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For the week of July 11-17, 2016

The wake up calls are showing up everywhere in high definition.  It’s increasingly obvious that now is the time for humanity as a whole to realize that we are All connected, we are all One.  The outdated and misinformed beliefs, structures, and paradigms just don’t fit and won’t be tolerated.   When we try to fit into something too small, confining, or incongruent, the result is inner irritation, agitation, anger and rage.  That energy can be harnessed and used to catapult us forward, breaking through the old, and birthing the new.

The world is transforming, and in order to remain in the physical dimension, we must elevate our consciousness, surrendering all attachments to any stories that are rooted in separation, fear, and judgment.  It’s a gift and a privilege to be here on the planet right now in a body, and we’re raising the bar, calling forth a greater commitment to Love and to each other.  More and more, Unity Consciousness is taking root, and there’s no going back.

The week ahead continues to rock our worlds (and blow our minds) as Mercury completes his stepping stones with Eris and Uranus, taking us into Monday with a jolt.   Last week our hearts were stretched open (or in many cases, shattered open), and now our minds will crack wide open too.   “The wound is where the light enters” ~Rumi.   It’s time for a full dose of high frequency light to pour into every mind, heart, and body on the planet, to calibrate, unify, and balance the new way of being and operating on planet Earth.   It often takes a wound, or a great deal of discomfort, before we will allow such a profound opening to occur, and there’s no holding back this week.   The sooner we surrender and allow, the sooner we become infused with light.  There’s nothing else to hold on to.

On Tuesday, Venus moves into Leo, which is extremely important after last week’s intense activity.   In Cosmic Consciousness, Leo is the sign of Emotional Love, gratitude, and finding the blessings and the positive light in all things.   What a beautiful place for our collective hearts to be right now.  We are wholing and uniting, mending our hearts with grace.  Mercury follows Venus into Leo on Wednesday.  When our thoughts are elevated to the highest observer’s perch, from a neutral unattached perspective, we can see the abundant blessings and gifts in every moment.  The insight gained from that perspective is powerful enough to light up the world, generating a positive outcome from any scenario.

Later on Wednesday, Mars and Eris form a Great Eliminator.   With heart and mind holding the light together, it’s easy to see what needs to shift, or what needs to be let go of once and for all, and we have the courage to let it rip.  The eruption that brings us to this choice may not be pleasant or pretty, but the decision is clear, and the release feels intuitive.

On Thursday, Mars and Uranus form a Great Eliminator.  This one may be a shocker from left field, but we can trust that whatever is removed from our path was meant to clear, and that opening reveals higher consciousness and unprecedented possibilities.  Remember to stay focused on the clearing without getting triggered by the drama of the story.  Mars is recovering his shadow from being retrograde, and this period of time is very important.   Everything has been physically reclaibrated and transmuted, but we can’t fully see it yet.  This Great Eliminator is part of the revealing process, and we start to uncover what is no longer a vibrational match for our highest physical expression.  The less attached we are, the better.

Friday and Saturday contain Sun Eris and Sun Uranus stepping stones, following the footsteps of Mercury and Venus.  Everything about our lower 4 body system is waking up, shaking loose, and stepping up to a much bigger game as we tune into a higher frequency of consciousness.   Mercury and Venus conjoin on Saturday evening at 5 Leo, and a major calibration of yin/yang occurs.

Late Saturday night, the Sun, Mars, and Chiron form a Grand Water Manifestation with Sedna as the tail of a kite.  The light of our newly upgraded consciousness enters any and all perceived wounds of separation through physicality.  It’s as if the old wounds are being anointed or baptized by sacred water, restoring the integrity and vibrational purity at the cellular level, demanifesting the old programming.   We’re manifesting the embodiment of higher consciousness, balanced and fine tuned by Sedna, and clearing out the old storage files of 3D fear based story lines from our DNA.

On Sunday, the moon enters Capricorn, setting the stage for the upcoming Full Moon next week.

The practice this week is to surrender and allow, and continue to let go of fear based reactions.  Anything can happen in the blink of an eye, and everything can change in a nanosecond.   Stay present, awake, and tuned in to Love.  Nothing is more important than tuning in to the frequency of Love, no matter what else is occurring.   The old world is crumbling quickly, and the ones who are awake are holding the bridge to the new, and shining the light.  What a gift to be here now as the new world is emerging!!!

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