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For the week of May 2- 8, 2016

Welcome to May!   As we shift from the 4 vibration to the 5, we gain access to the magic and creativity of communications, multidimensional brilliance, freedom and humanity.  The big focus this week is the Grand Earth Trine, the New Moon in Taurus, and Mercury’s retrograde cycle, all of which are grounding the new operating system and opening multiple doorways, dimensions and portals of our consciousness and our ability to communicate here on Earth.

As the new operating system takes root in our physicality, new realms suddenly emerge, revealing hidden potential for creativity and connection.  Imagine infinite underground superhighways of neural networks and communication, becoming more and more accessible the deeper and deeper our roots travel inward.   The inner brings us outward, and the outer brings us inward.

Roots bring us deeper to the core, connecting us towards Source.   Roots also deliver us outward, connecting us with All, where we find Source.  With 5 planets retrograde right now, no matter where we look, we’re traveling towards Source.  Every cell and every moment becomes a prism of infinite potential, what once appeared like a single opportunity now becomes limitless.  As we branch our consciousness into the Earth, we infuse light into our underground root systems, discovering that light has been traveling underground already in the consciousness of trees and plants.   As a tree extends up towards the sun, it captures light codes and information, which travel down into the ground, communicating through underground neural networks of communication that the animal and plant kingdoms have accessed for thousands of years.   We are waking up to remember that same “under ground” communication, and as we do, we’re rapidly accelerating and expanding our capacity for more expansive etheric communication, including a neural network system between the hearts of humanity, and access to higher realms of consciousness and cosmic frequencies.

When we plug into the Earth, we can hear and feel the vibrational rhythm and heartbeat of Mother Earth, the divine feminine Source of energy and life on this planet, that sustains all physical life, including humans, plants, animals, and the elements.   There’s a communication system, a frequency of Love from the core of Mother Earth that can be felt through the soles of our feet, through our tailbones, and in our hearts, that moves us, grounds us, and touches us.   There’s also a vibrational rhythm and heartbeat of the Divine Mother, flowing through the hearts of all souls here on Earth, representing the purity of loving kindness and compassion that flows and communicates from heart to heart on our planet, connecting the fabric of humanity’s unity heart chakra.  And there’s a cosmic frequency from Source that flows through our crown chakras, activating our nervous systems with the communication from our higher selves.

This Grand Earth Trine is manifesting new dimensions and creative capacities of our operating system through Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo.   In Cosmic Consciousness, Capricorn is the Earth sign of Spiritual Power, the executive director that is the voice of Source, our direct line of communication through the crown chakra. 


Taurus is the Earth sign of Mental Love, the tree of life, rooted deep within the Earth, ruled by Venus, the heart, representing the communication of Love that exists deep within Mother Earth in the underground root system, creating the unspoken presence of Love, nourishment, and connection.   Virgo, the Earth sign of Emotional Wisdom, represents the Divine Mother, the pure heart that births Christ Consciousness on our planet, the higher frequency of 5D Love that is the new language, currency, and consciousness of the New Earth.   


These 3 archetypes of energy are powerfully activated while Mercury is retrograde, manifesting a new upgrade in our ability to communicate and connect, heart to heart, soul to soul, on planet Earth, and deeply grounding this new upgrade into the core of our beings, in all dimensions.

The Sun and the Moon are both involved in this Grand Earth Trine, activating the light of our individual consciousness and our ability to emotionally respond.  Mercury conjoins the Moon on Friday, just hours after the New Moon, signifying a new beginning in our ability to respond to the new communications we’re attuning to, and that response is rooted in Taurus, which is Mental Love.  Our emotional response stems from the disciplined obedience of thinking loving thoughts.  When we ground ourselves in that mental practice, our emotional response IS LOVE, consistently.   And the communication that is sent from our neural network IS LOVE, elevating the currency and the frequency of Christ Consciousness, which is the fabric and context of the New Earth.

Also this week, Sedna and Vesta conjoin on Wednesday, awakening the flame of devotion all the way at our deepest core of our roots, just before the New Moon.   The most enlightened cosmic record keeper reminds us of an inner flame that has been burning deep within for lifetimes, and has never diminished.   That awakening is like a powerful light switch that resurrects a part of ourselves we’ve long forgotten, but still burns with unwavering Love.   When we remember, we reunite with a part of our cosmic Self that is undeniable and profoundly significant to why we’re here now, and those seeds become merged into the powerful roots of the Taurus New Moon.

Quite perfect that this Sunday is Mother’s Day in the US, as we recognize the mother that physically birthed us, providing the portal for our light’s embodiment.   And let us also recognize the Divine Mother Virgo energy in each of us that births Christ Consciousness in our hearts and on the planet.  We are all Mother’s of the New Consciousness, birthing a new awakening, returning to the Source of our roots…LOVE.

The practice this week is to be disciplined and grounded in Mental Love.  Practice thinking loving thoughts in response to anything and everything that occurs, and strengthen your ability to be Love in action, moment to moment.   Being Love doesn’t mean ignoring any other emotion or circumstance, it means that in the presence of all else, choose the response of Love, beginning with the mental thoughts toward Self.  Be the grounding presence that holds the space for Love to occur from within, and nourish your Self with your thoughts, as if they were the the most precious resources and vital nutrients available.   The more we practice this, the more deeply it becomes embedded and embodied in our neural network of communication.  This is how we manifest the new foundation of consciousness on the Earth.   The ground that we walk on is being built by our commitment to choose Love, think Love, and Be Love!

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