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For the week of March 20 – 26, 2017:

Wide awake from last week’s massive Eris Uranus conjunction, we’re stepping forward into a powerful week of calibration and alignment that will root our new awareness into our cells while upgrading our capacity to think with our hearts.   Venus is still retrograde and our hearts are very much front and center, inviting a deeper relationship with what matters most, and a sacred clearing of the entanglements that have blocked or limited our fullest expression until now.


There’s a common phrase of “walking on water” that refers to elevating one’s perspective above the emotion and navigating the waves with clarity, grace, wisdom and ease.  A less common perspective might be “walking under water without getting wet”, to move below the flow of water, into the root system that holds the space for the movement and flow to occur.  In order to elevate and rise above the water, we must also have an understanding of the deeper structure within the earth, the relationship that holds and supports the flow of water in the first place – the collective root system underneath the flow of emotions that determines the aerodynamic potential of the container itself.


It’s almost easier to imagine rising above, elevating out of the current or above the collective drift.  But the deeper we go into the structure that holds the original patterns, while shining the light of our conscious awareness, the more sustainably we can alter or transform the karmic conditioning that supports the movement all together.  Our karmic story is what conditioned each of us to create beliefs about what’s appropriate or not appropriate to feel, express, say yes to, or disconnect from.  Our emotional body is not logical, practical, predictable, or reasonable.  It’s a creative flow, that wants to move freely, untamed and wild, like a river.  It’s the source of our vitality and creative potential.  Our observer’s mind can witness by rising above, allowing our emotions to express without judgment or interference.  But if we really want to see what’s underneath that expression, and be in relationship with our multidimensional wholeness, we must also witness from below the surface, and look up.


How does the earth hold space for the unique flow of originality, spirit, and creativity?  How do our bodies hold the flow of our authenticity, uncensored truth, and unapologetic transparency?  And how do our bodies respond when we don’t honor the authentic flow of energy that is our true nature?  How are our bodies and the earth impacted when we’ve denied the authentic expression for too long, and then experience an unexpected tidal wave and storm surge as nature’s way to correct the imbalance?


Venus retrograde is asking us to take a deeper look, from unseen perspectives, at how well we honor ourselves, how we tend to the flow of our emotional body, and how we caretake for the greater system and structure that holds space for our spirit to manifest true to form.  Our bodies hold the space, and also respond with feedback mechanisms which deliver messages for us to pay attention to.  When our emotional bodies are free and uninhibited, like the nature of a river, our bodies respond by expanding and accommodating the movement of such power and integrity.  When we hold back the flow, or if we suppress, compartmentalize, control, or manage the flow, our bodies can become rigid, brittle, breakable, or stagnant, congested and inflamed.


We typically hold back the flow of emotions when our minds create judgments, criticisms, or attachments.  We judge this or that emotion as appropriate, while others are taboo or undesirable.  We allow the full expression of some, but refuse others.   The mind then alters the flow, and thereby alters the expression of our truth into something distorted, which manifests an incongruent physical reality.  Collectively, we’ve been stagnating ourselves and our resources, and as a result, living lives that feel limiting and confined in many ways, and even creating health challenges that restrict our vital energy and quality of life.  We’re at a breaking point, or better yet, a collective awakening point, that unravels and changes the game completely.


Monday 3/20 is the Spring Equinox, when the Sun moves into Aries, and we experience a balance of light in the portal of truth between the spiritual and mental body (Yang), which also balances the portal of truth between the emotional and physical body (Yin).  In Cosmic Consciousness, Aries is Mental Power, the pioneering spark of creation, and the conscious discipline to think loving thoughts, which ignites conscious evolution and awakening.   Mercury, the mental body ruler, the Neutral Observer, and the Great Messenger, is currently in Aries, and so is Venus, the heart, AND  so are the great awakener planets Eris and Uranus.  We’re at an important calibration point to reset the default mechanism of our operating system and spark the new mind/heart union.


When we use our powerful minds to think from the heart, we honor the integrity of the heart and trust the flow of expression that moves through us, creating a momentum of sustainable energy.  The importance is not the actual emotion itself, but in allowing the flow of emotion to create a sustainable volume of energy in motion that can be harnessed, like a windmill or water wheel structure.  That open movement eventually purifies and elevates the quality of all emotions organically.  When we’re in the flow of universal energy in motion, our consciousness become the awakened spark that amplifies the collective frequency of Unconditional Love, which is a power source that can be used to manifest limitless possibilities for All.


Also on Monday, Mars and Orcus are in a manifestation.    Mars is the ruler of Aries, and represents our physical bodies and the action we take.  This particular Mars Orcus manifestation is an Earth manifestation.  When we use our mental power to think with our hearts, we manifest a new Earth that is the embodiment of the infinite realms beyond this 3D existence…our new physicality begins to manifest, in alignment with the purity and truth of our spirit.


Tuesday 3/21, the Sun is in a stepping stone with Quaoar and Mercury is in a resource with Ceres.  Our consciousness reaches up to access the new paradigm of limitlessness, where every potential and possibility exists, and those higher vibrational thoughts are downloaded and delivered through our mental body.   We’re literally threading new consciousness of infinite possibility through our internal messaging system, into our cellular network.


On Wednesday 3/22, the Sun bridges with MakeMake.  MakeMake is a higher octave of Saturn, the authentic leadership that governs higher law and divine authority.   Our awakened consciousness, freshly recalibrated from the Equinox, shines brilliant light across the bridge to see the truth of what’s already in action, paving the way.  Not only can we see clearly the mechanisms and structures at play, we can also see the roles that we each play, in service to the collective awakening.  MakeMake holds the archetype of sustainable leadership through service to All, with honor, respect, integrity, and authenticity.  This type of leadership restores and corrects any imbalances, and elevates the game.


Thursday 3/23 is a Mercury Pluto stepping stone, as the mental body ruler begins stepping up and setting the stage for huge transformation throughout the rest of the week.


On Friday 3/24, Mercury and Jupiter form a bridge, and Chiron and Sedna are in a resource.  Mercury connects with the light bridge, expanding and stretching through higher dimensions of consciousness, while Chiron, the ruler of the recent full moon and eclipse wormhole conclusion, is resourceful with the great Cosmic record keeper.  Our personal mastery is the most powerful resource we carry within, and Sedna reminds us of our greatest mastery, beyond this lifetime.  This expansion of consciousness, through the light bridge, beyond this 3D lifetime, gives us access to all that we are and all that we’ve ever been or will be, beyond time and space.


Saturday 3/25 is an Inferior Sun Venus conjunction, marking the midpoint of Venus’ retrograde journey.  This is the epic upgrade of the heart, and we’re going in deeper.  Our hearts are being stretched open by the universal frequency of Unconditional Love, which is the flow that circulates through All hearts, as One Love.


And Sunday 3/26 is an extremely powerful Mercury Uranus conjunction and Mercury Eris conjunction.    A powerful new cycle of awakening taking place at the personal level, through the mental body.  Our neutral observer’s seat is the most awakened perspective available, directing our focus and attention to our hearts.  The mind is meant to be sharpened and refined as a resource to support and serve the heart.  Our conscious discipline sharpens this tool, which allows us to elevate to higher and higher dimensions, as the awareness, expression, and embodiment of Love.


The practice of the week is to sharpen the mind’s ability to witness all events, especially our innermost heart based communication at the cellular level, with compassion and non-judmgment, opening a wider space for our emotional body to move and clear, purifying and releasing.   Practice observing every moment fully, from multiple angles and perspectives, and surrender any attachments as you let go.  Welcome every breath with Love and an open heart, and watch what awakens and unfolds through you.


“Awakening is not a thing. It is not a goal, not a concept. It is not something to be attained. It is a metamorphosis. If the caterpillar thinks about the butterfly it is to become, saying ‘And then I shall have wings and antennae,’ there will never be a butterfly. The caterpillar must accept its own disappearance in its transformation. When the marvelous butterfly takes wing, nothing of the caterpillar remains.” 
― Alejandro Jodorowsky   

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