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For the week of January 16 – 22:

Get ready to step boldly into the future this week!  We are embarking on the next wave of great social awareness and transformation for our planet, and there’s no time like the present to wake up and take a look around at all that’s occurring.  If we can remove our personal filters and blind spots of judgment, and see the divine movement and orchestration at play, we can become co-facilitators, midwives, and ushers as every necessary scene unfolds.  Every moment contains the opportunity to birth new consciousness on our planet.  It’s happening now, and anyone awake has the potential to step up and be an empowered line of support.


In order to effectively hold the line of support, we must learn to remain in our bodies during moments of unexpected events, with hearts wide open, from the highest neutral observer’s perch, unattached to any outcomes, and committed to being the powerful response of Love in Action.  The only way to fully observe anything is to be in relationship with wholeness.  Wholeness in 5D isn’t just about understanding the holistic picture of what’s being witnessed, as if the event, object, or person is separate from the observer.  That would still be a 3D experience.


Wholeness includes witnessing the entire relationship between the observer and the event, how that observation is occurring, and what else is occurring simultaneously behind the scenes from every angle that’s affecting the environment and the entire field of energy, what reactions are being triggered, and what actions are being taken.  Oftentimes, what’s happening behind the scenes is vibrationally more influential than what’s taking place right up front, and we can’t focus on both/several simultaneously.  We now have the potential to expand beyond our historic scope of vision, and awaken higher capabilities that allow us to see beyond the veils, revealing so much more in clear sight.


This week is filled with several profound awakenings and connections that enhance our ability to awaken to a new octave of wholeness that expands our scope of vision and elevates collective consciousness, moving us into unprecedented territory and stepping into our most empowered Self.


Monday 1/16 is a Mars Chiron conjunction, which begins a very significant new cycle of our physicality becoming empowered as the Master Healer/Teacher in Pisces.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Pisces is the sign of Spiritual Wisdom and Christ Consciousness.  The profound healing miracles of Christ are available in this new cycle – they always have been – but now we are empowered to access the wisdom and mastery of this consciousness, at the personal level.  We are our own healers, through the awakening of our own consciousness.


On Tuesday 1/17, Jupiter and Haumea bridge with Eris, Uranus and Ceres, which is sparking a massive integration and expansion of our social consciousness.  Eris and Uranus are moving direct now, shifting the dynamic of energy at their holding point of the bridge, while Jupiter is moving towards Haumea and preparing to go retrograde.  Every subtle movement of this bridge shifts the alignment of the whole activation as we individually adjust our vision in the mirror.  Social Consciousness is moving towards the recognition of Social Wholeness as we individually awaken ourselves through the reflection of the collective.  There is no separation in humanity, and as with every civil rights movement in history, we are now standing on the front lines of another unprecedented threshold.  Every shift and every event gives us another opportunity to see ourselves in the mirror, and make our own personal necessary shifts in response.


The intersection of this bridge was the Full Moon last week in Cancer, the event that served as an huge invitation to step up into our most empowered self.  Now that we’ve done that, we have more choices to make, and our choices require clarity of vision to either move into the future towards expansion, or back into the past which has already been defined and experienced.  The Sun was a part of that Full Moon event, and on the 17th, the Sun moves into a bridge with Vesta on the 17th and Varuna on the 19th at the Master Degree of Capricorn.  Our empowered consciousness has a direct link to our devotion to seeing the whole truth and receiving intuitive directive that moves our spirit forward.


Also on the 17th, Mercury is in a resource with the South Node (Earth Star Chakra) and in a manifestation with the North Node (Soul Star Chakra).  This is the beginning of a massive shift in our collective operating system that allows us to harness the energy from the density of our ancestral karma and transmute that into light energy that expands our potential and opens new realms of infinite possibilities.  It’s a whole new way of recycling through the mental body that brings us to wisdom and mastery.


The Sun moves into Aquarius later on the 19th, which is significant for many reasons.  Uranus is the Great Awakener and the ruler of Aquarius.  The Sun is now shining the light fully on the events that awaken and shake up our status quo to deliver the future.  The Sun isn’t very comfortable in Aquarius, and the threshold of an unknown and uncertain future is often an uncomfortable place to stand.  Aquarius energy doesn’t fit in, it goes against the grain, and leads the way to change and innovation.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Aquarius is the sign of Spiritual Love, Unconditional Self Love, and the Spiritual Intimacy required to unite humanity as One.  When I love myself unconditionally as the mirrored reflection of Spirit, and when I choose to see the divine in All as My reflection, then I connect with the flow of Divine Love universally, which awakens the great I AM presence.  This is the presence that’s being called forth to facilitate, midwife, and witness the events that are occurring on our planet.  This is the new consciousness being delivered to our planet Now.


Also on Thursday the 19th, a Finger of God is activated between Haumea at 25 Libra in resource with Ixion and Juno, which are conjunct at 25 Sagittarius. This ongoing Finger of God resonates for a long time as a major theme in our consciousness.  Juno is an aspect of Unity Consciousness at the personal level, representing the capacity to see ourselves in the mirror, and Ixion represents our soul’s higher blueprint of potential that we came here to manifest, if we choose to step into our awakened selves.  We will have ongoing opportunities to look in the mirror, remember who we are, and step up.  It’s not a “have to”, it’s a choice, and that choice will continue to resurface for a while, giving us the option again and again.  It’s important, it’s why we’re here.


Friday 1/20 is Inauguration Day in the US, along with a Venus Pluto Resource and Mars inconjunct Haumea.  This is the time to allow our hearts to open, and to own our power to transform any event through our most conscious response of Love.  The Moon is in Scorpio, giving us the power to transmute at the physical level through our awakened response.  Our hearts are the alchemical mixing bowls that can shape shift anything by infusing the vibration of Love, altering our physical reality.  No matter what occurs in our environment, we each have the power and the responsibility to elevate our own vibration to a higher octave as we support the shifts that are occurring on our planet.   Our evolution of consciousness is the necessary response required now.


Saturday 1/21, Mars is in a resource with Sedna and in a Finger of God with Haumea.  Mars is also in a stepping stone with Juno and Ixion.  There are choices being made, moment to moment, and it’s so important to choose Love over fear, and to see through the lens of wholeness and unity.  When we come from Unity Consciousness, we are living our vibrational blueprint and remembering our soul’s purpose.  This is a day to step into our awakened self and remember who we are and why we’re here.


Sunday 1/22 is quiet, a perfect day for integrating the events of the week and nurturing Self.


The practice this week is to remain in the still point of the heart and observe all that is occurring, spoken or unspoken, through all of the senses.   Practice seeing beyond the obvious and expand your consciousness into the unknown, and be curious beyond your normal comfort zone of attention.  Notice your personal reactions, judgments, and triggers when they appear, and tend to those roots so you can expand out to a more holistic perspective.  A personal judgment or a triggered emotional reaction isn’t an accurate messenger of truth, so practice clearing the limiting beliefs and attachments.  Each time you elevate to a higher perspective of truth, you’re elevating the vibration of our collective consciousness.  This is a great week to notice those blind spots and make the subtle shifts within.  And as always, do so with Unconditional Self Love.



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