Eris, all the way through the big upcoming Uranus/Eris event this Summer.   We are awakening to our wholeness, individually and collectively, and each soul’s contribution matters, every spark of light and every unique presence of spirit matters.  Wholeness is realized through awakening.   And awakening is sparked the moment we realize there’s more than just our particular historic perspective.  We’re all walking across that bridge together.

Venus moves into Taurus on Friday night, which in Cosmic Consciousness, is where the heart has dignity and feels most at home and at peace.   Now that our hearts have been stretched wide open and stripped of any historical debris or blockages (a process that can seem invasive in the moment), we finally relax into a sense of peace and soothing comfort as our hearts rest safely in the nest of unconditional Love.   With a newly expanded capacity to receive Love, Taurus is the perfect place to ground our hearts for nourishment, sustenance, and fulfillment, and to allow roots to grow from our own heart extending deep within the Earth, nourishing the entire planet with Love.

There’s an unspoken presence of Love circulating within the underground root system of our hearts and the planet, supporting in the calibration and reconstruction of all things physical, and in alignment with our new operating system.  Remember, Love infused into anything physical changes the frequency, which changes the vibrational structure and physical expression.

On Sunday, the Sun/ Neptune conjunction sheds brilliant light on any projects that serve a higher humanitarian vision for evolution, highlighting and defining that vision with clarity, in a grounded, tangible, practical way.   The roadmap to the clouds becomes real, no longer just a dream…and the physical path is clearly outlined and ready to tread upon.  What has seemed like a distant vision is now becoming a reality.  There’s nothing to do but say Yes and step forward.  It’s already manifested beyond time and space.

The practice this week is be intentionally grounded in higher consciousness.  Make sure your thoughts, words, and actions are congruent and that you’re willing to live by the words you speak to others.   Take time each morning to connect your heart to the heart of the Earth, and synch your operating system with Sedna, the ultimate Cosmic Record Keeper.   If anything is possible, beyond what you’ve ever seen evidence of before, what are you committed to creating by your thoughts, words, and actions each day?  Notice where you place limits on what can or can’t occur in your world, and keep stretching your heart and your mind to the realm of infinite possibilities, in Love.  We are manifesting the future, NOW…it’s already here!   Open your heart and mind and receive the infinite abundance that is present right here!  This is the most exciting time to be alive on the planet!


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