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For the week of  October 3 Р9, 2016:

Welcome to a brand new chapter!  We’ve just been birthed through the Virgo wormhole passage to a more refined and integrated version of our Self, and everything has changed.  It can feel a bit disorienting at first, finding balance on a newly recalibrated scale.  The content of our outer physical reality may appear to look the same for now, but our inner alignment and emotional discernment have been upgraded to a new octave of purity and precision.  It’s time for congruency between the inner and outer dimensions.  Get ready for some major shifting!

The transition between any ending and new beginning requires letting go of the old reality, and a willingness to enter uncharted territory with an open mind.  The still point between any death and rebirth allows us space to process the shift of energy that’s taking place, to consciously surrender any attachments so that we don’t create karma or blindly carry the past forward as extra density or weight.  Transitions are the portals between realms or dimensions where the magic happens, and how we navigate the transitions impacts and defines the next experience.  If we don’t pay attention through the transitions, we may find ourselves moving through life on autopilot, operating in relationship with our past as if it’s the current, projecting old patterns on top of a brand new landscape.  In a current moment where anything is possible, it matters to pay close attention now.

Every moment of change or uncertainty is an invitation to honor and return to our wholeness (interesting that Haumea has been holding the bridge with Eris and Uranus through this entire awakening process).  Change triggers subconscious fear that reveals our karmic threads.  When we can observe all of the emotional attachments to our old karmic patterns that keep us stuck in repetitive cycles, with a high definition zoom lens from the highest observer’s perspective, we can begin to extract the higher wisdom from each and every fragmented story line and past life, tend to the subconscious emotional wounds with compassion, and restore the original roots of each experience back to Love.  When we tend to our roots and unify the threads of our history, we release the perpetual blind attachments to suffering in the future.  It’s like coming home to ourselves, awakening through the most intricate, delicate, multidimensional lens of holistic integration.

The root of all wounds in 3D is separation, and in 5D we can see clearly that time and space are fluid, not linear.  Nothing truly ends, energy is infinitely changing and evolving.  The medicine for all wounds is Love, and since the vibration of love is never lost or abandoned, we can reclaim any suppressed, fragmented, or perceived loss through past lifetimes of karmic suffering, and restore our fuel source now.  All events, all lifetimes, are occurring now, filed and organized through the dimension of time, but accessible now.  This wormhole passage has delivered us to an even wider holistic spectrum of our Selves.

On Monday 10/3, Venus makes an intimate aspect (semisextile) to Saturn, opening the heart to deeper connection with the inner guru and voice of higher authority, as Venus then manifests with the South Node (Earth Star Chakra) and is resourceful with the North Node (Soul Star Chakra).   This is a huge opportunity to reclaim universal energy (Love) by recycling the wisdom of our karmic lessons and circumstances, activating and tapping into the dense dormant energy that’s been keeping us stuck, and harnessing that potential as fuel to move forward towards our spiritual work and dharma.  The Sun is resourceful with Saturn on Tuesday 10/4, amplifying our conscious connection to what’s available as we harness our own inner power and authority.  This is liberation from suffering and a blast of momentum towards conscious evolution and physical manifestation of new possibilities.

On Wednesday 10/5, Venus is resourceful¬†with Pluto, Mars and Jupiter are in a stepping stone, and Mercury is in a stepping stone with Quaoar.¬† ¬†We‚Äôre further facilitating the resurrection of the heart and the alchemy of karmic lessons into new physical expression and expansion.¬† As we continue to elevate our perspective to the higher ground above our ego’s belief systems and collective DNA programming, we find the key to our freedom.

On Thursday 10/6, Mercury recovers his shadow from the retrograde journey through Virgo, and a brand new cycle begins, with a whole new dimension of operating potential.  The timing is impeccable, as the following day, Mercury crosses the world axis into Libra, moving through the portal of truth that connects our emotional wisdom with physical power, and the Sun is in stepping stone with Pluto.   Our ability to extract and integrate the emotional wisdom from our karmic circumstances creates the physical power to manifest a whole new world.  And Mercury’s recent retrograde through Virgo has holistically upgraded our ability to scan and defragment ourselves, allowing us to witness every dimension of our own story, so that all incarnations and lifelines and be unified in our consciousness, now…creating the potential for the ultimate transmutation and remembrance of who we truly are.  As we awaken and integrate this new feature of our operating system, we’re doing massive cleanup collectively.  Truly amazing!!!

And finally, on Saturday 10/8, Mercury conjuncts with MakeMake in a new cycle.   Our brilliant new operating systems sync up with divine cosmic law, and we move forward to restore natural order.  What’s occurring now is mind-blowing!

The practice this week is to continue to choose the high road, remaining in the neutral observer’s perch, operating as Love. Practice expanding your perception of current experiences, zooming in on any emotional attachments or physical sensations that feel overwhelming, limiting or binding, and tend to those knots with an open heart of compassion.  Any active loop is revealing potential energy that can be reclaimed, recycled and transmuted into a higher manifestation and expression of Love.  It’s time to once and for all release the attachments to suffering from the karmic wheel and truly awaken and realize a world of infinite abundance, expansion, freedom, and Universal Love.     


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