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For the week of November 28 – December 4, 2016:

Get ready for an empowering week ahead, full of choices and opportunities to shed light on the truth and untangle the knots of confusion and separation once and for all.   Love is the light and the language of clarity, and our hearts are awakening as the authority of divine Love.

When we step into each opening with an awakened heart, the highest potential can become reality.  If our hearts are asleep or held back by fear, we may hesitate in that opening, doubting or resisting, and as a result, manifest a dulled down or stagnant version of our potential, which keeps us perpetually spinning on the loop of karma, seeking something more fulfilling that appears out of reach.  This is the time to surrender and leap, into the truth, as the light, fearless with no regrets.

There’s something to be said for boldly going where no one has ever gone before, especially when that applies to going deep within, where the Self has never gone before.  Taking a risk, allowing the flow of authentic movement from the heart, uncensored and uncontrolled, trusting in the divine power and guidance of a higher intuitive calling.  When we break out of our normal operating system, challenge the status quo, and free ourselves from a limiting comfort zone, the result is exhilaration, freedom, expansion, and a greater awareness of what’s possible…a greater awareness of the truth of who we really are and all that we’re capable of achieving.  When we play small, stick to the known and familiar patterns, actions and belief systems, we may find consistency and stability, but nothing changes and we often miss the experiences that truly feed our soul and inspire our greatest potential.

Living life on the edge as an adventure seeking heart, we can navigate each moment in search of our deepest truth.  When our hearts resonate with truth, we find ourselves in union with spirit.  Every fulfilling moment becomes a spiritual experience.   We begin to realize the reality of heaven on earth, and everything physical becomes infused with the divine consciousness of love.

The week begins with a void moon all day Monday, taking us deeper into stillness and the dark of the moon.   It’s in the quiet darkness that we see our own light clearly, without the distractions and projections that cloud and clutter our normal every day vision.   “Like all vibrant elements of nature, human beings grow in the light and TRANSFORM IN THE DARK” ~ Wilbert Alix, founder of Trance Dance.  Monday is a day for inner transformation, excavating our deepest truth, and preparing to plant those seeds with the New Moon.

The New Moon early Tuesday morning occurs at 8 degrees Sagittarius, conjunct Antares and Juno, and squaring the Neptune/Orcus/Nodes super bridge.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Sagittarius is the sign of the adventurous truth seeker, embodying physical wisdom that clears karmic attachments, which is the highest victory over the ego.  Sagittarius energy seeks the journey that unites the physical with the spiritual and delivers us home to our truth, which is one with Source.  There is nothing more important, and nothing else worth fighting for than the ultimate victory of wiping the slate clean, clearing the repetitive loops of confusion, and starting anew on higher ground.

All of the personal planets have traveled through this 8th degree of Sagittarius (and the fixed star Antares) over the last several months.  Antares is the heart of the scorpion, one of the brightest stars that casts the biggest shadow.  The more piercing the light, the denser and heavier the shadow.   In unity consciousness, we can own it all, the light and the dark, as our beauty mark.  The shadow is the dualistic response to light, it’s karmic…until our responses become pure love, manifesting physically as the embodiment of light (which casts more shadows until all darkness transmutes and awakens to Love).

The perception of a shadow can only occur from the physical dimension, because time and space only occur in 3D.  Shadows reveal the distance between the source of light and the physical form or structure that connects in relationship with that light, they reveal a perceived separation of the object from the source of light.  Therefore, a shadow is ultimately the 3D invitation for awakening and Love.  In 5D, there is no separation, and there is no solid debris to block the light.  Light flows freely through transparent cells and crystalline light bodies, and all are occurring simultaneously within the same experience.

We only experience shadows in 3D experiences, which are inevitable in a 3D body and a physical incarnation.  Shadows will occur here, it’s our elevated consciousness and awakened vision that can see through and beyond the shadow.  Our perspective of any situation can always elevate, allowing us to witness and transmute collective karma just by being present.   Where we choose to focus, and how we interpret it all, generates either light or shadow.  Our work is to maintain the response of Love and equanimity through any and all shadows.  This is how we clear collective karma on our planet.

The super bridge of Neptune/Orcus and the Nodes has activated our collective karma and ancestral DNA for the purpose of seeing through those shadows once and for all, to find the truth within ourselves, and to remember that we are not bound or attached to any of the conditions or circumstances that once defined us.  We have the freedom and the power to consciously transmute, transform and evolve into the true reflection of our soul’s blueprint, our highest potential.  The karmic conditions were necessary to deliver us to this moment of awakening, and now that we’re here, we can choose again.  Anything is possible, especially when we align ourselves with the truth of our hearts.  In fact, that’s the only way to win this game, with authenticity and integrity.

After Tuesday’s New Moon, Venus forms a stepping stone with Uranus, followed by a stepping stone with Ceres on Wednesday and a stepping stone with Eris on Thursday.  The awakened heart is taking action to step up to new ground for a much more enlightened perspective.   The important thing to remember is that the the newly awakened heart is empowered, not a victim.  Any events that occur this week are meant to awaken new consciousness at the heart level, there are no wrong or negative incidents.  Our higher selves are choosing it all, for the purpose of opening our hearts to be available and ready for a multidimensional experience of Love.  Everything is an opportunity to stretch out of our comfort zone and expand our capacity to generate love.   Also on Wednesday, the Sun forms a stepping stone with Neptune.  When in doubt, take the high road.  Clarity always comes from the highest observers perch, and oftentimes that stepping stone journey emerges from confusion along the way.

Chiron goes direct on Thursday as Mars manifests with Jupiter, Venus and Mars are out of bounds, and Juno conjuncts Antares in a new cycle.  The physical dimension transforms as new octaves of creativity and communication are channeled through our senses, and this new wave of energy sparks healing, wholeness, and unification of our old karmic wounds.  As we learn to dance with the collective shadows, we experience beauty and art, which evokes unity, understanding, and freedom.  Shadows are the contrast that create depth and texture, like abstract art, and shadows also create connection and unity.  The key to our collective healing is to view our differences as moving art that makes us One, and to celebrate that unified masterpiece of wholeness.

On Friday, Mercury enters Capricorn, crossing the World Axis.  This is a huge opportunity for global communications to synch up with source, truth, and light.  Because Mercury is out of bounds, we are wide open and available to receive unprecedented news from the highest source of integrity and transparency.

Saturday delivers a Mars Saturn resource, which supports the definition and structure of the physical body and dimension, and on Sunday, Venus returns back in bounds.   Our hearts come home after a long journey, and as with any travel, there are stories to tell and lessons to integrate.    The weekend winds down with some rest and stillness, perfect time to reflect and recharge.

The practice this week is to be still in the dark quiet moments and listen to the beating of your own heart.  If you’re searching for answers or clarity, tune in, go deep, and listen.  There is a subtle rhythmic current flowing through the heart, always, a pulse that connects all beings, all communications, and all truth.  A percussive tribal movement that dances us all together in unique and intricate ways.  When we trust in that inner rhythm and allow it to move us, we are instantly led to our highest potential.  Practice listening to that inner communication, and notice the ego’s conversations and judgments that may doubt, discredit, or ignore that truth.  Hold a sacred space of patience and love for your Self as the inner shadows and the ego’s patterns begin to unravel and untangle.  It’s through personal responsibility and commitment to inner freedom that we unify together as One.
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