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For the week of September 12 – 18 2016

Get ready for a massive week of awakenings, reboots, and refined clarity as we reach the still point of a whole new calibration for our holistic balance.   The week ahead marks the midpoint of the wormhole and the midpoint of Mercury’s retrograde journey.

One of the profound themes of this particular Virgo wormhole passage is alignment and integration, at the personal and cellular level.   We’ve been traveling towards the portal of truth that connects the emotional and physical bodies, (at the world axis between Virgo and Libra) refining ourselves through our emotional responses in every detailed way in preparation to step into a whole new manifestation of physical reality.   How we operate in relationships (all relationships: with ourselves, our bodies, each other, what we love, what we resist, beauty, and chaos) is being purified and transformed.   The quality of energy that exchanges back and forth through relationship is what’s being refined…the flow of love (the currency) is moving and expanding as new abundance through our social consciousness, if we can allow it.   In order to open collectively for this new potential of energy flow, we must practice individually, with each and every opportunity that shows up.

In Cosmic Consciousness, Virgo is the part of our energy field that holds emotional wisdom.  Emotional wisdom is a frequency that is produced through our ability to respond to events, people, and circumstances with a pure heart, by honoring the wisdom that moves through the heart.  That movement of wisdom is what crosses the portal of truth into the physical realm.  That wisdom is also the quality of refined and focused energy that is the expression of Unconditional Love, flowing freely from the Pisces realm of Spiritual Wisdom, which is Christ Consciousness.  Virgo births the infinite realm of Christ Consciousness, and Pisces flows abundantly, freely, and infinitely into the fine tuned dimension of Virgo, to be specifically used for purification, alignment, and integration that restores wholeness.  This is the flow of energy that produces the “miracles in healing” that are really the restoration and awakening to original wholeness and purity.

When we forget, deny, or suppress the truth of who we are, we experience misqualified energy, misalignment, and dis-ease.   The highest vibrational response, or the “cure”, for all misalignment is Unconditional Love, which is the adjustment that restores truth, and it is readily available, abundant, and free…when we master our ability to fine tune and navigate the bridge between Virgo and Pisces.  This is the adjustment that moves us into a brand new physical dimension that is rooted in Love.  This necessary calibration is the shift that takes us into the new world.

Monday 9/12 starts the week with a Mercury Sun inferior conjunction, marking the middle of Mercury’s retrograde cycle, and Mercury is also in a stepping stone with Mars, who is still out of bounds.  And on Tuesday 9/13 the Sun forms a stepping stone with Mars.  Our consciousness is being recalibrated to the new divine masculine archetype of Mercury, while shining light on the importance of partnership and union.  With Mars as the new co-ruler of the divine feminine, holding physical space as the white dot inside the black half of the yin/yang symbol, Mars is also significantly in partnership with Mercury through the mind/body connection. 

The physical dimension is the blank canvass that we project our thoughts onto, and the mirrored reflection of our consciousness.   This has significant impact to the importance of gender fluidity, that a historic masculine archetype, merged with feminine becomes co-ruler of divine feminine, and yet sill holds space for neutrality.  The essence of masculine/feminine is rooted in yin/yang energetic properties, simply categorized as receptive and giving.   When we’re receiving, we’re experiencing our own yin capacity, and when we’re initiating or giving, we’re experiencing our yang capacity.  It’s becoming clear that gender identity is only perceived at the physical level, which is simply a projection of our consciousness, interpreted by our higher minds, which are neutral.  We all have the capacity to be all things, in fact, it’s in our nature to be whole.  When we step into our wholeness, we realize our full potential and expand into the unified divine masculine essence which is truly androgynous.  We are infinite limitless beings, and can choose to express ourselves in any way that honors our hearts.

On Thursday 9/15, the Sun forms a Great Eliminator with Eris, followed by the same connection with Uranus, both occurring on the same day, as Eris and Uranus are nearing the 2nd of 3 big conjunctions coming soon.  The two great awakeners are shining light on aspects of our consciousness that are ready to be seen, revealed, and wholed, once and for all.  When we surrender and trust, that lighting bolt can serve as a supportive tool in our navigation, stripping away the debris from our path. 

Hopefully we all know by now not to resist the lighting strike, especially in a wormhole.   It’s a gift, no matter how unexpected or uncomfortable.  It’s time to awaken to our higher selves, and shed our light on any illusions or distractions.  Also on Thursday, the Sun bridges Chiron, and Chiron is in an intimate semisextile with Eris and Uranus.   Remember “the wound is where the light enters” (~Rumi) and all perceived wounds are up for healing/ wholing.  Allow the light to enter, from within and without, and trust the process.

Friday 9/16 is the exact midpoint of the Virgo Wormhole, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces, conjunct Chiron, which is the ruler of Virgo.  This is the life altering moment of reboot that calibrates the wholeness of our wormhole experience and our purification/ alignment process, opening the bridge between Pisces and Virgo, activating our new abilities to zoom in and zoom out with infinite potential in both directions.   When we zoom out, our consciousness expands infinitely outward into the limitless realm of possibility and unconditional love, without borders or boundaries, to experience the big picture of One.  And when we zoom in, our consciousness moves towards ultra precision, directing and intensifying that limitless realm through the localized eye of a needle, accessing the portal of infinite space within all things. 

The notion of zeroing in on the one particular aspect eventually leads back to infinity.  When we become masters of the zoom lens, we also become master healers and facilitators through the pure consciousness of Unconditional Love.  Like conductors of a symphony, we can orchestrate the flow of divine energy throughout the planet and ourselves, embodying the infinite realm of spiritual wisdom and highest Love in the physical world, sending and directing Love where it’s needed most.

On Saturday 9/17, Mars manifests with Eris and Uranus, and on Sunday 9/18, Venus bridges Eris and Uranus.   All of the personal planets are being awakened, calibrated, and aligned this week for the ultimate reboot of consciousness, and this upgrade takes us powerfully into the new uncharted territory.  What an exciting moment to be in a body, participating in the orchestration of all that is manifesting now on the planet!

The practice this week is to patiently allow each calibration to take root, without any judgments or attachments to the current experience or what comes next.   These Eris Uranus jolts and clearings are designed to take us to a whole new level of consciousness, and they often don’t make sense to the logical mind in the moment.   If we resist or become impatient, we delay or stagnate the process.  Surrender, let go, and trust the process, and ride the waves that are facilitating the awakening.   Let every breath be the integration of each calibration, through the yin and yang of every inhale and exhale.   We’re halfway through this elevator ride, and all that’s left to do is trust, surrender, and say YES!

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