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For the week of May 15 – 21, 2017:

Get ready for a major turning point week, full of new beginnings that take us deeper into the truth of who we are.  The shadows and illusions are being pierced by the light of our awakened consciousness, and as the distractions unravel, we can see the path emerging…within us.  It’s more important than ever to keep the focus on ourselves, to be fully present in our hearts, so we can digest and receive all of the messages available to us now.  It’s becoming clearer and clearer that we can’t continue doing what we’ve always done out of habitual patterns and historical conditioning.  It’s time for full blown awakened participation on this planet, which requires courage, resiliency, and equanimity.



All of the personal planets are in pivotal turning points and transitions this week, which makes for a very personal and profound week of change.  Mercury and Venus are both recovering their shadows from recent retrograde journeys, Mars is moving out of bounds, Mercury is changing signs to Taurus, and the Sun is changing signs to Gemini.   The month of May is a “5” vibration which is universally known as change and transformation, oftentimes in the most unexpected ways, which can generate some initial resistance and refusal.


We’ve been expanding our operating systems to connect to the universal realm of limitlessness and infinite possibilities, and in order to step forward with that kind of thinking, we must surrender and release any and all limiting thoughts, perspectives, judgments, and patterns…especially the ones we’ve identified with personally.   The moment we catch ourselves defending a point of view, or arguing for a limitation, or holding our karmic story as the Truth, our work is to surrender, open, and expand…beyond what we’ve ever known or experienced before, while remaining curious about what might exist as a new possibility.


No matter how well we think we know ourselves, it would be a good idea to give ourselves permission to discover the hidden dimensions and unconscious realms that have yet to awaken.  In order to do so, we must be willing to dance with the unknown mysteries, beyond the shadows, and find what’s been there all along, just underneath our most refined strength and competencies.  No matter how much spiritual work we’ve done up until now, there’s more to uncover, more to awaken to and realize, and the time is now.


Monday 5/15 is a fairly quiet day, no major aspects.  This is a great opportunity to get centered and present within ourselves, ready to surrender and let go of our attachments to anything and everything.  Consider this a preparation day before a big cleanse, or a final day to enjoy our habitual patterns and tendencies before we go through a massive upgrade that changes everything.  Get ready, because it’s coming fast and furious!


On Tuesday 5/16, Mercury moves into Taurus just after midnight EST, Mars goes out of bounds until the end of June, the Sun is in a great eliminator with Ixion, Mercury manifests with Quaoar, Ceres is in a stepping stone with Orcus, and the Sun and Sedna are conjunct, beginning a new chapter.  WOW!  There’s so much dynamic energy being activated in one day.


Mercury is the personal Mental Body ruler, The Messenger, and the ruler of our operating system and communications.  While still recovering his retrograde shadow in the storm until later this week, The Messenger moves into the sign of Conscious Obedience, which is Mental Love in Cosmic Consciousness.  Taurus is an earth sign, which grounds our mental body like roots of a tree as we prepare to move beyond the shadow and into new terrain.


The fact that Mercury moves into Taurus almost exactly as Mars is moving out of bounds is extremely significant  because Mercury and Mars hold the Mind/Body connection.  The physical body is a reflection and manifestation of our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs, and our connection to the physical realm is moving into uncharted territory, about to reflect the infinite realm of our newly upgraded mental body operating system.  It’s a whole new world, and we’re about to see the manifestation of the New Earth as our minds take root.


Wednesday 5/17 is a Sun great eliminator with Saturn and a Jupiter great eliminator with Neptune.  Choices and decisions create necessary clearings, eliminating options that no longer serve us or define us.  These clearings create clarity so we can expand our light and move forward with authority and power.


On Thursday 5/18, the Sun is in a resource with Chiron, and at 1pm EST, Venus recovers her shadow.  As we pour light into our core wounds for personal mastery, our hearts start a whole new chapter from the recent retrograde journey.  Venus is making her way towards the Light Bridge, and our hearts are wide open and ready.  The old wounds that have conditioned our hearts to limit or restrict the circulation of Unconditional Love are now open, like floodgates, and Love is abundantly available to any and all who are ready to receive.


Friday 5/19 is another huge day!  Saturn is manifesting with Uranus, Mars is in a great eliminator with Pluto, Venus is in a bridge with Jupiter – bringing her into the Light Bridge energy, the Sun is in a resource with Varuna, and the Sun is in stepping stones with the Moon’s Nodes.  What a dynamic day, full of activations!   When we manifest from our power and highest authority, we become the interruption that shakes things up and awakens new potential.  Anytime we shake up the norm and awaken new potential, our physical reality transforms, through the ending of what was, transitioning into the birth of something new.


The Sun resource with Varuna gives us access to the highest perspective of consciousness through the infinite realm of cosmic vision, and that consciousness then steps into an intersection with the Moon’s Nodes at the polarity of Leo and Aquarius.  Our scope of vision allows us to unify and whole the extremes between Aquarius and Leo, with regards to anything that has ever made us feel separate from or detached, anything we’ve been rebelling against or feeling rejected by from not fitting in, anytime we’ve ever abandoned ourselves in order to be in service to humanity, anytime we’ve forgotten or refused to love ourselves unconditionally, or if we’ve denied, hidden, or made wrong our humanness in the pursuit of divine spiritual Love.  Leo reminds us to be in service to All, including ourselves.  Leo reminds us to live in gratitude, to be the generators of light through emotional Love, and to radiate that light like the Sun, unconditionally, brilliantly, and openly.  Aquarius reminds us to Love ourselves AS the Divine expression of Unconditional Love, that we ARE Unconditional Love, opening and revealing ourselves to ALL.


On Saturday 5/20, Mercury recovers his shadow and steps out of the storm, and the Sun enters Gemini.   Now that our mental body ruler is out of the storm, we can begin to observe the integration and new possibilities from this recent Mercury retrograde journey.  Just like a computer system after a massive reboot, it takes a few minutes before the speed picks back up and the system starts to run efficiently and quickly.  We’re coming out of the fogginess and dizziness of the reboot, and now we can see just how much we’ve expanded our minds into the limitless realm.  Possibilities we couldn’t even wrap our heads around previously are now readily available and accessible, through our imagination, our thoughts, and our cellular communication.  And in perfect timing as Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, and the Sun moves into Gemini.


In Cosmic Consciousness, Gemini is the sign of Mental Wisdom, the multifaceted diamond that contains infinite prisms of light and portals through which to travel.  The Gemini essence is the still point where mind and heart unify, the eco of the lower mind dies, and the heart awakens.  That still point of the heart is the portal through which we can experience multiple dimensions, multiple perspectives, and multiple locations of time and space, all simultaneously.  When we operate from this still point within the heart, we become Love in Action, moving as fast as the speed of light, while remaining completely still as the center of a fast moving wheel.


And Sunday 5/21 is a quiet day, no major aspects.   Just as the week began with a day of preparation, the week ends with a day to catch our breath, rest, and integrate.


The practice for this week is meditation.  Take 20 minutes a day to sit in stillness, find your breath, find your heart, and find peace.  No matter what is occurring around you, these 20 minutes of meditation are enough to reset your operating system and nervous system, and to bring you into deeper relationship with yourself and your truth.  It’s important that we take the time to sit with ourselves and our truth, especially as we move ahead into uncharted territory and unknown potential.  Find a comfortable place to sit, a space that is quiet, undistracted, clean, and sacred to you.  Sit with a vertical spine, close your eyes, and breathe.  Bring your attention to the tip of your nose, and breath in and out through your nose, feeling any and all physical sensations.  Scan your body from the top of your head down to your feet, and back up.  Not looking for anything in particular, allow yourself to be curious as you sit with yourself, and bathe in your own undivided attention and unconditional love while taking inventory of all that you’re witnessing and observing.   This is a week to be deeply present within yourself, and to be mindful of any and all attachments as we’re letting go of the past and moving powerfully into change and transformation.


“When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny.” 
― Paulo Coelho, The Devil and Miss Prym 

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