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For the week of May 29 – June 4, 2017:

Get ready for another life altering multidimensionally active week, as we’re walking through brilliant high definition light, shedding our attachments to the past and freeing ourselves up to all of our most inherent and exhilarating potential.  We’re at a significant choice point to elevate above the drama and past repetitive loops of old belief systems that have created a dulled down version of reality, rising up to a space of inspiration, new beginnings, and the remembrance of all that we are and all that we came here to create.   Once we awaken fully, we’ll never go back to sleep.


The most challenging part of waking up is getting stuck in the space between sleep and wake, where the confusion sets in between a desire to emerge with crystal clear freedom and a sometimes heavy pull to slip back into deeper slumber.  Exhaustion, distraction, and fatigue of the mental, emotional, or physical bodies can deplete our ability to operate with crystal clear inspiration and vision.  When the mind gets groggy, or the emotions get heavy, the physical body can feel dense and weary, as if there’s a 50 pound lead vest underneath the top layer of skin.   That dense layer of residue feels like carbon compared to light, or even a rubbery mucoid plaque in some cases, and it blocks or restricts our innermost light from radiating freely out in all directions.


The physical body is the final manifestation of our thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, attachments and judgments.   When we find ourselves physically experiencing heaviness, stuckness, and weighed down density like rubber, we can see that there are some energetic attachments deep below the surface.   Now is the time to explore those core karmic attachments and anchors, acknowledge their presence in our bodies, and allow our minds to elevate back up to the infinite realm where all thoughts and all possibilities exist as pure infinite light, before there was ever even a condition or limitation placed upon us that we believed as true.  If our bodies can return to the original blue print of light that our souls carried forth from the invisible realms, we can unravel and release ourselves from the stories and mistruths that have been stuck underneath our skin.


Our ascension requires us to confront the limitations we’ve placed upon ourselves, the stories we’ve bought into and worn around like a suit of clothes to define ourselves, that are energetically weighing us down and depleting our light or restricting our own growth and expansion.  Sometimes those restrictions and limitations are blind spots that we’ve been completely unaware of.  Like a flower bud held together by a webbing of clear plastic that can’t ever open or blossom to fullest expression, packed tightly by a florist to ensure safe delivery, but unseen by the recipient.  It’s time to cut the cords of our invisible webbing that has held us together in a tight bud, preserving our light for safe keeping.  The time is now, before we collapse under our own restrictions, exhausted from trying to bloom against our own blind safety mechanisms.


Mars is still out of bounds, serving as a major player right now in the awakening process.  We must pay attention to all of the subtle physical sensations to know where our blind spots are getting stuck and attached below the skin.  The purpose is to break free and transform, not to analyze, enable, and endure.  We are finding and releasing the invisible webbing that has held together our structure of limitation, and replacing that rubbery texture with the light of our higher consciousness and the unconditional Love of our awakened heart.  We’re loving ourselves back to life, fully awake, eyes wide open and ready to take committed action.  There is work to be done as we elevate our bodies, our environments, and our physical structures to create the next chapter of the New Earth.


Monday 5/29 starts off the week in true Gemini style with multidimensional light and brilliance.  With two mega light bridges perfectly in tact, we’re able to travel in multiple dimensions and directions at the same time, observing our awakened wholeness from the highest perspective, into every cell of our bodies.   Mars is in an exact bridge with Ixion and Saturn, while Venus moves into a direct bridge with Haumea.  Our minds and hearts are perfectly aligned with our most original and expansive light and wholeness, and there is nothing more liberating and inspiring.   This moment defines the next chapter, and our structure begins to take shape that will deliver us to the manifestation of that new reality.


On Tuesday 5/30, Venus conjuncts Eris in a brand new cycle of heart infusion and heart awakening.  On the same day, Mars is in a resource with Uranus, plugging Mars into both light bridges in a very dynamic and transformational  way.  Eris and Uranus are the two Great Awakeners, and it’s impossible to remain asleep with these 2 massive archetypes present.  The heart awakens from within, and the body awakens from external stimulation or interruption to the normal routine.  Whatever it takes to interrupt the status quo, the focus is on the awakening.   It’s important not to be consumed by analysis or judgment of the messenger or the stimulus.   The gift is in awakening…the new chapter begins once we’re completely awake.  Whatever it takes.


Wednesday 5/31 Mercury is manifesting with Pluto.  Our higher minds make meaning of yesterday’s profound awakening events, and its even more important than ever to be equanimous and open to the greater message behind it all.  As our hearts and bodies awaken, Mercury can communicate clearly from the underworld or the other dimensions, and we receive communication that ignites our resurrection and rebirth.


Also on Wednesday, Mars is in a resource with the North Node (Soul Star Chakra) and is manifesting with the South Node (Earth Star Chakra).  Again, since Mars is out of bounds, anything goes and anything can happen.  We can unravel the conditioning of our karmic story, individually and collectively, to manifest the fullest expression of evolution that we came to experience.  Nothing is impossible, as long as we can see where we’ve been holding ourselves back up until now.


On Thursday 6/1, we enter June, the “6” vibration month of the Divine Feminine essence of compassion, nurturing Love, unconditional acceptance, nourishment, intimacy, family, and connection that opens our capacity to receive.   Venus is manifesting with Ixion and Saturn, bringing the heart into this 2nd light bridge with Mars.  Venus and Mars together are the Divine Feminine co-rulers.  This important light bridge is the beginning of the particle convergence, the ultimate reunification and remembrance of the divine feminine which is happening all summer long.


Friday 6/2, Mercury is in a Great Eliminator with Haumea, bringing him into the Light Bridge, and Ceres is in a stepping stone with Neptune.  Our higher minds are clearing away any blocks that have ever closed us from receiving nourishment, intimacy, and Love, from ourselves and each other, as we return to the possibility of wholeness, inclusion, acceptance, and being a part of the greater connection, finding our place, and feeling at home.  Ceres is the cosmic midwife that delivers us to this wholeness through light.


On Saturday 6/3, Venus comes together with Uranus in a powerful conjunction, and the Sun is manifesting with Jupiter.  More unexpected shake ups awaken our heart, and it’s important to remember that sometimes the most uncomfortable shake up is an expression of deep love that we’ve not known how to open to, to fully receive.  Oftentimes we focus on the “good” news or the “bad” news around unexpected events, but our most unexpected heart awakenings can be the most potent deliveries of pure love that we didn’t see coming, or even our own walls of resistance to letting ourselves be loved so intensely.  The key is to open and expand through our awakened self.  No matter what gets our attention, stretch open and embrace the volume of light pouring into the empty space.


And Sunday 6/4, Mercury is in Great Eliminator with Ixion and Saturn, the Sun is in a stepping stone with Neptune, and Mars crosses the World Axis and enters Cancer, while out of bounds, on the Master Path.  And Mercury comes together with Sedna in a brand new cycle of super conscious wisdom and insight.  The higher mind makes a choice that clears the path to our new structure and definition of purpose, our awakened consciousness reveals more clarity from an enlightened perspective, and our physicality moves into the realm of emotional power of our feminine “yin” energy.


When Mars moves into Cancer, we experience the physical sensations of our deepest feelings.  It can be a challenging place to be at first, because we’re so used to pushing through our emotions to move ahead and keep the course, regardless of how we “feel”.  This is a time to take inventory of all that we’ve been ignoring, so that we can learn to honor our emotions while also taking committed action with a purpose.  Sometimes our feelings don’t align with our vision, and sometimes action must be taken regardless, but when we learn to honor ourselves, no matter what feelings arise, we can elevate our sense of physical power, stamina, and endurance where body and heart unify as a divine expression of the feminine.

The practice this week is to awaken, nourish, and honor your heart and body each day.  Take care of your physical body in a way that elevates, refines, and strengthens your energy and vitality.  And practice stretching through your heart every day by consciously giving and receiving Love.  Every act of kindness is an opportunity to receive heart nourishment, whether you’re giving or receiving.  Notice any habitual patterns of distracting or deflecting in moments of intimacy or connection, and make the conscious effort to open and expand through your heart while being physically present and awake in your body.  Venus and Mars together are the co-rulers of the Divine Feminine.  By strengthening and nourishing our yin energy, we’re preparing to fully awaken and emerge through our wholeness.

“The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep!
You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep!
People are going back and forth
across the doorsill where the two 
worlds touch.
The door is round and open.
Don’t go back to sleep!”  ~ Rumi



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