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For the week of December 12 – 18, 2016:

Get ready for a wild and crazy ride ahead!  Like an unexpected lightning storm waking up the dark night sky, the week starts off with intense flashes of shocking light, followed by sound waves that produce delayed response and secondary communications reverberating through time and space.  Our undivided attention is being requested this week as we’re being delivered to the Super Full Moon in Gemini, preparing for the Mercury Station and the start of Mercury’s retrograde journey the following Monday.


The theme this week is the awakening and integration of multidimensional communications.  Light travels much quicker than sound waves, and sound travels much quicker than physical sensation.  Our 3 major channels of communications are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic, and the speed of delivery occurs fastest in that order (of course speed is only perceived from the physical dimension, 5D has no time, everything is occurring simultaneously).  By the time we feel something tangibly in our bodies, or connect in physical relationship, we’ve already been in contact with that particular communication and vibration of energy.  Similarly, before any chronic physical disease appears in the body, the vibrational communication has already been occurring and creating that dialogue.


Nothing demonstrates the perceived time delays in communications better than a lighting storm.   The flash of light seems to occur first, followed by the rumble of thunder, which makes us physically jump as a result.  But the light and sound are occurring simultaneously.   Our physical bodies perceive the time delay because of the physical dimension of time and space.


Oftentimes, we sense and know that change is coming, well before we actually see, hear, or feel the evidence of what’s manifesting.  We are manifesting and choreographing what’s occurring next, nothing is happening by random chance.   One might tend to lose faith or trust when the physical proof seems to be taking a long time to manifest.   It can be tempting to give up and walk away from an intention or dream, frustrated and irritated at the perceived time delay, and drastically change direction or course of action in attempts to shake things up and make things happen.  If we can learn to tune in to the more subtle cosmic rhythms and communications, we can observe all that is occurring simultaneously in this moment, and gain insight of what’s to come, what’s in motion, and what’s delaying.


When we recognize that our consciousness is pure light, and the language of the heart is love, communicated through light, we can tune into a simpler frequency of communication, which is the frequency of light.  Light is the fastest messenger available to us here, and it is the messenger of Love.  Natural light can’t be imitated or manufactured, and divine love is the most precious and powerful force of energy available to us in the universe.   When we learn to communicate through the universal language of the heart, we are communicating through the pure consciousness of truth, with clarity.


This week begins with an intense lightning storm on Monday: a Sun Uranus manifestation, followed by a Sun Chiron stepping stone, and a Sun Ceres manifestation.   That’s a lot of light, and a lot of consciousness.   Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius) is the great awakener of consciousness, brining the future into the now, and activating the intercellular communication of Spiritual Love.  When the lighting bolts strike on Monday, we will each be affected very personally, at the cellular level, awakening our own inner dialogue and inner communications to a new consciousness and a brand new possibility of Unconditional Self Love.


When our cells operate at the frequency of Divine Love, there is nothing to heal or fix.   Divine Love is the love of God, and it is pure grace.   When the communication between our individual trillions of cells resonate as the vibration and manifestation of Love, there is unity, wholeness and harmony.  Every cell operates for the good of the whole, in service.  When the collective population, billions of people on the planet, communicate as the embodiment of Love, humanity is delivered to unity, wholeness, and harmony…through brotherly Love, freedom, respect, and Oneness with All…Oneness with Divine Love.  Each individual becomes the embodiment of Love in Action, just as each individual cell operates as Love in Action.


Tuesday is the Super Full Moon in Gemini, which is the last full moon of the “9” year of completion, delivering us to Mercury’s upcoming retrograde journey, followed by his meeting with Pluto, wiping the slate clean before we enter a brand new year and a brand new “9” year cycle.  Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, and is The Great Messenger, the operating system of the higher mind that interprets and coordinates all of our communications, within our own lower 4 body system, and with the world around us.  Gemini is multifaceted, multidimensional, and brilliantly creative, expansive and quick.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Gemini is the multifaceted prism or diamond, manifested and refined under extreme pressure, expressing as the mental wisdom of Love in Action, where mind and heart merge.  Gemini has the potential to be everywhere at once, through various dimensions of time and space, when grounded in the still point of the heart.   The infinite universe is accessible and available to Gemini, through the portal (and the cockpit) of the heart.


The Full Moon on Tuesday 12/13 is awakening and calibrating our capacity to communicate multidimensionally, through light codes, from the heart…in a way that is clear, recognizable, and decipherable.  We are learning to listen and speak without the need for words, before a word can even be formed or spoken.   Words now will be used to give dimension and color to the art of language, but unnecessary as a sole method of communication.   Pure light can’t be manufactured or forced, whereas words can be.  Light has integrity of truth beyond words.


Our physical bodies are the manifestation of the karmic stories, ancestral patterns, unprocessed emotional residue, thoughts and belief systems that are currently operating our lower 4 body system.  When we elevate our consciousness, we elevate the conversation that’s occurring within our lower 4 body system, which holistically changes our health.   With this week’s activation and awakening, our intercellular communication can be upgraded to a new dialogue, a more elevated and conscious frequency of light, which delivers the communication of Love into our cellular programming.   We have the potential to awaken beyond the historic programming, calibrate to a higher channel, align our cells with Love, and deliver new possibilities and unprecedented experiences into our bodies, now.   The more aligned our bodies are with light, the more we gain access to the multidimensional capabilities of communicating through universal channels, through time and space, to access past, present and future, with clarity.


Just after the Full Moon, the Sun manifests with Eris, the female awakener who facilitates transformation through inner disruption and disharmony.   The super brilliant light that activates our consciousness through the Gemini Super Moon sets off a disruption of anything at all that is inconsistent or incongruent that needs to clear.   Chaos precedes transformation, it clears away the blind spots of attachments to outdated belief systems or patterns of historic sabotage that have prevented or delayed the manifestation of our highest potential.   If we have the courage to ride the wave, we can deliver ourselves to a completely new paradigm.  This upcoming Mercury Retrograde cycle is about the reconfiguration of our individual communications to interface with and participate in a whole new universal paradigm shift.  We are being calibrated to operate as Love in Action, with each other, for the good of the whole, our planet.


The entire rest of the week is quiet, there are no major aspects.  However, we will be revisiting and reflecting on the lighting storm and Full Moon through all of our channels of communication.   The 5 days of stillness allows for the time delays and reverberations until all messages are received, processed, and fully integrated.


The practice this week is to pay attention to messages received, through dreams, intuitive knowing, through anything at all that gets your attention…and practice through all of the channels: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.  Keep a journal of insight for all messages that appear, especially anything that may be surprising or unexpected.   Listen with curiosity and conscious attention through all channels, which requires open receptivity.   Pause and allow time to digest and process what you’re receiving before speaking, responding, or making meaning.   Remember that after the lightning comes the thunder, followed by a physical response.  This is a week of clearing out any old belief systems or outdated patterns, so notice where old assumptions cloud your interpretations of messages, or throw you into an historic reactionary pattern.   Notice the message that is originally received, from a neutral perspective, and notice what beliefs and assumptions are projected into your interpretation and response.


The more you slow down and observe, the more you can clear out your own inner congestion that distracts and delays your ability to communicate with clarity.  The goal is to become the organic response of Love in Action, internally, within each of your cells.   As our cells are aligned and calibrated to the frequency of Love, our physical bodies become the manifestation of higher consciousness, which elevates the collective conversation on the planet, creating a whole new world.


“We are travelers on a cosmic journey, stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal. We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share.  This is a precious moment. It is a little parenthesis in eternity.” 

― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist  


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