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For the week of December 19 – 25, 2016

We’re stepping into a profound week of life altering awakenings that shake up the very root of our core beliefs, calling us to revisit the original voice of authority that has shaped and designed the patterns of our operating system.  Mercury stations to go retrograde, and we’re dismantling the old attachments to outdated or misaligned information that we’ve been blindly assuming and projecting as our reality.  In order to create a brand new paradigm, we must first revisit the roots of the one we’ve been living under, and see it all with fresh open eyes.  Only then can we eliminate and clear the limitations that have bound us to our karmic patterns.  It’s time to wake up and realize our limitlessness and the power we have to create change.


The mind is a powerful thing, and our thoughts create our reality.  However, the mind can only operate within the container of our belief system or paradigm.   If we simply try to change our thoughts, without addressing the context of our overall operating system, we inevitably recreate the same story again and again with different characters or landscapes.   Similarly, if an external authority has given us information that we digested and absorbed as “the truth”, we can spend a lifetime manifesting our physical reality from that belief system, whether it’s in alignment with our true nature or not.  We have the power to override and author a new script when we identify and altar our attachments to the old limitation, and expand our belief system into the limitless realm (which is 5D, Christ Consciousness) where anything is possible.


In a context of infinite possibility, anything can happen in the physical realm.  We’re not bound to any perceived physical limitation, boundary, or belief.  We recognize that the nature of physical reality is change, and that every breath contains the creative spark of potential for something new, if we can allow it to take shape and manifest.  The physical dimension can only reflect what the mind can conceive and what our consciousness is ready to receive.  As we awaken and expand our consciousness, our minds gain access to uncharted territory and new possibilities, which results in brand new potential manifested in physical form.


Mercury (the higher mind) has been traveling out of bounds in uncharted territory for some weeks now, and he is returning to the ecliptic and stationing to begin his retrograde journey on Monday 12/19 at 16 Capricorn.  By the time Mercury stations direct (on January 8) and recovers his retrograde shadow (on January 27), he will almost immediately conjunct Pluto in a brand new cycle on 1/29, at 17 Capricorn.  These next several weeks will facilitate a very significant journey of personal and collective transformation, IF we have the courage to dive deeply into the roots of our beliefs and witness many deaths of the old mistruths that we’ve bought into, especially the beliefs that impose contradictions and delays to our heart’s deeper calling.  On 1/29, we will give birth to our brand new paradigm, manifesting a new beginning inspired by Source.


Mars (the physical body) enters Pisces first thing Monday morning.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Pisces is the infinite realm of limitless possibilities, spiritual wisdom, and Christ Consciousness.  Anything is possible.   The physical dimension is not what it appears to be: it is not fixed or stagnant, it’s an illusion.  The physical dimension is 99.9% empty space, and that empty space is the infinite realm, pure potential, like a blank canvass.  We become empowered when we remember this, and we also become fully responsible for our own projections and what we choose to believe about what we see.  With Mars now in Pisces, we have the opportunity to truly practice living without fear, and expanding beyond our manufactured limitations and projections.   There is nothing holding us back but ourselves, and it’s important now to pay attention to the ways we hold back, and the conversations we’re living in that define and affirm those very limitations.


Wednesday 12/21 is the Winter Solstice, which occurs when the Sun moves into Capricorn at 5:45am ET.  Our collective consciousness is moving into the portal of truth at the hour of spiritual power as we reboot and align our own personal yin and yang energy with the collective.  We find harmony in our unified wholeness, which allows space for All things to be exactly as they are.  Where there is extreme darkness, there is also the potential for extreme light.  Both are always available, depending upon perspective.   This winter solstice reminds us that nothing is fixed, everything is possible, and if we’re willing to shift our view as the observer, we can elevate the frequency of All.  We must be willing to see beyond the illusions and tune into the higher truth.  Moments of darkness don’t define us, nor do moments of light.  We are infinitely unique and brilliant lights that are destined to shine, unconditionally.   Everything else is temporary circumstance.


Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are unbelievably full of intense aspects.  On Saturday, Saturn manifests with Uranus.  Sunday delivers a  Venus Jupiter Manifestation, Venus Uranus resource, and a Venus Saturn resourceas well. These days when a planet connects with one of the Great Awakeners, the same connection with the other one (Eris) is not far off. The same is true for aspects to Ceres. Uranus is preparing to go direct (January 28) and Ceres went direct on December 10. As a result, all the awakeners, though still traveling together, are moving apart from each other enough to create much longer stretches between the aspects being made to them by the other planets.  All of today’s aspects occur inside a void Scorpio Moon!   Get ready for a huge day of life altering wake ups, breakthroughs, transformation, expansion, and redesign.  Expect the unexpected, and let go of any fear.


The rest of the aspects from Saturn and Jupiter to Eris and Ceres will occur after the new Year, making this quite a passage of social awakening. The birth of Christ Consciousness signals the new beginning that comes when the collective is ready, and that moment of readiness comes from the experience of darkness.  Chaos precedes transformation, and all change is an invitation for spiritual awakening.


Remember, the only way out is through, and we’re in the process of unraveling the roots of our limiting beliefs and conversations that have shaped and defined our current reality.  Saturn represents inner authority in Cosmic Consciousness, and the manifestation of a disruption results in elevated responsibility for growth and evolution.  Nothing new can emerge if we continue to do the same thing over and over again, while stuffing down our thoughts and emotions about it.  Every breakdown is an opportunity to breakthrough.  Every moment and each conversation is delivering us to a whole new world, if we can ride the wave, keep our hearts open, and be honest and transparent.  We’re diving in deep to come through the other side as the full blown expression and response of Love.


The practice this week is to stay grounded in the realm of infinite possibility, and let go of attachments or fear.   Notice any projections and assumptions that come up in routine events and holiday traditions that might be limiting or confining, and challenge yourself to go deeper to the core to see where that belief or expectation came from, and declare a new possibility.  Even if things have always been a certain way, you can choose to alter your response, which will create a new manifestation.  Commit to honoring this holiday season as a time for deep transformation, authenticity, transparency, new beginnings, and unconditional Love that will shift the old paradigm and wipe the slate clean for a new year and a whole new world.


“To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest.  To live fully is to be always in no-man’s land, to experience each moment as completely new and fresh.  To live is to be willing to die over and over again.”  ~Pema Chodron


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