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For the week of June 27 – July 3, 2016:

The energies are getting more and more intense as the collective consciousness is awakening to Love, rapidly elevating the frequency of our planet.   When energy is calibrated to a higher frequency, anything that is not in alignment is highlighted and exposed, creating a polarizing experience of temporary vibrational chaos and instability.  That gap reveals the opportunity for transformation, and it’s within this gap that we can see clearly the layers of ego, karmic repetitive stories and cycles, and habitual choices that keep us held in a lower vibrational operating system.   We are birthing the new paradigm, and this profound change requires letting go.

The week fires up just after midnight on Monday with the Moon in Aries, the sign of the pioneering creative spark that ignites and awakens consciousness through our thoughts.   Coming from such an intense day previously on Sunday, this Aries Moon energy invites us into a brand new perspective.  This week, we’re moving from a “6″ vibration month of divine feminine intuitive nurturing, replenishing, restoring, opening, compassionate energy into a “7″ vibration of the esoteric, invisible realms, hidden meanings, and spirituality.  The more open and receptive we are from the events of June, the more access we will have to the higher revelations and insights at play. 


We don’t need to understand with our minds, we need only to allow our hearts to open wide, and the truth will be revealed as we surrender, moment to moment.  The job of the higher mind is to continue to elevate our focus and our thoughts to Love, and stay tuned to the highest observers perspective within ourselves.   The more we choose Love, the more our hearts open, and the more truth is revealed.

Venus is active this week and our hearts are communicating.    Chiron is retrograde, and every moment of discomfort, crisis, or pain is an opening for the activation of mastery, wisdom, and higher spiritual teaching.  Because everything contains everything, the wisdom accessed from any event can be harnessed as universal wisdom for anything.   Application and integration from a universal context empowers us to teach the new language of 5D, of Unity Consciousness and Unconditional Love through any format or template.   


Even a corporate training can be an opportunity to deliver Unity Consciousness, grounding the distinctions of the New Earth into the most 3D environments.   When we understand the universal language behind each and every perceived conflict or wound, we can transmute and transform anything with the wisdom of Love.   Venus and Neptune form a beautiful manifestation on Monday, where the fresh perspective from the heart reveals spiritual wisdom and emotional power that nurtures change and infinite expansion.

On Wednesday, Mercury moves from 29 degrees Gemini (the master degree of his dignified home sign) across the World Axis, going out of bounds into uncharted territory as he moves into Cancer.  Our operating systems and communications move from the highest degree of mental wisdom into the purity of emotional power, where heart and mind unify, literally minutes before Mars stations from his retrograde journey at 23 Scorpio.  This is HUGE!  Communications are fine tuned to deliver a profound message that unifies the global awakened heart, if we can listen from Love and not from ego.   


Mental wisdom is received in the heart, not processed in the mind.  When we try to process events in the mind, we access ego, and disconnect from the unified experience.  It’s important that we remain present in every experience, so we can consciously choose to be the response of Love moment to moment.  This is how we embody wisdom and put that into action, walking our talk, grounding the new into the Earth.

The fact that Mars is stationing minutes after Mercury crosses the World Axis means our bodies are now primed and ready to receive higher communications from the unified heart.   When mind and heart are in balance, body and spirit are also in balance, and we are moved closer to Source, as Love in Action. 


If mind and heart aren’t in balance, we react from our emotional triggers, moving mindlessly into repetitive drama patterns and karmic stories, creating incongruence between the inner and outer worlds.  When we think with our hearts and love with our minds, our vertical axis is activated like an antenna, and we gain access to higher level communications from invisible realms.

Also interesting to note, the Mars station is in a bridge with Sedna.   The physical dimension of our experience on Earth has been recalibrated and transmuted, the reconstruction has been done.  Our bodies hold the records of our highest wisdom, and we are synched with the truth of who we really are, our Cosmic Self, and the blueprint of our soul’s purpose.   The structure and the technology are in tact, and now it’s up to us to choose, integrate, and walk with faith.  As we declare “I AM the spiritual wisdom of all things, operating as Love in Action”, we become the universal authority attuned to the animating force of energy in the physical dimension.  It’s time to shine brightly, now more than ever.

The Venus Pluto Bridge on Thursday gives the heart direct access to the invisible realms.  The heart is the new root system that grounds and anchors higher consciousness from Source, and the birth canal is our vertical axis from the crown chakra to the root and into the Earth.  This bridge occurs in the evening of June 30th, ushering us to that “7” vibration Friday July 1st, and delivering us to a Venus Jupiter resource.   After resurrecting the heart as the new root system, the heart space is then expanded for greater capacity to channel Christ Consciousness and Unconditional Love to the planet.

Saturday features a Sun/Saturn Great Eliminator, and it’s time to own our voice and our vote as the arrow of truth, wisdom, and clarity.  We are the authority of our reality, nobody else can take that power away.  When we recognize the ways in which we give our power away unconsciously or unintentionally, we can awaken to new choices that impact our future.   We hold the key and the ultimate power in our consciousness, and it’s important to eliminate the distractions and illusions once and for all.  When we do, we arrive Sunday at the Sun Neptune Manifestation, the result of our clarity of focus from the highest perspective.

Stay tuned in from the highest observer’s perch of Truth and Wisdom as we prepare for next week’s New Moon in Cancer conjunct Sirius on Monday July 4th.  There’s so much happening, every moment and every breath is full of change and transformation.  We are walking hand in hand across the bridge to the New Earth.   


We each have to walk through the fire of transformation to purify and elevate our Selves holistically to Unity Consciousness and Unconditional Love, no one is exempt.  There is no way to walk through fire while clinging to fear, doubt, or mindless distractions.   It’s more important than ever to discipline our minds to think loving thoughts, to stay tuned in to what matters most, and to remain present in our bodies.  The more present and awake we are, the more grace we can usher in to the planet.  This is such an amazing time to be alive!!!

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