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For the week of August 29 – September 4, 2016

Fasten your seat belts, let go of the steering wheel and release the brakes as we prepare to enter the Virgo Wormhole this week.   It’s very important that we honor the heart, no matter what, becoming the balanced still point where heart and mind are one, in sacred union.  This is the portal for the wormhole, the portal for our 5D calibration, and the portal for our ascension, and it’s happening Now.

On Monday 8/29, Mercury and Venus conjoin in a brand new relationship between the divine masculine and divine feminine within each of us, at 29 Virgo, the master degree of wholeness, purification, and alignment.   We all hold the full potential of unified wholeness within us, and last week’s Mars/ Saturn/ Antares conjunction shed light on the ways in which we’ve been operating from the misqualified male/female energies, creating imbalance, distortion, or “dis-ease” within our inner context (operating system) of relationship. 

Remember that all relationships mirror our consciousness, and last week provided a huge opportunity to reflect upon the current triggers that reveal hidden areas of misalignment.   What may have shown up “outside”  of us through the lens of relationships is actually the feedback we’re called upon to witness and whole within ourselves now.  When we do, we experience a brand new calibration that elevates and expands our holistic understanding and embodiment of yin/yang.  This activates the portal for the upcoming wormhole on September 1st.

Just after Mercury and Venus conjoin and spark a new paradigm of unified wholeness, Venus moves ahead into Libra (physical power, relationships, and the highest realization of the mirrored self) and on 8/30 Mercury begins his retrograde journey back through Virgo (for holistic integration, purification and refinement of our new paradigm shift).    As the heart moves us forward into the physical dimension, the higher mind is being refined, with a fine tooth comb, up and down, calibrating and recalibrating the new activations into our operating system.   

When we learn something new, it’s important to practice with diligence and patience, again and again, with integrity, until we embody the new consciousness.  Sometimes it can feel frustrating or silly, or even like a waste of time to repeat and retrace our footsteps again and again, as if we’re going backwards instead of moving ahead in the direction our hearts ultimately want to take us.   But now is the time to be impeccable with our integration, no matter what.   Our unwavering discipline is a reflection of our inner devotion and commitment to sharpening the higher mind as a tool to elevate consciousness, for ourselves and collectively for All.  It matters.

Thursday September 1st opens the wormhole and also shifts the collective vibration from “8” energy of powerful transformation and infinite potential to a “9” vibration of completion and wholeness.   This entire wormhole passage births the completion of the entire year of transmutation and reconfiguration, taking us to the ultimate calibration that aligns our lower 4 body system as a powerful antenna, ready to merge with the Cosmic Self and 5D.    The vertical axis is the birth canal, accessed through the heart…and is the doorway to our resurrection and our reconnection with Source and each other, as the frequency of Love through our newly re-calibrated light bodies.

The New Moon in Virgo on the 1st is the new beginning that produces the lunar eclipse that opens the portal.   What’s so important to remember in a wormhole passage is that anything can happen at any time, and it’s all designed for our highest evolution and manifestation.   It’s not our job to judge, resist, or fear anything…in fact any hesitation will spiral us out sideways in a fear based karmic manifestation of time and space, delaying our ultimate manifestation.   The more we can trust, let go of control, and drop any expectations or attachments to the current experience, the farther we can propel ourselves into the new world, with precision and focus, moving effortlessly from the birthing canal and into our ultimate manifested reality.

Births can be messy, uncomfortable, and uncontrollable…and always divinely beautiful, pure, and sacred.   Trust the process and allow the movement to occur, no matter how it looks or feels in the moment.   In Cosmic Consciousness, Virgo is the sign of the Virgin Mother, the pure devoted heart that births Christ Consciousness, spiritual wisdom, unity, and the infinite realm of Unconditional Love.  We are experiencing the purification and alignment, preparing ourselves as vessels.   Our own unification of yin/yang creates the sacred chalice within, opening the portal to birth the divine spirit of higher consciousness.  Virgo essence is honor, discernment, and wisdom.  Once we experience our inner chalice, our spiritual work becomes a reverent honoring of Self as the vessel of Love for All.  When we hold ourselves with such pure consciousness, our entire lower 4 body system intuitively moves into divine harmony and balance, self correcting any misaligned patterns or energy.  It’s a natural process…it’s our nature to be in balance and at peace.

Also on the 1st, Vesta conjoins with Sirius, the fixed star that is the etheric retreat of the Ascended Masters.   As the wormhole opens, we have access to the quality of devotion, diligence, and commitment that the Masters live by, the ways of being that support awakening and ascension.   We don’t ascend through our minds, we ascend from the heart, where the mind surrenders to and serves as Love.   The unified yin/yang is a result of spiritual practice, reverence for all of life, and fierce inner devotion.   It’s not easy, and it’s not an achievement obtained by memorizing concepts or intellectual theories.  The purification of the lower 4 body system is the alchemy that produces the embodiment of Love, in action, as pure Christ Consciousness.

On Friday the 2nd, Mercury Retrograde conjoins Jupiter at 29 Virgo, for the 2nd of 3 times this year.  Our higher minds (and our ability to witness ourselves through the observer’s perspective) are expanding through this specific holistic journey of integration.   Ceres begins her retrograde journey in Taurus, as the midwife to our inner rebirth, holding great space for us all with consciousness love.   And Mars conjoins the Great Attractor at 14 Sagittarius.   The more focused and disciplined our higher minds are, the greater the reflection in the physical dimension (through the mind/body connection), which becomes highly charged and magnetized in this new cycle within the wormhole.   It’s especially important to keep the mind focused and clear, because all thoughts will be vibrationally attractive and quickly manifested!   As the creator of all thoughts, choose wisely!!!

The Sun forms a stepping stone with Saturn on the 1st, then bridges Neptune on the 2nd creating a wisdom intersection.  The Sun represents the light of our higher consciousness, and Saturn represents our personal power and inner authority to manifest our reality with structure and definition.   This significant crossroad can lead to clarity or confusion, depending upon whether we’re owning our power as the creator or giving our power away unconsciously.   Again, the more focused and disciplined our higher minds are, the more present we’ll be in the observer’s perch, and the more wisely we can choose, with clarity and grace.

The practice this week is mindfulness and focus.   Sit in front of a lit candle (preferably a tea light candle) for 10 minutes, focusing all of your attention on the flame, with devotion and commitment.   Anytime your focus wanders away from the flame, gently bring yourself back and start again.   With pen and paper nearby, make a hash mark every time you consciously start again.   Let go of any judgment about your results or the nature of your distractions, simply be in the practice with an open heart.   While strengthening mental focus and stamina, you’re also strengthening personal integrity and accountability, and celebrating each new awakening as you “start again”.

Integration work requires the diligence to start again and a powerful commitment to integrity and purity of practice.   Every day, start again.   Every breath, start again.   No matter how many times you’ve practiced before, no matter how masterful you become or how lousy you think you’ve messed up…start again.   Each new beginning is from a blank slate, planting a seed of intention, sparking a divine vibration of creation.  This wormhole ride is delivering us to our mastery and divine perfection…we are becoming diamonds!!!

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