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For the week of June 12 – 18, 2017:

Fasten your seat belts and get ready for a week of high frequency manifestations, giving structure and definition to our brand new world.  Last week’s Full Moon in Sagittarius cleared the decks as we confronted and released our attachments to the mistruths, drama, and stories that have fabricated our current reality.  We’re standing now at a blank slate, ready to manifest a whole new possibility, and although anything can happen, we’re aligning now with our highest truth, the original blueprint of our soul’s promise and purpose in this lifetime.  Nothing is more powerful than that.


There is immense power in belief, which impacts our inner communications network and our capacity to manifest.  Whatever we believe to be true is manifested and experienced, through our personal communications system, as our current reality.  What we often forget is the power we each hold to examine, choose, and elevate our inner belief system, which can shift the vibration of our experience and the interpretation of all of our personal communications, in a heartbeat.


There have been countless studies proving the power of belief on our biology, the expression of our cells at the most physical dimension of reality.  What we believe becomes our experience, no matter how much we wish we could experience something else.


In fact, we can’t even begin to manifest anything that we don’t actually believe to be true.  Many people search for evidence first, saying “seeing is believing”.   Actually, the opposite is true, “when we believe it, we’ll see it”.  Words of affirmation are not enough to alter our reality.  Hoping, wishing, and wanting something to change only creates more separation, distance, and lack.


Our current reality is reflecting and generating feedback of our state of consciousness and core beliefs.  The moment we elevate our consciousness, we begin to see shifts in our reality.  By being responsible for every moment, receiving and integrating the valuable messages of feedback, and noticing our own fixed beliefs and attachments that are wired within our own minds, we become empowered to transform our current experience of reality.


In Unity Consciousness, there is no separation.  I am You, and I am All.  It matters that we’re fully awake and aware of our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs, and the choices we’re making moment to moment.  When we become empowered and conscious, we elevate our level of participation on the planet as responsible leaders.  No matter who we are, or what role we play, we are creating the new world by our vibrational presence.


We’re still experiencing a massive activation of Light through a beautiful Star of David formation, including the 2 major Light Bridges and the Moon’s Nodes, all together reflecting the ultimate unification of masculine and feminine, through the awakened collective consciousness and the remembrance of our Original Light.  This week ahead is all about manifestation, and Mercury – the Messenger, equanimous observer, and the dispositor of Gemini.  Mercury joins the Saturn/Ixion Light Bridge in a very dynamic way, synching up our inner communications network with the ultimate blueprint of our soul’s lineage, purpose, and authority.


Our inner cellular communications are so important to our biology and our physical experience on Earth.  Limiting beliefs and historic patterns can stagnate, distort, or even disconnect certain biological functions and expressions, creating physical disease and disharmony.  Likewise, we can distort and disconnect collectively, causing breakdowns and miscommunications that damage our relationships, families, organizations, and communities.


As our inner cellular communications elevate to a 5D language of operation, which is the vibration of unconditional Love, our physical bodies recalibrate and align with the original blueprint of our Light, allowing for the expression of health and wellbeing, our greatest transformation, and the remembrance of our ultimate vision and purpose.  This is the essence of the Light Bridge with Saturn, Ixion, and Quaoar, as originally activated by Mars, the Sun, Moon, and now Mercury.


On Monday 6/12, all is quiet as we’re standing on the blank slate from last week’s Full Moon in Sagittarius and Jupiter’s direct movement.   It’s important to connect with the empty space and the new beginning.


Tuesday 6/13 is a Venus Orcus manifestation, a Sun Haumea manifestation, a Mercury Jupiter manifestation, a Ceres Pluto great eliminator, and a Mercury Neptune stepping stone.  Our hearts are manifesting with the promise we each made to resurrect in this lifetime, and collectively, we’re manifesting through our most awakened consciousness.  The Mercury Jupiter manifestation is huge since Jupiter is newly moving forward, expanding our social consciousness and our shared communications even more.  We’re moving through the birth canal, together, and gaining clarity every step of the way.


On Wednesday 6/14, the Sun and Eris are in a resource.  It’s important to remember that every moment of discomfort or disharmony is an opportunity to elevate and awaken to our truth and our light.  The irritations and discords are shining the light on where we’re still holding onto attachments and old beliefs, and revealing the opportunities to let go and shed our skin.


Thursday 6/15 is the powerful Sun Saturn activation of the Light Bridge, along with Mars and Orcus in a resource, followed by the Sun Ixion activation of the Light Bridge.  That’s a lot of intense light in our consciousness, allowing us to see the transformation occurring as the old structures and definitions dismantle and the new authority of integrity and leadership takes shape, in alignment with the divine blueprint.  This is occurring in our political structures, businesses, and organizations, as well as our personal inner integrity around our commitment to self care and personal responsibility.  We are elevating the level of transparency and accountability with all relationships, exchanges and agreements, including the promises made to ourselves.


On Friday 6/16, Mercury and Pluto are in a great eliminator, Neptune stations and turns retrograde, and Mercury begins a new cycle (conjunction) with Ceres.  Our communications with the invisible realms support in making choices that result in our greatest transformation and the manifestation of our highest vision.


Neptune retrograde directs our enlightened attention towards Source, the highest expression of light and truth, without a thread of doubt.  The only confusion is any unwillingness to let go of attachments to the current veils of illusion.  There’s no place to hide, and we’re being delivered through the birth canal, through the comfort zone of our current reality, and released into the realm of our original light.


Saturday 6/17 is a Mercury Haumea manifestation, which creates wholeness, oneness, and Unity through our universal mind, the realm of higher thought forms that connects us all.  Physical reality is manifested by a thought, and collectively, we share that thought together.  What holds one back, holds us All.  What expands one, expands us All.  We are All connected through thought, breath, and Consciousness.


And on Sunday, Mercury and Eris are in a resource, the Sun and Uranus are in a resource, and Mercury enters and activates the Light Bridge with Saturn and Ixion.   This is a super powerful day!  As always, it’s important to pay attention to those inner communications, especially the ones that emerge from triggered eruptions and blow ups, they’re messages that serve in waking us up to our inner truth of what really matters.  We only get triggered when something matters personally.  Those triggers reveal our attachments, and those attachments are opportunities to let go.


As Mercury enters the Light Bridge, our inner communications align with the new structure and integrity of our original blueprint.  It’s imperative that we continue to release the blind attachments to old beliefs and ways of operating, because any misalignments create confusion in our inner communications, like crossing wires that distort our experience.   The more clear and in tune we are, the more efficiently we communicate, the more aligned and in integrity we are with our Cosmic Self and All.


The practice for this week is to be the equanimous observer of all messages and communications within our bodies.  Notice anytime there’s a trigger with an emotional charge, and take ownership of that button to see where the root is.  Every trigger that gets activated is an opportunity to awaken consciousness and expand to new possibilities.  A trigger is a limiting condition, an attachment that keeps us stuck.  Now is the time to elevate above the restrictions, be fully responsible for our own evolution and growth, and librate our Selves to the highest expression.  What happens for One, happens for All.  Our commitment to personal responsibility, expansion, and evolution impacts the collective and our planet.  Be diligent with your practice this week…we’re at a significant turning point, a blank slate, and a brand new frontier of possibility.


“Enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth.  It’s seeing through the facade of pretense.  It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.” 
― Adyashanti


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