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For the week of April 17 – 23, 2017:

Last week amplified us all to a whole new octave with the Mega Light Bridge activation from the Full Moon in Libra.  This week doesn’t slow down at all, in fact it keeps getting more and more exciting and multidimensional.  Pluto is stationed and will be moving retrograde this week, Saturn and Jupiter are retrograde, Venus is now direct, and Mercury is retrograde.  We are dramatically shifting gears, and the heart is moving us forward, elevating us all to a higher dimension of Unity Consciousness.   It’s the way of the future, the law of the land that we’re all awakening to and ushering forth as pioneers, leaders, and visionaries of the New Earth.

Our past efforts to move away from discomfort, pain, and disharmony, combined with our effortless searching and reaching for what we’re deeply longing for, have all brought us here to this moment of unification.   There is nothing outside of us to find, nothing outside of us to move away from.  To try to move in a linear direction from a 3D perspective right now would only limit, distract, and delay the awakening process that is currently unfolding.   All that’s required is to be fully present within our hearts as we master equanimity, the practice of sitting with the truth in each moment and each breath, sitting with ourselves, while generating the consistent and sustainable response of Unconditional Love.  There is nothing to fear, nothing to lose, and nothing to resist.


It’s important to notice the scenarios around us that make us flinch or react, and to recognize that we have the power to elevate every relationship by elevating to a higher consciousness of Love.  The Full Moon in Libra last week reminded us that everything we experience in the physical realm is a reflection of our relationship with ourselves, perceived from our current state of consciousness.  We can shift it all on a dime by elevating our consciousness to Love, thereby shapeshifting our physical reality through alchemy of the heart.  When we resist or detach from ourselves, others, or a scenario, we’re operating from separation consciousness.  The opportunity to whole is only experienced in unity consciousness, through the awakened heart.


Our world around us is currently reflecting massive polarization in 3D, and the more we push away from what we don’t like or can’t agree with, the more separation and tension we create in our world.   There comes a point when we can’t isolate ourselves far enough away from what we can’t relate to.  There’s not enough physical space to keep pushing away from what doesn’t match our preferences or beliefs.  We must find a way to expand ourselves, to open to new possibilities, from within our own hearts, in order to manifest a different reflection in the mirror.  Each time we detach from our current experience, we shut down a piece of ourselves and deny the wholeness of our experience.   When we can open to embrace all that is, without judgment or comparison, we hold space for something new, and we become the generators of Love.


Through our presence – through our commitment to being the awakened presence of Love, and through our ability to generate compassion, acceptance, and nourishment, the world around us begins to shift and elevate.  Last week’s Full Moon in Libra reminded us that everything we experience in the physical realm is simply a mirrored reflection of our holistic consciousness.  As we awaken to the wholeness of our reflection, we have the opportunity to heal and whole every story, every thread, and every wound that we’ve ever experienced, and reclaim our selves through unity.   All the parts of us are coming home, fully awake.  There’s truly nothing outside of us, everything is within.  Distance, time and space are illusions within our own 3D mind, which is where we hold separation consciousness.



Pluto has stationed and is moving retrograde this week.  This upcoming journey is bringing us face to face with patterns regarding death and rebirth, including the attachments that bring us to our knees or to the dark night of the soul, where we lose ourselves, our personal identity, and eventually find resurrection and rebirth, awakened, whole, and empowered.  We’re reviewing the process we move through time and time again in our lives, so that we may find the portal of connection to that infinite realm and choose to stay connected without needing to experience the perceived separation of death.   When we own our authority, even in our dying to ourselves, we resurrect as the infinite source of light that we truly are, and the fear of dying or extreme loss ceases to occupy space in our consciousness.   Without the fear of death, we are free to live fully, love fully, and give gratitude to every moment with grace.


On Monday 4/17, the Sun manifests with Saturn, Mars and Saturn are in a great eliminator, and the Sun and Varuna are in a stepping stone.  And Tuesday 4/18 delivers a Mars Varuna resource.  Our awakened consciousness is making important choices and distinctions, shedding light on new found clarity, definition and meaning that eliminates old perceived physical structures, barriers, or judgments that have been holding us back or delaying our truth from manifesting.  When we can see beyond the veils of physicality, the path becomes crystal clear.  When we can see the truth, in high definition, our eyes move beyond any physical structures or patterns that have ever hidden that truth before.


On Wednesday 4/19, Mercury (retrograde) is manifesting with Quaoar.  Quaoar is the infinite realm of possibility that our thoughts arise from, or the limited paradigm that determines what thoughts are available to us within that specific belief system.   When Mercury manifests with Quaoar, we have access to that infinite realm though our mental body channel.  This is an opportunity to expand our belief system, notice where we limit ourselves in our own thinking, and stretch into the dimension of possibility.  Anything is possible when we allow ourselves to believe so, and when we create our thoughts from that belief.


Thursday 4/20 is a very important day.  Mercury and the Sun form an inferior conjunction at 0 Taurus, in the portal between Aries and Taurus.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Taurus is where we practice mental obedience to the higher consciousness of Love, it’s where we learn how to mind.  If we’re practicing the mental discipline to think loving thoughts, then we must also mind those thoughts, so that they can take root and manifest.  The Sun is manifesting with Quaoar, AND Pluto officially goes retrograde at 19 Capricorn.  Because Pluto is a major player in the Light Bridge, holding the balance point of the intersection, his retrograde journey is delivering the entire Light Bridge to the invisible realm, allowing for a collective death and rebirth of the highest order, via the divine authority of Source (Capricorn).  This is the ultimate journey of dying to the old illusions and stories so we may resurrect fully awake and aligned with our truth, purpose, and highest vision.  Mercury retrogrades back into Aries later that same day, and Chiron is in a stepping stone with both Saturn and Ixion, allowing us to step up into our personal mastery, authority, and higher purpose.


On Friday 4/21, Mars moves into Gemini, Venus is in stepping stones with Saturn and Ixion, and the Sun manifests with the North Node (Soul Star Chakra).  Mars in Gemini activates our physical bodies as the vehicles of Love in Action, where our hearts move our bodies, and our minds let go of control.  As we do so, our hearts step into authority, and activate our higher purpose.   Our hearts are leading the way, as our higher consciousness manifests our most profound evolution.   This is the movement of conscious evolution occurring within each of us, from the heart.


Saturday 4/22 contains a Mercury (retrograde) stepping stone with Varuna, a Sun great eliminator with MakeMake, and a Mars great eliminator with Quaoar.  Our operating system gains access to a highly sophisticated cosmic navigation system, giving us the ability to communicate beyond time and space, and see beyond any physical illusions or limitations.  As we trust this high frequency communication mechanism, we can bring ourselves into alignment with higher cosmic law and order, and once again, eliminate the physical blockages from our vision, which expands and liberates our belief system.


And Sunday 4/23 is fairly quiet, with a Venus Mercury intimate connection, bringing the mind and heart into an intimate balance at 29 Aries/ 29 Pisces.  This powerful aspect reveals the inherent mastery in both, and the beauty that occurs when they unite together as one.   This is the new union of yin and yang that brings us to wholeness.


The practice this week is equanimity.  Equanimity is the art of sitting with the truth in each moment, without flinching, without detaching, without needing to run away, fix it, hide it, ignore it, or cling to it.  When we practice meditating and living with equanimity, we can be with all that is unraveling in the current moment, see the truth clearly, and allow ourselves to elevate in consciousness, to be the unwavering response of unconditional Love, no matter what shows up.  Equanimity releases any attachments to judgments, expectations, or cravings, and allows us to be fully present with what is, here and now.  If we’re searching for something better, wishing for something different, clinging to what we fear we might lose, anxious about what might come, or frantically trying to make something happen, we’re not allowing ourselves to be in an intimate relationship with what is right here, right now.  We can’t see truth if we’re not present.  And we can’t awaken new possibilities in our relationships if we’re not present and in truth.  Equanimity is the highest observer’s perspective, from the heart, requiring an awakened consciousness of love, compassion, and forgiveness.   This is the consciousness of alchemy, and this is ultimately the consciousness that can transform the world by loving it.


“It isn’t the things that happen to us in our lives that cause us to suffer, it’s how we relate to the things that happen to us that causes us to suffer.”  ~ Pema Chodron

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