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For the week of December 26, 2016 – January 1, 2017

As we transition this week from Christmas Day to New Year’s Day, we are each being held in the still point of the portal of truth, the giant pause before a brand new chapter and a whole new expression of ourselves and the Earth.  We are in the final moments of completion of the previous 9 year cycle, and once we step forward into the new vibration, there’s no going back.  The only place to be, moving forward, is here, now.   Fully present, eyes and hearts wide open, unattached and full of grace.

This is the year of the global paradigm shift, and we’ve been preparing ourselves for it for lifetimes.  This is the great awakening we all came to witness and midwife, the moment of realization that we are one, nothing is separate, and Love is the unifying force that heals, restores, and returns us to our highest truth, which is home.  Nothing is more important, and our full participation is being called forth.  This is the shift that clears the weight and gravity of all of our ancestral karmic density and debt.

Last year was a profound year of personal awakening, and this year expands that theme out into the world for a massive collective awakening of Cosmic Consciousness on our planet.  The only way we can move forward into a new possibility of ANYTHING is to be in intimate relationship with the current moment, exactly as it is now, and to see it all with clear vision and an open heart of compassion.

There is nothing to fear.  In fact, if we try to “change” what we see, we only create more resistance, inflammation, and defensiveness.   The way to create a sustainable shift in the new world is to embrace what is, to see the fullness of every event and expression, without reacting from ego or fear, and to be the vibrational response of Love.  Allowing a new possibility to emerge instead of forcing an agenda.  We must cease the reactionary ego wars that play out through our own thoughts, words and actions, whether directed towards ourselves or others, in private or public, and learn a new way of being present with ourselves and each other.

As we become more present, our experience of reality starts to shift.   The presence and vibration of the observer shifts the actual event being observed.  We are responsible for the way we view our world and the thoughts we believe about what’s happening in our world.   There is no greater way to support this global awakening than to get deeply present, from the heart, and open unconditionally to all that is unfolding now.

Reality isn’t static or fixed, it’s blossoming open in front of our eyes like a flower, opening infinitely to reveal hidden layers, messages, meanings and perspectives.  At the core of every flower is Love.   At the root of all suffering is Love.   The seed of every heart is Love.   If we believe anything different, we’re denying the greatest possible manifestation of Christ Consciousness on our planet.  Every threat, judgment, harsh word, or destructive action contains the potential for Love, if we can allow the layers of reaction to shed and go deeper.

When we buy into anything other than love, if we believe the drama and projections and hold those at “truth”, we can’t see the deeper story that’s unfolding.  Love is being restored on the planet now, it’s always been here.  We’ve become so distracted by the appearances of chaos and drama that we’ve forgotten that we live in a spiritual world manifested as a physical experience.   The current of divine energy that connects everything together is Spiritual Love, and it is present in all things physical, always.

As the collective consciousness awakens, the current experience of “reality” could feel disruptive and unstable.  Chaos precedes transformation.   We are in the midst of radical change, death and rebirth.  As light workers, it’s important to remain grounded in the light of a deeper truth, especially when things appear messy, uncomfortable, and uncertain.  We are collectively creating something new, ushering in the potential for light where historically there was shadow.   If we’re looking for evidence that we’re on the right track or that it will all be ok, we must remember that we’re the pioneers.

The path hasn’t made itself known yet, we’re manifesting it with our own thoughts, moment to moment.   Now isn’t the time to plan out a grand agenda as if we think we know what’s coming…that agenda would only take us where we’ve been previously.  We’re blindfolded, navigating new terrain, being moved by our heart, divinely guided by spirit and vibration.  This is the new way of walking upon the Earth, and every step grounds Cosmic Consciousness into the soil, like bread crumbs and seeds for all to see.   That manifestation may not reveal itself immediately, so it’s important to trust and keep moving.

The week begins with a Jupiter Uranus bridge on Monday and a Mercury Neptune resource.  Jupiter is a social consciousness planet, bringing us collectively into partnership with the Great Awakener.  Bridges in 3D appear like opposition or conflict, but when we access the full potential of this 5D dynamic, we can walk across a strong and steady bridge of unification.  Recently our personal planets have aspected Uranus and Eris for moments of unexpected events and awakenings.  Jupiter and Saturn move much slower than our personal planets, so this bridge is signifying a larger period or chapter versus a single event.  The Mercury (retrograde) resource dials us into communications with the Neptune Orcus bridge, which is still very active, intersected by Antares, bringing the shadow into everything.  We have the choice of how we want to perceive, interpret and respond to all messages as the veils are lifting.  All information is neutral.   Our response to each message is what either generates more karma or delivers us to the light of higher perspective as love in action.   This particular resource is an opportunity to revisit and reframe how we operate and respond when the veils begin to lift, especially when the revealing occurs unexpectedly.

Tuesday 12/27 is a Sun Mars resource, and Wednesday 12/28 is a Mercury Sun inferior conjunction occurring at 8 Capricorn, activating the New Moon the next day, and also a Mercury Mars resource.   This is very significant, especially because Mercury and Mars represent the Mind/Body connection.  As we elevate our interpretations and responses to the events around us, our physical body (and the earth) reflects that light of higher consciousness, which we can use as new fuel.   This is a new way of generating our own sustainable energy through the mind/body connection.  Our elevated consciousness creates higher vibrational thoughts, which manifest as light in physical form.  We can recycle and transmute anything in our physical world by shifting to a higher consciousness, and aligning our thoughts, words, and actions.  This IS the shift that creates a brand new world.

Thursday 12/29 is the New Moon in Capricorn and the Uranus Station.    Since the Mercury Sun inferior conjunction activated the 8 degree Capricorn New Moon, this is a huge new cycle of what’s to come when we awaken to a higher consciousness and deeply root ourselves into the Earth.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Capricorn is the earth sign of Spiritual Power, and it’s the archetype of the divine director, where our higher authority delivers the themes and messages of a higher order.   Uranus is the great awakener of that new consciousness, and is the ruler of Aquarius, which delivers us to the future, which IS the vibration and oneness of Divine Spiritual Love.  It is not only our birthright, it is our truth.  Anytime we forget this truth, we experience suffering.   As we awaken, we return to unity and love.   This New Moon in a brand new “1” year vibration IS the theme of these next 9 years.  We are awakening to all the ways we’ve forgotten that we are unconditionally loved AS the expression of Divine Love, and this awakening delivers us to the Aquarian Age and the New Earth.  In fact, on New Year’s Eve, the moon will be in Aquarius, which is extremely significant.  The New Year is being ushered in by the vibration of Spiritual Love.  So beautiful!!!

Sunday 1/1 brings us powerfully into the “1” vibration of 2017.  1’s are new beginnings, leadership, pioneering spirit, the courageous spark of manifestation that births something from nothing.  This truly is the most exciting time to be alive here on Earth, and ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.  Mars and Neptune are in a super conjunction at 9 Pisces, activating the Neptune Orcus bridge.  Mars in Pisces brings our physicality into the infinite realm of Christ Consciousness where all things are possible.   Transparency of anything reveals potential, and clarity is the key to physical transformation.   There’s nothing to hold onto, everything must be shed and revealed so that our purest essence can manifest with clarity.

The practice this week is to allow yourself to be held in the still point of this massive portal of truth, allowing your Self and all of your cells to be calibrated to the light codes of new consciousness that are being birthed on the planet.  Take the time to slow down and pause, resting deeper and deeper into this rich stillness.  The holidays can be full of busy, fast paced movement and distraction, and this particular week is so important for so many reasons.  Let go of what you think you “should” be doing, surrender the need to make specific declarations and agendas about what’s next, and simply be here now, fully present.   Dive deeper into your meditation practice, or establish a new daily practice of sitting still, breathing, and observing.  Now is the time to sit with the truth of what is, and develop the art of equanimity, releasing the ego’s reactions of fear, aversion, or craving, and fine tuning the unconditional response of love.  When we can be fully present with whatever is occurring, with an open mind and compassionate heart, we can truly allow ourselves to be divinely guided and moved as Love in Action, in service, for All.

“Jesus was not the great exception; he was the great example.”  ~Ernest Holmes

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