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For the week of February 13 – 19, 2017:

Welcome to the center of the wormhole, the super charged space between 2 very important eclipse events, amplifying every pivotal wake up call that triggers our elevation to a higher playing field called Unity Consciousness.  We’re reviewing our past to clear old debts, let go of old patterns, and free ourselves up to be fully present in the Now with eyes wide open and hearts ready for upgraded expansion toward the future.

Jupiter is currently retrograde, and our social consciousness is reflecting on where we’ve been in order to expand fully into a new experience of wisdom and understanding that is the foundation of our future evolution from polarity to unity.  Any experience of “me against you” triggers emotional reactions, revealing the stories from our past that many of us try at all costs to avoid or tip toe around in order to maintain a sense of cohesiveness and peaceful serenity.

The truth is, any diverse collective social scenario will contain extreme polarity of perspectives and values, and in order to unify in Love, we must learn to acknowledge the parts that synchronize as well as the parts the create conflict, and honor them all.  Conflict and chaos provide necessary traction that evokes action and awareness through discomfort.  Without an antagonist, there is no hero, there is no desire or fuel for evolution and growth.

Unconditional Love doesn’t require us to like, endorse, or agree with everything we observe and witness, around us or within us. Unconditional Love simply IS the vibrational response that flows thorough our cellular communication as a constant messaging system, uninterrupted or influenced by any event or person.  It’s an equanimous current that flows as a constant, grounding us and connecting us to a higher consciousness.  Our inner cellular communication and soular frequency is unshakeable when we embody Universal Love, and in that space, there is nothing to resist, not even conflict or disagreement.

A myth about social relationships, especially in a spiritually awake context, is that we all need to agree on the same perspective of all events. The truth is, the more evolved and awake we become, the more acceptance and willingness we find, allowing space for All to be exactly where they are, while finding beauty in the diversity of consciousness.   Unity Consciousness doesn’t mean we all reach the same belief or point of view and live in blissful unison forever.  Unity is wholeness, which allows for polarity and duality, and understands that each extreme perspective is part of the same thread of consciousness, and every expression is necessary, relevant, and valid, without negating another.

We’re learning to hold space for all the dimensions of ourselves, and therefore, all the dimensions of each other, through our willingness to surrender judgment, expectations, and attachments.  When we let go of the need to be anywhere other than where we are right now, we find ourselves fully present with what mattes most in this moment, which opens our hearts to our unique individual blueprint and spiritual signature.

This week is fairly smooth and calm aspect wise, although the eye of the eclipse passage is intense enough for life altering transformation, through destabilization of the old and rapid awakening of the new.

Tuesday 2/14 is Valentine’s Day, a celebration of Love.  Venus is in her shadow, preparing to go retrograde in a couple of weeks.  We’re All preparing for a huge renovation and upgrade to a newly calibrated capacity for Universal Love and Wholeness within our hearts.  As our hearts undergo massive reconstruction, we are awakening to new expressions of Love, connecting our consciousness to our hearts and each other.

Tuesday also provides a Sun Saturn resource, a Sun Ixion resource, and a Sun Ixion new cycle, or conjunction.   That’s a lot of light shining from the Aquarian Sun, and a lot of new consciousness awakening, sparking a new cycle with our soul’s higher blueprint.   As we wake up to our own light, we begin to see clearly, in high definition, our unique strengths and talents that give us the authority and permission to step into our empowered potential.  And then on Wednesday 2/15, Venus is in a great eliminator with Orcus.  The heart makes a choice that removes an old blockage and reconnects with the invisible realm for unification.

Thursday 2/16 is a Mercury Mars resource, which is a huge opportunity to receive feedback messages (Mercury) from the physical body (Mars).  As we interpret those messages from the highest observer’s mind of equanimity and unconditional love, the physical expression itself can begin to release and let go.  If the communication isn’t received, it will only amplify louder and louder until it’s heard.  Allowing and receiving dismantles the edge of resistance, which alters the relationship with Love and shifts the dynamic of the mind/body connection.

Friday 2/17 is a Sun Varuna great eliminator, and on Saturday 2/18, the Sun and Quaoar are in a resource.   These are high frequency aspects that require presence and awareness to see beyond what’s occurring in plain sight, accessing vision into the invisible realms, illuminating hidden potential.  When we can see it all from the highest scope of infinite vision, there is truly no separation between dimensions, lifetimes, or experiences.

The practice this week is to remain in the heart as the great observer, and experience all events from that perspective.   Notice the times when events trigger a reaction that takes you out of your heart, and simply return and start again.   As we practice living from our hearts, we ground the observer’s mind into the cushion of unconditional Love, which then motivates and fuels all actions and choices.  This week, allow each and every event to move through your heart, observing what triggers contraction, and what activates expansion.   Every trigger is an opportunity to stretch open and let go…expanding courageously into the greater space.


“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

~ Lao Tzu


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