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For the week of March 13 – 19, 2017:

The wormhole eclipse passage has officially ended and we’ve been delivered to a more refined and aligned version of our wholeness.  We’ve been stripped down to the bone, and moved even deeper into the crevices of our deepest core fractures and wounds to awaken the innermost light that calls us forth now, fully empowered, to step up and take action…right action, from the heart, in alignment with our soul’s blueprint and purpose. Get ready for a week ahead that will dynamically elevate our perspective to a whole new game, and anything can shift in a heart beat.




Venus is deep in her retrograde journey, and our hearts are engaged in intimate introspection and inventory of our personal values and priorities, as well as the quality of energy exchange from all of those relationships.  As we confront ourselves and see through the inner motivations behind the fabric we’ve been weaving as our own reality, we’re beginning to align our actions and choices even more succinctly with the integrity of our heart, so that our outer world matches the most authentic light of our inner truth.


We can’t deny the truth of our heart, and if we’ve been placing higher value on anything other than that, now is the time to see it all clearly and make the necessary adjustments to honor our hearts unconditionally.  Now is the time to notice any core values that may have been neglected or denied, and elevate the quality of attention and energy we place in those areas.  The result is upgraded beauty, richness, sustainable nourishment, and joy.

This Venus retrograde theme isn’t just about the heart being upgraded, it’s more specifically that the personal relationship with the heart is being upgraded.  Our hearts have always been pure Love and pure Truth.  It’s the mechanism with which we relate to our hearts that has kept us from realizing our truth, that we are Love.   When we limit, restrict, deny, or avoid the truth of our heart, we become a fragmented expression, and we separate from our hearts.  That relationship is calling forth to be healed now.


On Monday 3/13, Mercury enters Aries.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Aries is the sign of mental discipline to think loving thoughts, it’s also the pioneering energy that sparks a new thought revolution.  The mental body creates the spark that manifests our reality from the infinite realm of limitless possibilities.  If anything is possible at any given moment, and our reality can change on a dime, it matters where we place our attention, and it matters what thoughts we think.  The current state of consciousness we’re operating from matters because that consciousness determines the quality of thoughts that are produced.


Mercury is the great messenger and communicator, and is the ruler of the mental body.  Mercury is also a gender neutral archetype, making him the Great Observer from a space of neutrality and equanimity.  Our judgments and projections create distorted relationships with reality.  As we elevate to a neutral observer’s perspective, we gain access to higher realms of consciousness, which sparks new thoughts of possibilities.  This is why meditation is such an important daily practice that strengthens the mind as the ultimate observer and witness, instead of creating more and more reactionary thoughts and karmic projections.  It strengthens our capacity to elevate in consciousness and see things from a different perspective.


Tuesday 3/14 is a huge day of aspects!  Mercury and Quaoar stepping stone, Mars and MakeMake great eliminator, Mars and the South Node (Earth Star Chakra) resource, Mars and the North Node (Soul Star) are in a manifestation, Sun Haumea great eliminator, Ceres Neptune resource.  And the Sun is conjunct Pallus Athena AND Chiron.  Wow!!!  These aspects all contain 5D calibrations, making this a super high consciousness day.  For those who are able to access the observer’s mind and open to the higher channels of consciousness, this is a day for major adjustments, clearing, and fine tuning that sparks a new cycle of wisdom and personal mastery through our capacity to operate from a higher frequency of light consciousness.


On Wednesday 3/15, Mercury and MakeMake are in a bridge, unifying the higher observer and messenger with the universal laws of authority, leadership, and the new structure of integrity.  These are the types of highways and bridges we’re building now on our planet, the roads that pave the way to a higher perspective and elevated quality of consciousness.  This is the example of what new thought leaders are creating to transport humanity into the new world.  We are new roads, bridges and infrastructures to elevate to a higher quality of excellence.


Thursday 3/16 is a Sun Ixion stepping stone and a Sun Sedna resource.   Another mega high frequency day that illuminates the opportunity to step into our soul’s blueprint of what we came here to contribute and create, supported by the resources from our Cosmic Mother, the ultimate record keeper.   We all have close friends and loved ones that remind us of who we are in moments when it’s important to step up into ourselves, and Sedna is the Ultimate reminder of THE truth that our souls carry through our light coded DNA.  A massive boost in support as we’re all being called forth and awakened by light.


Friday 3/17 is another huge day!  Friday is the 3rd of 3 Eris/ Uranus conjunctions, occurring at 2:44am EST at 23 Aries.  This Great Awakening conjunction activates a new cycle including the bridge with Jupiter/Haumea.  The fact that it’s the 3rd of 3 indicates massive manifestation and creative potential that could produce a big bang type of energy, a true game changer that is the culmination of activations since June 8th last summer.   Also, the Sun and Saturn form a powerful stepping stone.  As we step up and own our fully awakened power, we not only gain the authority to change the game, but also to create the new rules and structures that define the game completely.  And when we bring our highest consciousness to the table, the possibilities are limitless.


Saturday 3/18 is a Sun Varuna manifestation and a Mercury Venus (retrograde) conjunction (new cycle).  Anytime our minds and hearts meet, there is the potential for awakening.  That unification is the necessary still point for ascension.  The fact that this new cycle is being activated while Venus is in her retrograde journey means our minds are coming on board with the new alignment of values and priorities, and the Aries mind has the potential to truly spark a pioneering revolution.  When our minds serve our hearts, anything is possible.  Varuna keeps our eye focused on the infinite realm, and this is the vision of the heart.
Sunday is a quiet day with no major aspects, and what a beautiful ending to such a super charged week that shifts our perspective on everything.


The practice this week is meditation to find the still point within the heart and calibrate the mind/heart balance.  Breathe in violet light through the crown chakra at the top of your head, directly into your heart, and exhale that light all the way through your spine and out through your tailbone and root.  Then breathe in violet light through the root, up your spine and into your heart, exhaling out through your crown.  As above, so below.  Then unify the breath, and allow each inhale to come in from the crown AND from the root, both directions unifying at the heart, and exhale out in all directions.  Every breath travels towards the heart – grounding, activating, inspiring, nourishing, and balancing the heart.  And each breath releases infinitely outward, sharing the magnitude of every unifying still point, calibrating the environment around you to match the environment within your heart.  This practice is so important this week, no matter what is occurring around you, breathe into your heart, trust and let go.

“Every act I live while I am fully awake can not help but be both prayer and lovemaking”  ~Oriah Mountain Dreamer


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