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For the week of May 23 – 29:

What an amazing Full Moon weekend, setting the stage and launching us powerfully into the upcoming Blue Moon event on June 20th.  We are in the most exciting and profound period of time ever in human history!  We are consciousness, operating as the frequency of LOVE, awake and in action, and that very Love based action is manifesting the New Earth.   Everything physical is transforming before our very eyes, and every breath contains infinite creative potential for resurrection, rebirth, and new beginnings.  Magic is appearing every day, and what once seemed impossible is now readily available in the blink of an eye.   When we believe it, we can see it, instantly.  It’s already there, always has been.  Time and space no longer have a hold on our realm of possibility thinking, we’re breaking limits and barriers like never before, manifesting miracles.
The Full Moon in Sagittarius (part 1) opened a doorway to a super conscious bridge of mental wisdom and physical wisdom, with all lights shining on the stationing Mercury and the retrograding Mars.  The brilliant light of the Gemini Sun delivered multidimensional upgrades (from Source) to our new operating system, and the communications instantly downloaded at a cellular level into our physicality.   From now until June 20, (part 2 of the Full Moon in Sagittarius), we are manifesting the highest vision of this transformation, shapeshifting ourselves and our reality with our brilliant minds, activated and animated by the light of Source.   We are standing at the cutting edge of evolution, a truly remarkable place to be!
As our higher minds awaken and develop the purest mental discipline to love unconditionally through our thoughts, we take our seats at the highest observer’s perspective and attune our mental frequency to Unity Consciousness (Non-Local Consciousness).  The physical realm can then rapidly shed the old karmic loops, release limiting attachments, labels and judgments, and resurrect to a higher manifestation that reflects our higher consciousness.  The more we discipline our minds, the more our minds become super antennas, channeling light from Source, like lighting rods through our vertical axis, grounded into the Earth and into our cells.  Our communications infrastructure is highly developed and in tact, thanks to Mercury, and is now ready for massive expansion.
Mercury is still in his station on Monday, holding the still point of the weekend’s activation on the World Axis point, preparing to move forward again, navigating the integration of our next phase of transformation.  Venus moves into Gemini on Tuesday in a bridge with Mars Retrograde, and our emotional bodies are also attuning to the charge of the Full Moon event.  When our hearts merge with the fully activated and upgraded Mercury still point, the result is Divine Love, from Source, moving our hearts into Action through all of our relationships, as seeds of contagious Love are carried and planted everywhere we go.  Mars is also calibrating that charge, embodying the frequency of Love based communication in our cellular structure, as Mars retrogrades back into Scorpio on Friday 5/27.
Once Mars steps back into Scorpio’s energy, it’s alchemy time.   Get ready for the unexpected, radical physical transformations and mind blowing makeovers and revelations.  Appearances aren’t real, nothing physical is “real”, so whatever meaning we’ve attached to historic identities, including our own, is about to shift.   The Full Moon in Sagittarius aligned our physical cells and DNA with the higher frequency of TRUTH, the vibration that ends the karmic cycle and reveals our soul’s authentic purity and light.   Get ready to watch the veils and masks coming off as the truth comes to the surface between now and June 20th.    What once was hidden, including our own brilliant light, is penetrating outward for all to see.  We are clearing the residue of ancient lifetimes of mistruths, misconceptions, and misqualified interpretations that have created the old limiting belief systems that shaped our physical reality.
On Thursday 5/26, Jupiter and Saturn complete their 3rd of 3 powerful stepping stones.  Jupiter is still in his station and Saturn is coming from the Great Attractor.  The fact that this is occurring at the end of a 9 month triple stepping stone series is so significant, marking the completion of a major manifestation.   Our social consciousness is being born anew after 9 months of embryonic preparation and culmination.  Jupiter in Virgo is expansion through wholeness and our capacity to integrate collectively through each individual part.   Virgo has access to the infinite collective consciousness through any and every point of contact, and as Jupiter elevates our ability to expand, we find that any one of us can amplify the whole with our own individual frequency of light.
We are all connected, nothing is separate, and as we awaken to new levels of personal and social responsibility, we are empowered to take action through our own authority, the authority of Love.   As leaders of Love, we recognize that by Loving ourselves and each other unconditionally, and tending to our own deepest needs, we ARE BEING the frequency of Love in Action that Loves and tends to ALL.  Love is the agent of alchemy, the divine Healer/Wholer, and all things are possible in the vibrational context of Love.   The more we access our I AM presence, the more we upgrade our social consciousness to LOVE and UNITY.  Saturn reminds us that we are the authority, the guru, the teacher.  As we own our power, we allow ourselves to be the ultimate contribution for our planet.   Not by doing anything different, just by making the connection through every ordinary love based action.
The weekend is quiet, providing nourishment and restoration as we integrate deeper and deeper.   Vesta is traveling with the Sun right now, adding a dimension of deep inner devotion to our consciousness.   Take care of the ordinary and quiet moments with great attention and devotion as the sacred is being revealed in all things.
The practice this week is to be diligent with the integration of loving All though every ordinary action and owning your I AM presence.   I AM LOVE IN ACTION, BENEFITTING ALL, ELEVATING THE FREQUENCY OF THE PLANET THROUGH EVERY THOUGHT, WORD, AND ACTION.  As you connect to your most cherished loved ones, expand that vibration of Love to include All.   As we connect with One, we are holding the hearts of ALL, and vice versa.   This is a week of integration yielding multidimensional expansion and transformation.   Keep your attention on your Self, and allow your still point of Love to hold the consciousness of All.

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