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For the week of May 1 – 7, 2017:

Fasten your seatbelt and let go of any attachments as we enter a full blown week of awakening, embracing our unknown potential and wholeness.  We’re launching into a “5” vibration month that’s full of change, while navigating uncharted territory through our newly upgraded mental operating system, synching now with the light bridge of Unity Consciousness.  We’re expanding our mental body awareness from Local to Non-Local Consciousness.  This shift amplifies our ability to manifest infinite possibilities on behalf of All, through the wide open channel of our higher minds.  Radical change is on the horizon, taking us All to higher ground!



Mercury enters his station this week and turns direct, while being fully anchored into the Light Bridge, sandwiched between Eris and Uranus, holding the still point between the yin and yang Awakeners.  Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, the ruler of our personal mental body, and serves as The Messenger and the   Divine Masculine archetype.  Mercury exhibits the power of neutrality, or equanimity, as the highest observer of All.  When we’re equanimous, we don’t react to shadow or light, we observe it all equally, allowing us to be in deep intimate relationship with everything.   There is no polarization, preference, or opposition from Mercury’s perspective, there is only crystal clear communication, infused with higher consciousness, light, and truth.  This clarity generates the most awakened and refined messages, delivered and integrated to the most personal cellular level.  That dynamic communication evokes right action, from the awakened heart.


The fact that Mercury will station direct, sitting completely still between Eris and Uranus, is so powerful, indicating the recent upgrade of our operating system that has elevated our capacity to be unified, whole, and neutral.  That we can remain centered, still, and equanimous in the midst of extreme awakening and disruption.  Eris is the female (yin) internal awakener and Uranus is the male (yang) external awakener.  Our mental body ruler is being calibrated inside and out by these 2 forces of conscious energy, like paddles to the heart, directly powered by the Light Bridge.


In order to understand and communicate through the higher dimensions while being fully present in this 3D body and physical experience, we must holistically integrate our lower 4 body system (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies) as we become a unified antenna for higher consciousness.   Once we do, we become conduits, or lightning rods, for light to flow through our bodies, making our physical cells like tiny satellites for messages to be received.  If we’ve been resisting our physical bodies or our connection to the physical dimension, now is the time to unify and allow a new octave of wholeness and integration to occur.  It matters that our awakened consciousness integrates at the visceral cellular level.


Interesting to note that Mercury is the ruler of Gemini which, in Cosmic Consciousness, is the aspect of Conscious Mental Wisdom that allows us to be in multiple places at once, when we center ourselves in the still point of the heart, in the Now.   Once we unify within our own heart, and within our own lower4 body system, we gain the wisdom and power to travel and expand multidimensionally and witness infinite perspectives, timelines, and even geographic locations…simultaneously.  The more centered and still we become as the neutral observer, the farther we can travel, the more we can expand our consciousness, and the more unified and whole we become in our Cosmic Consciousness.   We are not separate from anything we perceive, everything is our reflection of consciousness.   The more expansive we become, the greater our capacity for wholeness….through our centered stillness.


If we haven’t deeply practiced stillness and unification of mind and heart, we can’t fully access the higher dimensions of consciousness.  The balance of mind and heart, yin and yang, is crucial for conscious evolution.  Our most significant relationship is the one within our selves, and our work now is to unify our tendencies for polarization internally.   When we split within ourselves, when we say one thing and do another, we create polarization.  Any time we’re incongruent within ourselves, we experience fragmentation, and we can sense it internally and externally.  Our practice is to align our thoughts, words, and actions, while remaining centered in the heart.


On Monday 5/1, Mars is in a stepping stone with Orcus, which connects our tangible physical realm with the invisible realm.  Orcus is the archetype that ushers us back to the physical incarnation after a death and rebirth process, or after a transformational resurrection.  Orcus reminds us of the promise we made to ourselves in this lifetime, and the reason why it matters for us to be here.  We have an opportunity to step into that reason now, to remember why we’re here in physical form, why it matters, and take action.


Tuesday 5/2 is huge.  Venus is in a bridge with MakeMake (for the 3rd of 3 times) as our hearts are aligning and unifying with the universal archetype for cosmic law and order, the highest octave of truth and authority.  Venus is about to fully recover her retrograde shadow, and when she does, she will be in an exact bridge with Jupiter, creating a full blown expression and expansion of this heart consciousness.


Also on Tuesday, Mercury prepares to station, positioned between Eris and Uranus, in the light bridge.  Eris is in an exact bridge with Haumea, and our divine feminine energy is relentlessly unearthing any barriers or resistance to Unity Consciousness – individually and collectively.  Unity doesn’t require us all to believe the same, behave the same, or agree on how to live.  Unity doesn’t even require us to like, enjoy, or even want the same things.  Unity is simply our truth…that we are all connected, as One…expressing uniquely through our individual freedom to create.  Our diversity makes us multidimensionally whole…not fragmented.  If we resist any part of our diversity, even within our own true nature, we’re resisting our most expansive and sacred wholeness.  Even resistance is whole and perfect.  What’s most important is that we become aware of it all, and stand in relationship with every dimension that’s available.  The more we acknowledge and accept, the more expansive our consciousness becomes.  Not by fixing or changing anything, but by being willing to notice and honor it all.  In that space of conscious awareness, the holistic vibration is elevated, and resistance softens through unconditional love and acceptance.


Wednesday 5/3, Mercury goes direct at 12:30pm EST at 24 Aries.   And the Sun and Neptune are in resource.  We begin to see clearly through the confusion, doubts, and chaos.   Our light shines brightly through the veils and illusions, to illuminate truth from an enlightened perspective and from our newly upgraded operating system.


Thursday 5/4 is a quiet day with no major aspects.   We’re still sitting in the stillness of Mercury’s station, calibrating and integrating all that’s occurred and adjusting our navigation systems.


On Friday 5/5, the Sun and Jupiter form a Great Eliminator.  Our expansion of consciousness results in a conscious choice being made to eliminate what no longer works or what might be stagnating the whole.


On Saturday 5/6, Ixion and Sedna form a Great Eliminator.   In Cosmic Consciousness, Ixion represents our soul’s template or blueprint of possibility in this lifetime, the promise we made to ourselves and to All, our mission in this lifetime, that’s available for us to step into.  Sedna is the Cosmic Record Keeper, the divine feminine holder of wisdom and ultimate wholeness through the records of all timelines and dimensions throughout the cosmos.  When Ixion and Sedna form a great eliminator, the cosmic records of our soul’s blueprint are activated, and we have the opportunity to make a very conscious and awakened choice to bring ourselves into alignment with our promise to the whole.  If there’s any thread of thought in our operating system that is preventing our fullest and most enlightened participation in this lifetime, this is an opportunity to eliminate that distraction from our consciousness so that we can fully realize our potential.


And on Sunday 5/7, Uranus and Ixion are manifesting.   After the Ixion Sedna Great Eliminator yesterday, Uranus strikes lightning to awaken the full blown manifestation of our potential.  The awakening jolt could arrive as an unexpected shake up, however it’s a magnificent gift and a blessing to harness Uranus’s energy along with the full blown light bridge, as a spark of creative manifestation.


The practice this week is to use the breath to unify heart and mind, yin and yang.   Imagine inhaling violet light into your crown chakra, all the way through your spine and exhale through your tailbone, releasing into the Earth.  This breath moves light from yang to yin.  Next, imagine inhaling violet light through your tailbone, all the way up your spine, and exhale through your crown, releasing into the cosmos.   This breath moves from yin to yang.  Then, breathe in violet light from both directions simultaneously, merging each breath in your heart, and exhale in all directions from the still point of your heart.  Practice this breathing meditation daily throughout the week, and be mindful of aligning your thoughts, words, and actions from the heart as you live your practice.  Let yourself be moved and inspired from the heart to see the infinite beauty and wholeness of All, including yourself.


“You can only go into the unknown when you have made friends with yourself.”  

~ Pema Chodron   

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