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For the week of April 3 – 9, 2017:

Get ready for a huge week ahead that sparks the massive period of reconstruction and resurrection of authentic power at a global level.  Saturn is going retrograde at the Galactic Center on Thursday, and Mercury turns retrograde on Sunday evening, making this week a pivotal shift that directs our energy inward towards truth, within our own operating system, with all communications, and with our relationship to the power and authority that defines and shapes us, and authors our collective story.  It’s all being addressed, from the inside out, as illusions crumble and the truth shines bright.


We’re each being required to examine and be responsible for the ways in which we use (or misuse) our own power and authority, noticing any recurring patterns of giving our power away out of fear, to accommodate temporary convenience or comfort, and also noticing the patterns of abusing our power to force or manipulate outcomes of temporary wins for the appearance of results, manifesting against the authentic expression of our energy and light, motivated by an ego’s agenda vs right motivation, right timing and right action.   Anytime we use our power or will to force something into action, instead of being authentically moved by the heart, we create an imbalance to our yin/yang wholeness, and that energy is now being corrected and balanced.  The universe is seeking alignment and calibration with higher spiritual law, and the shifts are occurring now.


These ancient patterns that determine how we operate in relationship with our personal power are being reviewed, rewired, and upgraded while Mercury is retrograde.  Mercury, the Great Messenger, is currently in Taurus, which is the aspect of our energy field that represents conscious obedience, mental love, and the Tree of Life.  Our mental body, our operating system, is planting itself into the Earth for stability, sustainability, and grounding.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Taurus is a deep presence that holds sacred space, through patience, wisdom, and intuitive listening as communications are revealed in the subtle, underground vibrations. In order to pay attention and connect to the deeper intuitive voice, Mercury Retrograde is taking us deep into the roots of our own “tree” of consciousness, where we can communicate through the vibrations of the Earth and our bodies, the record keepers of information.


Trees are unique in that they appear to stand still in one place while downloading massive amounts of energy and consciousness, contributing to the constant circulation of communication, above and below.  The upper branches and leaves are like antennas, channeling light consciousness from the Sun and Stars, receiving vibrations of sound through the wind, into the main trunk, the spinal column of the tree, the vertical axis that becomes the pipeline of conscious communication.  As far out as the branches and limbs reach toward the cosmos, the roots also reach equally far down, into the earth, connecting underground through a language that is unspoken but understood by the intelligence of all underground life.


The tree holds the bridge of consciousness between yin and yang, Earth and Sky, and so does our own vertical axis, our own spinal column.  Our operating system connects through the crown and the root, and delivers information from yin and yang sources through cellular communications, unified through the heart.  Our own internal antenna is much more clear, accurate, and aligned to receive the news of global occurrences than any source of media available on our planet.  We have the capacity to be directly dialed in to the vibrational communications deep within the Earth and also from the Cosmos, above and below.


On Monday 4/3, Mercury is inconjunct MakeMake, while Uranus and Haumea are in an exact bridge, creating a massive activation to the Light Bridge that calibrates all of us with lightning bolts of new consciousness.  Uranus is the ruler of Aquarian Age and this Light Bridge awakens the enlightened consciousness that we are each planting ourselves on for the next chapter of human evolution.  As allow our operating system to harmonize with Universal Law and Order, we can directly channel the higher frequencies of consciousness that jolt us wide awake, able to clearly communicate and understand the new language of 5D in an instant, without a word.


On Tuesday 4/4, Mars is in a Great Eliminator with Jupiter.  We physically make a choice that leads to our conscious expansion and growth.  As we let go of the things that no longer serve us, anything that is limiting or confining to our potential growth, we free ourselves up to the expansive nature of our unique personal power, and we become inspired and motivated to grow, effortlessly.


Wednesday 4/5, Mars manifests with Pluto.  If we have been actively inspired and empowered by yesterday’s choices and events, we can now manifest that new potential through the alchemy of Pluto.  Every choice is a death and rebirth.  We say no to something in order to say yes to something else.   The release and letting go frees up the space and energetic potential to manifest what we’re actually saying “yes” to.  Everything is energy, and when we release the connection to one space holder of potential, we can harness that potential and direct it into action to manifest with more abundance, clarity, and physical attention.  What we focus on grows, and as we eliminate the physical distractions, we can resurrect and manifest anything.


On Thursday 4/6, Saturn stations to go retrograde, on the galactic center at 28 Sagittarius.  Saturn will be journeying retrograde for about 4 1/2 months, turning direct at 22 Sagittarius in mid August.  The fact that Saturn is retrograding from the Galactic Center indicates this is a period of global and cosmic proportions.   In Cosmic Consciousness, Sagittarius is the essence of the truth seeker, the adventurous warrior of light that finishes the game of karma, illusion, and drama, wipes the slate clean, and elevates to a whole new beginning, a new chapter.  This is the clearing of the old patriarchal power and authority that has been defining and endorsing the rules of the land.  We’re demanifesting the old structures as we step powerfully into the new laws of spiritual power and leadership, based on integrity, authenticity, responsibility, and Love.


In order to realize this new collective structure, we each must do the individual work to collapse our own patterns of misuse of power and authority within ourselves, especially when we’ve given away the power that lies in our own hearts.  We’re committing now to fully living by the new laws of right action, motivated from the heart, our highest integrity.   We must remove the fears, labels, conditions, and definitions we’ve placed upon ourselves that have contributed to an irresponsible leakage of power, burnout, or fatigue, and step into a more sustainable way of living, in harmony with each other.  Egos must collapse and surrender so that the truth can emerge, without any attachment to how it all plays out.


Also on 4/6, Venus retrograde manifests with Varuna.  Venus is still retrograding through Pisces, the vast infinite ocean, and Varuna is the higher perspective of vision in 5D.  We’re seeing our world brand new through the lens of Unconditional Love, and thus manifesting the world brand new from the heart.  Seeing is believing, and when our vision is calibrated to infinite possibility, we can see clearly what’s always been right in front of us.


Friday 4/7 is a Sun Jupiter Bridge, the Sun arrives to the Light Bridge, illuminating our expanded wholeness, shining light on all the parts and aspects of ourselves and each other, in unity.


Saturday 4/8 has a Venus Saturn Stepping Stone and also a Sun Pluto Stepping Stone, a powerful stairway up to the Light Bridge.  Everywhere we look, there are opportunities to remember and choose the elevated path.  The heart knows where to go, and as long as we’re trusting our inner authority and navigation system, we can’t make a mistake.


And on Sunday 4/8, Mercury goes retrograde at 7:15pm EST at 4 Taurus (will turn direct again on May 4th at 24 Aries, at the Light Bridge)  The fact that Mercury is retrograding during Saturn’s retrograde supports our inner operating system in aligning with our highest authority.   We each have the capacity to communicate with universal light and truth, which means we can receive light codes from the Sun and from within the Earth, to deliver the most authentic information and shed light on all that’s occurring around us.  It’s important to trust our instincts and inner guidance, which is being upgraded and calibrated to the newly awakened consciousness of the Light Bridge.


The practice this week is to calibrate your operating system as a conduit for universal communications, like a tree.  Take a few moments each day to inhale sunlight through your crown, connect to the abundance of light being activated through the current Light Bridge, and invite that energy into your vertical spine, breathe it into your nervous system, and exhale all the way through your tailbone and into the Earth.  Imagine your tailbone as an energetic root system, like a tree, that extends all the way into the core of the Earth, reaching as far deep as you can channel up from the cosmos.  With your breath, clear out your conduit (your antenna) and channel Light, the language of Unconditional Love, into your own cellular communications and to the underground circulation of vitality and nourishment that connects All of life on this planet.


“The soul
of the soul
of the universe
is Love”



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