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For the week of March 27 – April 2, 2017:

Sparks are flying as we move into yet another huge life altering week.  Last week delivered some extraordinary activations, revelations, and communications through our mental operating system. Matched with our awakened capacity to generate a brand new reality through the spark of a thought, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Our thoughts are like lightning bolts, flashes of light that contain the potential to activate transformation in a nanosecond.  The more clear, direct, and honest we are with our communication – from the heart – the more profoundly we can elevate the quality of light that our thoughts produce, thereby elevating the impact we have to transform our reality through a single thought.


Mercury, The Great Messenger and the ruler of our communications and mental body, just received a massive dose of awakening energy via Eris and Uranus as they began new cycles on Sunday on the active Light Bridge.  Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, and Mercury loves to channel Aquarian consciousness.  Eris is the disrupter that releases from the inside out, sending ripples through our skin, shedding the attachments to anything inauthentic we’ve been hiding behind, as we liberate ourselves to stand vulnerable and awake, fully exposed.


The Messenger is awakening humanity with cutting edge downloads from the Light Bridge, ushering higher dimensions of new consciousness at lightning fast speed.  Interesting to note, Mercury is currently in Aries, which is the pioneering spark of fire energy that ignites creative potential, and is disposed by Mars, the physical body ruler.  This new consciousness is being communicated through Light – it’s unspoken, yet unmistakeable and undeniable, as it calibrates through to the physical level, into our cells.  This communication is speaking directly to our light body, and it’s potent.


The week kicks off early Monday morning as Mercury enters his retrograde shadow at 12:30am EST on 3/27.  Everything that is being communicated and revealed will be revisited and reviewed as we upgrade our cellular capacity to receive, digest and interpret messages from a higher source, pure Light.  Immediately following, Mars and Neptune are in a resource at 12:45am EST.  Mars represents our physicality, and Neptune is our capacity for clarity through light, to see beyond the veils of confusion and illusion.


The New Moon in Aries occurs on Monday evening at 10:57pm EST at 8 Aries.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Aries is the first sign of the mental body, representing Mental Power, and the spark of creation that occurs from a single thought.   Aries is the aspect of our consciousness in which we discipline ourselves to think loving thoughts, to elevate the quality of our reality by refining the thoughts that we think, and the sparks of light that we ignite.  If every single strike of a match contributes to the collective fire that is manifesting the reality for All, then it matters that we respect each match that we light, and honor each thought as we dedicate that intention of new life being created. It’s responsible co-creation of thoughts.


Our thoughts are the seeds of potential that are contributing to the collective conversation, which is producing the weather patterns, the water supply, and the physical health of the earth and ourselves.  The greatest impact we can each make is to be good stewards of our thoughts, and awaken to the power each of us holds within our own minds.  When we awaken fully to the power we hold, we can harness that potential by thinking with our hearts and infusing Love into the collective mental body vibration, thereby infusing Love into our atmosphere, water, and Earth, and humanity.  The greatest gift we each posses is the free will to choose our state of mind and alter our state of reality.


On Tuesday 3/28, Mercury and Ixion are in a manifestation and Venus and MakeMake activate a powerful bridge, the 2nd of 3 while Venus is in her retrograde journey.   For those who are awake and receptive, the higher blueprint of each soul has an opportunity to communicate, crystal clear, as our hearts align with higher cosmic law and order.  The truth of who we are and our purpose for being here is all being revealed, but can only be received from a higher dimension of consciousness.  We can’t be in ego or have any attachments to what we think we want.  We must, instead, be willing to open our hearts to receive the awakened frequency of truth from a higher source of light, which is reflected in the light codes that make up our 5D operating system, the intelligence of our light body.


Mercury and Saturn are in a manifestation on Wednesday 3/29, and the newly awakened messenger of our operating system is calling forth our unique voice of authority, with clarity and definition.   This is a big opportunity to trust the voice within, trust the opportunities that are manifesting now, and trust the calling to step up and offer your leadership, in whatever way is taking shape.


Thursday 3/30 is a Mercury Varuna stepping stone and a huge Jupiter Pluto stepping stone, which is a powerful intersection or balance point of the Light Bridge.  Mercury and Varuna give us the most elevated view with multidimensional visionary clarity to see things we normally wouldn’t or couldn’t, and this highest observer’s perspective brings us into 5D, above, below, and within the entire light bridge.  The balance point is our rebirth, it’s the portal that births us into the light bridge as we expand into the infinite possibilities beyond time and space, and meet ourselves and each other for the first time, with fresh eyes.


On Friday 3/31 Mercury enters Taurus.  The mental body ruler grounds our entire operating system into Love. We’re practicing obedience in the Taurus energy, to honor the new upgraded messaging system of Love. Mercury thrives in the air as broadcast signals, vibrational communication, and light codes, and now we’re grounding that communication into the Earth and into our bodies. Like a tree channeling sunlight through the trunk and into the root system deep below the surface, Mercury is channeling light into the soil for underground communication, to awaken the planet.


Saturday 4/1 brings us into the “4” vibration of April, as we bring our focus to structure, balance, stability, and new foundations of sustainable support.  We’re learning to walk with solid ground below our feet, in a fluid ever-changing world…and that solid ground comes from our personal discipline to think loving thoughts and manifest stability through an upgraded mental capacity.
On 4/1, Venus retrograde forms a stepping stone with Quaoar, the 2nd of 3, and our elevation comes from the new foundation of infinite possibilities.  We’re creating our New Earth with every breath, and each step is supported by the new paradigm of Love-based thinking.  Love is the highest frequency in the universe, and when we choose our thoughts from that frequency, we can walk on water, walk on air, even walk through the inside of the earth….each step is fully supported by our belief system that anything is possible.


April Fool’s Day infuses us with the quality of innocence and magic inherent with the archetype of “The Fool”, which is the most powerful archetype to embody.  When we believe anything is possible, there is no fear that could manifest an alternate reality.  Trust and innocence are the way of the new world, which requires a wise open heart and unwavering faith.


On Sunday 4/2, Ceres is manifesting with Pluto and Venus retrogrades back into Pisces.  We are being reborn as the innocent pure hearts that contain the vast Pisces ocean. Infinite possibilities exist in the realm of Christ Consciousness, and our hearts are showing us the way back to the highest truth.  We’ve never been separate from anything or anyone, except for in our mind.  That thought has been projected out to become our perceived reality.   But our truth is always Oneness, connected and unified in Love.  Our hearts are awakening, we’re being altered and transformed at the highest level of spiritual wisdom.


The practice this week is be mindful of the quality of your thoughts throughout each day. Practice calibrating your mental body to a higher vibration of Universal Love, and align your thoughts to that quality of vibration each day.  Notice the times when your thoughts are less than desirable, and notice what triggers that vibration.  Use discipline to elevate the conversation that’s occurring within you each day.  We all have free will and the power to alter our own vibration by choosing a new perception, one that aligns with our higher vision.  If we don’t fully believe that higher vision is possible, it can never take root and manifest.  Or if it does, it will come with struggle and delay.  Use the power of the New Moon this week to activate a new quality of consciousness in your thinking, and see what creative potential awakens in you, sparking new opportunities to manifest new results.
“Love is the only way to grasp another human being in the innermost core of his personality. No one can become fully aware of the very essence of another human being unless he loves him. By his love he is enabled to see the essential traits and features in the beloved person; and even more, he sees that which is potential in him, which is not yet actualized.… Furthermore, by his love, the loving person enables the beloved person to actualize these potentialities.
― Viktor E. Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning


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