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For the week of June 13 – 19, 2016

WOW!!!  After a ground breaking week of revelations and awakenings,  we’re primed and ready to go even deeper.  It’s getting clearer and clearer that time isn’t linear, as last week revealed multidimensional layers upon layers of past, present, and future insights, clearings, and profound openings for new possibilities.   A minute can contain a lifetime, and a lifetime can be a slumber, depending upon our perspective and our willingness to stay awake and grounded.  When we are present within our Selves (and within our cells) we are intimately connected to All.

The week begins with Neptune moving from his station and beginning his retrograde journey.  In Cosmic Consciousness, a retrograde planet is moving clockwise, closer to Source, and up the spiral of conscious awakening.   Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, which represents Christ Consciousness, the vast infinite ocean of Unity Consciousness, infinite possibilities, and the hour of Spiritual Wisdom.  Neptune represents the opportunity for enlightenment.  The veils of illusion and confusion disappear when we choose to see through the highest lens of Spiritual Wisdom, delivering us to an all important portal of truth where we access our Higher Mental Body.    The fact that this planetary archetype is traveling retrograde just as we’re receiving the first of 3 massive awakenings, is incredibly profound.

What’s adding even more magic to the equation is Mercury, now in his dignified home sign of Gemini.  Get ready for an even higher level of intercellular and intracellular communications.  As Unity Consciousness of our lower 4 body system awakens at a cellular level, we have the opportunity to experience deeper levels of intimacy and connection internally, which enhances our ability to communicate via resonance and frequency from our higher minds through the deepest subconscious embedded layers of our cells, tissues, organs, and systems…including our immune and lymphatic systems.  This opens up doorways and portals into the hidden records and wisdom behind chronic health issues that may be unresponsive to typical communications and treatments.

Venus enters Cancer this week, bringing our emotional body into the deeply nurturing sign of Emotional Power.  As we continue to calibrate our minds and hearts together, balancing yin and yang, our minds become infused with the emotional power of Unconditional Love, and our hearts channel Mental Wisdom as the progenitors of Love in Action.   We are moved into action that deeply nourishes and mothers ourselves.  The more we tend to our inner world, the more the outer world flourishes and thrives.

Every particle and fiber of our being contains consciousness, and the more we zoom in our focused attention (Love) on our cells, the more we can make conscious contact to awaken, call forth, unify and balance ourselves holistically.  It is possible to awaken and gain access to the deep pockets of energy that are held within the subconscious realm of our bodies with our new operating system and communications features that Mercury has recently fine tuned.   This week, Ceres joins the Eris/Uranus energy with Haumea, contributing the intuitive divine feminine energy as we midwife the delivery of consciousness into our cellular bodies and into the Earth.   Ceres is the archetypal mother that was able to intuitively communicate with her daughter, Persephone, through the Earth into the invisible realms underground, thereby eventually rescuing Persephone.   While we don’t need rescuing in 5D, we can certainly own our inner power to communicate beyond the subconscious realms of energy that may be embedded or buried below the surface within our own bodies.  As we restore and resurrect our wholeness, we regain consciousness of the parts of us that have been dormant and hiding below the surface, and our overall vibrational resonance strengthens and unifies, allowing us to engage as even more powerful senders and receivers through the collective consciousness.

Since every cell of our lower 4 body system contains the holographic blueprint of the unified whole, and we’re awakening now to global and cosmic Unity Consciousness, then every individual cell also contains the blueprint of the infinite WHOLE.   We are embarking on a journey of unified communications that will allow us to intuitively channel every vibration of thought through frequency, networking with the micro to the macro, opening up the limitless field of spiritual wisdom.   The leaps in consciousness through communication and healing/wholing are mind-blowing….and they’re available to us Now.   It’s important now more than ever to discipline the higher mind to be a highly calibrated conduit of Unconditional Love, and to keep our focus on ourselves.

The practice this week is to meditate on the breath, and connect with the physical sensation of breath moving in and out of the nostrils.  Keeping your focus on your physical sensations with every breath, begin to scan the entire body from head to toe, observing and witnessing any and all physical sensations in the current moment.   With each scan through the body, you are threading your consciousness into each and every cell of physicality, establishing contact and being in relationship with each and every part of the whole.   With an equanimous mind attuned to unconditional Love, you are awakening and strengthening the channels of communications at a cellular level.  As you establish deeper communications, truths is revealed from below the surface, creating enlightenment and understanding, which restores wholeness and eliminates the chronic patterns of separation consciousness.

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