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For the week of April 10 – 16, 2017:

We’re literally walking into the light this week!  With Mercury now officially retrograde, we’re heading towards the greatest remembrance and reflection of our infinite and eternal light.  The super high frequency Light Bridge is calibrating everything physical at lightning fast speed, creating a vortex of transformation, and it only gets brighter with this week’s Full Moon occurring on that bridge.  Get ready for an incredible week of 5D calibrations that will altar our relationship with physical reality forever!



This week’s Full Moon in Libra illuminates the light of our consciousness reflected back through the mirror of relationships…and if we’re willing to take 100% ownership for all that we see and all that we experience, we can awaken fully to the truth of who we are with this amazing event.  This Full Moon at 22 Libra is activating the full blown light of our 5D consciousness via the Light Bridge (along with the Great Awakeners, the Sun, and Haumea) and the only way we can fully receive our reflection of wholeness is to surrender any judgment and open to all that is before us.


When we soften our gaze, we expand our vision, and expand our relationship with wholeness.  Judgment disconnects and collapses the scope of vision, which creates a limiting perspective.  Interesting that Libra in 3D is the scale, the balance that restores justice.  True 5D balance and wholeness can only be viewed from a lens of non-judgment – a pure lens of unconditional love, compassion, and acceptance.  It’s not either/or, it’s All.


When we look around and see examples in our world of chaos and destruction, it’s easy to lose faith and believe momentarily that we’re living in a world we would rather not be a part of.  But if we soften our gaze, we can see that the destruction is simply the current alchemical circumstance, or change agent, and it is reflecting the process of rapid transformation and renewal.  The element of fire (which represents change) destroys what was to create an empty space for what can be, what will be, what’s to come…and what already exists in the higher dimensions all around us.  All dimensions and timelines already exist, we’re awakening through the dense fog to let go of the old vision and allow for the greater manifestation to come into focus.


If we focus only on the motion picture of destruction, it can be easy to get swept up in emotions of fear, anxiety, depression, defeat and resignation.  If we’re attached to the familiarity and stability of the known grounding points, we will suffer as we are forced to let go of all that we’ve clung to for safety.  Mercury retrograde turns our minds inward, shifting our perspective to the light within, observing the events around us from a different perspective…allowing our operating system to be opened and expanded by the events, rather than closed.


Change, whether through a gentle willing surrender or a fatal damaging fire of destruction, always transmutes and resurrects.  Energy is infinite.  Energy shape-shifts, redirects, and resurrects.  Creation and manifestation are part of a yin/yang wholeness that requires de-manifestation.  The more rapidly we expand in consciousness, the more rapidly we experience resurrections and new beginnings.  Humanity as a whole is waking up radically fast right now, quicker than ever before experienced in human evolution, and it makes sense that the physical dimension is rapidly changing and reflecting that new calibration of consciousness at lightning quick speed, faster than the mind can comprehend.  It’s time to surrender our minds, leap fully into the safety of our hearts, and let go…and trust the process of recalibration.


After an intense 5D calibration energy session, it takes a several days for the physical body to fully receive and reflect the calibration that has occurred.   In the process, there can be several days of unexpected or unusual flare ups, physical sensations, vivid dreams, and the remembrance of past traumas, past life story lines, events, and threads of old consciousness.   It’s a necessary part of the recalibration process.   In order to elevate to a higher frequency of vibration (holistically balanced and aligned through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies), one must be patient enough to allow the full unwinding of the old expression so that the new can resonate with clarity.   If one gets triggered by the memory of a past trauma reemerging, and reacts to that past karmic thread as if it’s the “truth” of current reality, that pattern could be re-anchored into body and reinforced.


The physical dimension is the final manifestation of the spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies.  It holds the densest vibration and the slowest expression of energy of the holistic relationship.  However, right now, Venus and Mercury are retrograding, and Mars is moving forward, seemingly faster in relationship to the others.   Mars is the co-ruler of the Light Bridge (with Sedna) and so our physical bodies are literally being infused with the Cosmic Consciousness through Light, creating rapid waves of transformation that are calibrating the physical dimension.


It’s important to trust the process and let go as we carve out space in our operating system to witness what’s emerging.  We can’t even begin to wrap our heads around it.  Mars and Sedna conjoin this week, beginning a brand new cycle of relationship that delivers the fully awakened Cosmic Consciousness record keeper to the physical cellular body, inspiring all of our actions in alignment with Light Consciousness.  The 2 powerful rulers, who hold power in polarity, come together and unify in a brand new chapter.  That’s quite significant.


The week begins on Monday 4/10, with a Mars Ceres conjunction, starting a new cycle.  Ceres is divine feminine archetype that midwifes us through change, delivering us to our higher evolution.  Ceres is midwifing our physicality, preparing us all to receive the higher frequency of consciousness that is being delivered through our physical dimension.


Tuesday 4/11 is the super potent Full Moon in Libra.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Libra is physical power, and the mirrored self, and the highest realization that I am you and you are me.   We are the same.  This is such an important Full Moon for the awakening of humanity, and the fact that it’s occurring on the Light Bridge is breathtaking!


On Wednesday 4/12, Mars is in Great Eliminator with Haumea as the Sun and Eris start a new cycle in relationship with the Light Bridge.  We experience a shedding of skin that clears away anything at all that isn’t our truth, liberating us to shine brightly through our awakened consciousness.


Thursday 4/13 is a Sun Haumea bridge, and Mars is intimate with Uranus, like a gentle flash of lighting awakening consciousness from any residue of 3D slumber.  The flash of light catches our attention in contrast to the density of physicality, and infuses itself into the physical experience, unified as one.


Friday 4/14 is a Sun Uranus new cycle and also the all important Mars Sedna new cycle.  A brand new beginning of the relationship between our 3D physical dimension and the most awakened and evolved consciousness of the cosmos.  This relationship IS the recalibration of our bodies to awaken to our infinite potential and our highest realization, that we are light, and our bodies are the reflection of our consciousness.


On Saturday 4/15, the Sun and Ixion are in a manifestation, and Venus stations at 26 Pisces…just within 20 minutes of an energetic conjunction with Chiron.   And Mars is in great Eliminator with Ixion.   As Venus stations, our hearts are energetically resonating with the frequency of our unique personal mastery, all while our soul’s higher blueprint begins manifesting into full consciousness.  Mars brings about action to step into this purpose in the physical dimension, by eliminating any options that have buffered this path.


Sunday 4/16 is Easter Sunday.  Mars is in a resource with Chiron, Venus is in a resource with Mars, and Mercury is in a resource with MakeMake.   We’re each being affected at a personal level as we unify heart and body, flesh and blood, witnessing it all through the higher octave of divine law and order.  Our flesh and blood make us human, and are the divine feminine reflection of our wholeness.  When we master the relationship with our reflection, we’ve mastered ourselves, and fully awakened to our soul’s truth.


The practice this week is to be in relationship with Light.   Practice sun gazing or a candle gazing meditation to acclimate your vision to stay focused on the light, on truth.   Take a white tea light candle and gaze into the flame for 10 minutes.   Hold your attention on the light, and eliminate the desire to disconnect and feed into distractions or interference.   Each time you bring your attention back to the flame, you’re strengthening your ability to discipline your focus towards light.  Or try sun gazing in the very early morning hours at sunrise or later in the evening at sunset.   Practice gazing into the light, and allow your vision to open to the full spectrum of light.   When we’re used to looking through the lens of shadow, looking into the layers of stories, drama, and chaos, we become easily blinded by the light.   The light actually causes us to lose our focus.   When we practice looking through light and focusing on Truth, the distractions and illusions become crystal clear, and we cease to buy into those stories and dramas….they simply diminish and release.


“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”  ~Plato


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