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For the week of December 5 – 11, 2016

The week ahead promises to be very resourceful as we dive deep into the “12” vibration month of December, manifesting a new octave of unity and oneness from the heart.  Every step of the way this week reveals more layers of truth and inspiration, giving us the clarity we need to open to new possibilities, liberating our hearts and minds.


With Venus back in the ecliptic, we begin shedding light on our hearts’ recent journey through uncharted territory, providing clarity of all we’ve been sensing and feeling but unable to decipher completely.   The theme this week is to listen to the stories and events that move the heart, because our emotional response to the current story is revealing what matters most, where our attention wants to move, and perhaps indicating where our energy has been stuck behind layers of dormant emotional residue, creating delays and roadblocks to our highest destiny.  This is the time to open the release valves and clear the emotional debris from the physical body.


The heart resonates with a magnetic attraction, a force of nature that pulls us into alignment with Love and inspires right action and right timing.  When we surrender our fears and doubts, and give ourselves permission to move toward that which is drawing us close, we gravitate towards the creative potential and possibility that manifests dreams.  This dance of attraction and manifestation can’t be mapped out, planned ahead, or drafted on a linear spreadsheet.  The language of the heart is beyond time and space, it’s only accessible in the now, and requires our full presence and participation.  It also requires our commitment to being grounded in our body, fully awake.


Every inhale is an opportunity to receive that connection, and every exhale is generating communication back out into the universe.  That silent communication is our frequency, encoded with our soul’s blueprint, whether we’re fully conscious of that blueprint or not.   Energy doesn’t lie, and we can’t pretend to be something other than our true nature.   When our hearts are allowed to express with authenticity and integrity, we attract the same, instantly.   If we censor, shield, or alter our truth, we attract confusion and delays.  Through every breath, the mind and heart communicate, unifying our personal archetypes of Venus and Mercury.


Mercury is currently out of bounds, preparing for his upcoming retrograde cycle, and also preparing us for the Full Moon in Gemini on December 13th.  Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, and serves as the Great Messenger.  Our communications systems are being recalibrated and upgraded to decipher the newly installed language of the heart, which is universal, a frequency superseding all other man made languages.   It’s so important that we begin to interpret and speak the language of light, which is Unconditional Love, so that it becomes our governing compass and higher law.   Any other language is infused with ego, and can get complicated to decipher…the heart speaks the purest language of all.  We’re learning a whole new language without words, and it takes practice.


We don’t know what we don’t know…and that’s the realm of our greatest potential and our next step.  Oftentimes we cling to what we know, or avoid communicating the things we don’t have a full grasp of.  But we don’t have any idea what awaits us behind the curtain of uncertainty.   Uncertainty, or a lack of clarity, can be the scariest place to stand, especially when standing wide open with a vulnerable heart.  It can also be the most magical, fulfilling, beautiful place to surrender and dive deep.  This is where dreams manifest, visions come alive, and reality shifts on a dime.  If we’re looking for life altering transformation, we must become comfortable diving into the realm of the unknown, into the mystery…with curiosity, not fear.  The mind can’t fully comprehend yet where our hearts are taking us, but the mind is being downloaded and prepared for a whole new chapter and a new reality that will alter our way of being with ourselves and each other.


The week begins with a Mercury Stepping Stone with Make Make, which provides an interruption to our normal operating patterns, allowing for an upgraded interfacing with divine law and order.  The way we think things “should” be may not match the way things are playing out in current reality, and there’s a divine law in effect producing a higher spiritual context in every moment, for the good of All.  We can use this stepping stone on Monday to access that higher truth and elevate ourselves up to a change of context.  The Sun crosses the Great Attractor on Monday as well, so we have the benefit of extremely brilliant light as we take the giant step up.


On Tuesday, the Sun and Venus meet at the edge of the ecliptic, and we begin to gain consciousness of the journey our hearts have been on recently.   Our hearts reveal it all in the light, and although we may not fully comprehend it, we are beginning to feel it deeply.  The new sensations of emotional vulnerability and intensity might be overwhelming at first, but we’re calibrating to the new normal of operating from our hearts, not our heads.   Later in the day, Mars forms a resource with Uranus, and our physical bodies respond to the impact of awakening at a visceral level.   Oftentimes when we experience an unexpected traumatic event that rips our hearts open, we tend to disconnect from our bodies, temporarily in shock.  It’s important that we remain grounded and present in our bodies to fully receive higher communications and to initiate right action from the heart.


On Wednesday, Mars and Ceres are in a resource, and Venus moves into Aquarius, the sign of Spiritual Love.  This is so significant because Divine Love requires us to open unconditionally, to reveal ourselves to the world, completely transparent, and to be the expression of a new consciousness, loving ourselves as the Divine, the way God loves All.   As we reveal and expose our own hearts, without censor or conditions, our hearts become the awakening force of consciousness on the planet, delivering the physical resource and living expression of Spiritual Love.


Thursday is a quiet day, and Friday brings a Mars Eris resource, completing the trifecta of physical body awakening that supports our growth and expansion this week.  The more awake and present we are in our bodies, the more opportunities we can be available for.  The Sun and Jupiter are also resourceful, shining light on the potential for expansion of social consciousness.


On Saturday, Mercury and Neptune create a resource that delivers enhanced clarity of communications.  If we’ve been awake and aware all week, grounded in our bodies, we can use this resource as an upgrade to our out of bounds operating system.   If we’re spinning or distracted, we may experience static interference, confusion and headaches.  The consistent theme this week is to remain awake in our skin in order to elevate our inner communications and integrate with the heart.    Also on Saturday, the Sun and Saturn conjoin to start a new cycle and Mercury manifests with Orcus.  Because Mercury is in his retrograde shadow, everything that occurs this week will be revisited on the other side of the shadow, and on the other side of the Super Moon in Gemini.  Remember, we never miss an opportunity, we only experience space and time delays until we come back full circle.


The practice this week is to remain grounded, in your body, which connects you to the communication of the heart.   The language of the heart is felt through the body, and observed with the mind.   Whatever is occurring this week, no matter how busy, stressful, or chaotic it gets, take time to nurture your body and find a peaceful resting place within.  Walking meditation is a great way to connect the body, mind, heart, and breath with the earth.   With every inhale, take a step with the left foot, and feel the physical connection of foot to Earth.   With every exhale, take a step with the right foot, and connect with the energy you are releasing, and the messages you’re sending, into the Earth and through the universe.   Every inhale is an opportunity to receive connection, support, resources, and Love.  And every exhale is an opportunity to give, release, and send communication, support, and Love.   Listen with the left foot, speak from the heart as you move forward into right action with the right foot.  Take your time, slow down, and connect so that you feel every breath, step, and thought.


What you seek is seeking you.”  ~ Rumi  


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