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For the week of February 27 – March 5, 2017:

After last week’s life altering awakenings, revelations, and insight, the eclipse activation continues to calibrate deep down to the densest physical level.  As the resonance spirals and reverberates all the way through to the cells of our bones, we’re becoming structurally aligned with the new frequency, the attunement of Unconditional Love.     A vibrational shift at any level creates a response that shifts the whole, and this is a dynamic week of multi-dimensional alignment and expansion, creating holistic transformation.


Awakenings and revelations occur on many levels, in many ways.  We may receive insight and understanding through our dreams, through messages and symbols, through our perceptions of life experiences, etc.  It’s important to remember that a breakthrough isn’t a breakthrough until that awakening integrates and manifests as new action taken in the physical world, producing a new result.  This is the essence of sustainable holistic transformation.  Often times, we declare profound “aha moments” as life altering shifts, but continue to repeat the same historic patterns again and again, seeing the same results in our day to day life, no matter how deeply aware we are spiritually.


Our brilliant insights and mental understandings aren’t enough to shift the gears, there must also be conscious action taken in alignment with spiritual, mental, and emotional wisdom.  Like driving a manual transmission vehicle, our foot eventually must step on the clutch in order to actually shift gears.  Contemplation without action, no matter how profound, is not sufficient.  A breakthrough isn’t a breakthrough until it’s lived and fully integrated holistically, all the way down to the bones.  This is how we embody our spiritual wisdom, and create an outer reality that reflects our inner brilliance.


Action ignites change.  Action of any kind, no matter how small, is enough to spark a journey of transformation, even a global revolution.   One new step, in any direction, lifts stagnation and immediately prompts a new vibrational response and alignment.  The holistic nature of the lower 4 body system (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical) seeks harmony and balance, and is ever changing, adjusting, and responding as a whole.  Any action shifts the whole, instantly.


If our actions are driven by fear or confusion, we ignite a reactionary vibrational pattern (counterclockwise motion) that produces karmic resonance and results.   When our actions are moved by higher divine wisdom and awareness, our hearts move us to take right action, which vibrationally moves us clockwise through the spiral of creation, manifesting conscious evolution, and we become the embodiment of Love in Action.


Our results mirror our actions and commitments, offering feedback of our current state of consciousness and holistic alignment.  If we’re willing to see ourselves from a neutral perspective, we can shift and adjust, moment to moment, fine tuning our inner alignment, thus fine tuning our outer results.  Any action, no matter how small, gives us instant feedback that we can use to refine and adjust.  The bolder the action, the more obvious the result.  The smaller the action, the more subtle the result.  Sometimes a slight shift is all that’s necessary.


The eclipse last Sunday occurred at 8 Pisces conjunct Neptune, activating a light bridge with Orcus at 8 Virgo.  The Pisces Virgo bridge activates our “zoom lens”, which is our ability to zoom in or out, to see clearly while making necessary shifts and adjustments that expand and fine tune the whole.  The fact that Neptune was involved (and Neptune is the dispositor of Pisces) adds super clarity, revelation, and multidimensional enlightened vision as the veils and illusions diminish.   We can see it all, right before us.  And if we’re responsible enough to own our whole reflection, we can truly become empowered to own our ability to shift and create anything we choose.


This week, we move from a “2” vibration of February, of alignment, balance, relationship, and mirrored reflection, to the “3” vibration of March, which is creation, manifestation, the spark that ignites action, change, and transformation.   This is a week of empowerment through the conscious discipline to own our whole reflection and make the shifts necessary to bring ourselves into right alignment and take right action from the heart.


The week begins on Monday 2/27 with a Mars Eris new cycle (conjunction) as Mars is in a bridge with Jupiter and Haumea.  Also, Mercury and the South Node (Earth Star Chakra) start a new cycle (conjunction) and Mercury is in great eliminator with MakeMake.  This is a huge day for inner awakening and alignment that leads to expansion and wholeness.  Remember that in order to see our reflection accurately and take ownership, we must also be in a healthy relationship with our current results, meaning our perception and vision must be rooted in the highest observer’s perch for neutrality and non-judgment.   Mercury is the great observer and also the messenger, and is conjunct our karmic roots, the collective footprint that reveals the full story behind our current results.   If we’re willing to take a look and confront the wholeness of our past, we can make the necessary shifts and choices that restore divine order and right alignment.  This is an opportunity to meet ourselves in the mirror and let go of what isn’t in proper alignment, on any dimension or domain.  This new alignment sets us up for major expansion into our fullest potential and wholeness.


Tuesday 2/28 is a quiet day with no major aspects.   Let the alignment set in stillness, like setting a bone for proper healing and new growth before taking the next big step.


Wednesday 3/1 sparks the “3” vibration like a match igniting potential.  The Sun and Neptune start a new cycle (conjunction) which is truly profound.  The Sun sparks our enlightenment, and we are the matches being lit, full of potential, full of life.


On Thursday 3/2, Mars is in a bridge with Haumea, Mercury is at 8 Pisces (the degree of the eclipse) in a bridge with Orcus, and Jupiter is in a bridge with Uranus, the 2nd of 3 powerful light bridge activations.  This is an amazing day to bring our newly aligned selves into conscious action, inspired by the recent eclipse revelations, to embody our newest breakthroughs and create transformation.  When we take new action, we awaken the environment around us, shaking up the status quo and expanding consciousness infinitely outward.


Friday 3/3 is another quiet day aspect wise, but an opportunity to integrate and work with the resonance from actions taken from the day before.


On Saturday 3/4, Venus goes retrograde at 14 Aries.  Talk about transformation, this is the epic journey that ignites the fully awakened heart, and there is nothing more powerful than that.  Venus turns retrograde in Aries, which in Cosmic Consciousness, is the sign of mental power, the conscious discipline to think loving thoughts, and the fire that sparks creation.  The fully awakened heart is the most dynamic sustainable resource that can change this world….through Love.  When we consciously unify our hearts with every thought we think, we strike the match igniting Unconditional Love.  Love is the most powerful force of energy available in the universe, and an awakened heart IS the generator of Love, the universal light that illuminates darkness.


Also on Saturday, Mercury and Neptune start a new cycle (conjunction) and Mars manifests with Ixion.  Our mental operating system resonates with clarity and enlightenment on the day that Venus starts her retrograde journey.   The awakened heart is synonymous with an enlightened mind, which manifests our soul’s highest potential and purpose into the physical.


And on Sunday 3/5, Mars manifests with Saturn.  This is such an important day when we our actions yield results with definition and structure.  Transformation reveals itself physically, and is undeniably present.   When we own our ability to author our reality, we become empowered leaders to create a new future, liberated from any past conditions or definitions.   We are not victims of our environment, we are here to manifest the new.   In order to do so, we must awaken and remember who we are and the power we hold within ourselves to be the catalyst of change and the creators of transformation.


The practice this week is to take committed action to integrate the awareness and insight gained from last week’s eclipse.   Don’t over commit or take on more than necessary, remember any action, no matter how small, can spark a revolution.   Take one new action, make it a daily practice, and commit this week wholeheartedly, no matter what circumstances or conditions appear.   Pay attention throughout the week and fine tune appropriately to bring yourself in holistic balance – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.   By the end of the week, notice your results, and celebrate the transformation that’s occurring.  This is a week to holistically align and take consistent action, from the heart, living and embodying the new awarenesses and awakenings that are emerging.

“An awake heart is like a sky that pours light.”  ~ Hafiz


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