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For the week of June 19 – 25, 2017:

The week ahead plants seeds of Love that nurture and give birth to the structures and systems that hold the new consciousness. ¬† Like new symbols being downloaded into our consciousness, we’re awakening to the energetic blueprint that unifies, supports, and sustains All. ¬†This week ahead contains the Summer Solstice, the New Moon in Cancer, and several Light Bridge Activations, and it‚Äôs so important to be fully awake and deeply present within ourselves and our experiences. ¬† Everything that‚Äôs occurring is a part of the whole, nothing is separate or irrelevant, and everything is on purpose to elevate our consciousness and support our highest evolution and expansion.


The Summer Solstice week is a profound still point that integrates the greatest amount of light (or the greatest amount of darkness, depending upon the geographic location on the planet).  What’s interesting to note is that wherever our specific local experience is, whether we are individually experiencing massive Light or Shadow, we’re all universally at a still point that unifies our holistic experience, resetting our collective frequency.


When we move into any extreme experience of yin or yang, there is always an equal opposite experience in duality that completes the circle of wholeness.  In 3D, where there is light, there is also a shadow, and where there is a shadow cast, there is also light shining.  The two are in relationship with each other, ebbing and flowing (or in  perceived conflict as fighting and struggling if there is any resistance) until we soften our gaze, expand our consciousness, and realize that wholeness is ever present within us.


We can be anywhere on the planet and feel the presence of Light because the Sun is always in relationship with the Earth. ¬†Whether we can physically see it or not, whether it’s day or night, we can tune into the larger whole and know that we are not separate from that relationship of light. ¬†If I am anywhere on the planet, I have access to every point on the planet, no matter where I am, thus I have infinite access to the Sun, always.


The Solstice and Equinox points represent the 90 degree portals of truth that we are calibrated by as we move through the seasons.   If we’re open and receptive, we can attune ourselves to the Cosmic Frequency of Light, which is the frequency of LOVE, at all 4 of these points.  Just like connecting to the 4 stages of breath Рthe inspiration to fullness and the exhale releasing to emptiness, and the balance points in between.  We move through these 90 degree portals of truth as we move through the elements, the lower 4 body system, the spiral of creation, the circle of life on Earth.  It matters to be fully present as we enter this portal of Truth, that we unify our consciousness to collectively initiate ourselves to an expanded awareness of this life on Earth.


Each still point is an opportunity to consciously join hands and calibrate together.  As points of light, we attune our unique rhythms with the higher cosmic frequency of Love, strengthening the presence of Love for All on the planet.  When any being of light unites with another in the frequency of Love, there is exponential expansion and brilliance.  When beings of light hold themselves separate, there is fragmentation and distortion, and the frequency includes effort, exhaust, and expiration.  The only way to elevate sustainably is to awaken to wholeness.


Unity requires surrendering the ego of separateness, even for the ones who have held great energy for others.  As individuals, we can only expand as far as our own personal energy field will allow.  There is a limit to what I personally can generate and contribute when I’m standing alone, in my local consciousness, no matter how powerful of an individual I am.


It’s time to shatter the limitations of what one individual can do alone, and unify with the Divine Light of Universal Love.  Our individual contributions matter, but the only way to truly start a new game is to calibrate all of our contributions together, and to own our most empowered Self, which is Awakened Wholeness and Unity.


The week begins on Monday 6/19 with a Venus Jupiter Great Eliminator and a Sun Chiron Stepping Stone.  In order for our hearts to realize the greatest possibility of expansion, we must make some decisions to clear away the distractions that have fragmented our flow of consciousness.  This clearing empowers our flow of consciousness, which allows us to step up into our personal mastery in a focused, brilliant way that makes a difference.


Tuesday 6/20, Venus and Neptune are in a resource, Mercury and Uranus are in a resource, Mercury and Chiron are in a Stepping Stone, and the Sun Quaoar Light Bridge is activated.  Neptune stationed last week and is now moving forward, allowing the heart to function with new clarity, insight, and empowered freedom, while our operating system is awakening by a jolt of lightning, elevating the brilliance of multidimensional communication, which elevates us up again to your personal mastery that was illuminated yesterday.


Wednesday 6/21 is the Summer Solstice, and the Sun enters Cancer.  Mercury and Quaoar activate the Light Bridge, then Mercury enters Cancer, just as the Sun Mercury superior conjunction on the World Axis at 0 Cancer.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Cancer is the sign of The Mother, representing the root system of nourishment, compassion, unconditional Love, and infinite support that flows through the divine feminine source of Life, also the archetype of Mother Earth.  Cancer is where we find our core issues by coming back home to the source, forgiving those issues, clearing out space from emotional baggage, open and rebuild the structure of our root systems so that a more abundant flow of divine Love can circulate within and throughout.


When we are plugged in to an upgraded and sustainable source of nourishment, we can upgrade our entire operating system to sustainably communicate the frequency of Universal Love. ¬†The shift is to surrender and forgive the core issues from our human experience of Mother and elevate to a universal archetype of Divine Mother, and allow ¬†ourselves to unify with the purest and most sustainable source of Divine Feminine energy. ¬†Human nourishment in the 3D physical dimension is not sustainable, because it‚Äôs something one perceives they are ‚Äúgiving‚ÄĚ to another. ¬†The sustainable flow comes from the realization of the Universal Mother, the One Heart that is Pure Love, the One that births us All, and to embody that presence within.


On Thursday 6/22, Mercury and MakeMake are in a stepping stone, also Sun and MakeMake stepping stone, and Ceres Haumea manifestation.   Our upgraded and awakened operating system, unfused and nourished with Love, steps us into a conscious realization of higher divine law and order.   From that consciousness, the divine feminine aspect of our awakened wholeness manifests.


Friday 6/23 is the New Moon in Cancer.  This is truly a time to honor the meaning of Mother, the source of Life and the source of Divine Feminine energy on our planet.   When we dishonor Mother, or have a distorted perspective of our relationship with the feminine or with Mother, the divine feminine can’t express fully in divine perfection.  We end up projecting our unconscious misqualified beliefs onto the feminine, our Earth, our bodies, and each other, and there is an imbalance and skewed expression of reality.


The Mother is the source of Life, and when we honor life and the sacred space that birthed the blueprint of potential, we unify with our origin, empowered and whole.  We fully come home to ourselves, our wholeness, and our holiness….individually, collectively, and in relationship with all of life, our environment, our planet, and beyond.  If we have any unresolved issues with our 3D home, family, mother, ancestral lineage, or with our own selves, we can’t fully see the divinity and unconditional Love that is available to nourish us all.  When we radiate Love, honor, and respect to the divine feminine, She is nourished, embraced, empowered, and abundantly full.


Saturday 6/24 is a Venus Pluto manifestation, and a Mercury Orcus resource.  Our empowered hearts partner with the unknown to manifest new possibilities that transform our experience of reality, and our inner communications remind us of our deepest promise to come through the eye of the needle, from the invisible realm, and return to this moment, fully present, fully in tact, and fully alive.


And on Sunday 6/25, Mars and Jupiter are in a stepping stone, Ceres and Eris are in a resource, and the Ceres Saturn Light Bridge is activated.  Our physical experiences can expand our consciousness, if we’re willing to step up and elevate to a higher perspective.  Any moments of discomfort are delivering us to the Light Bridge activation that is birthing the new structure that will support and sustain the integrity of the new world.


The practice this week is to surrender the ego and allow the old patterns of resistance to release and shed.  Where there is resistance, there is attachment and fear.  Resistance becomes refusal, and the divine flow of nourishment can’t expand where there is resistance.  Notice the moments where your buttons get triggered around righteousness, defensiveness, or any fixed opinion that creates resistance in relationships or within your own self.  Practice equanimity, soften the edge of resistance, and see if you can find a more gentler way of being in your body and in the world.   Through the softening, there is Love, compassion, acceptance…there is nourishment, healing, and restoration.  The flow of Love can circulate within and without, with freedom and ease.  The awakened divine feminine moves with grace and ease, flowing freely and fiercely toward the open empty spaces, holding space for all to surrender and find peace.


‚ÄúThe first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes within the souls of people when they realize their relationship, their oneness with the universe and all its powers, and when they realize at the center of the universe dwells the Great Spirit, and that its center is really everywhere, it is within each of us.‚Ä̬†
‚Äē¬†Black Elk¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†


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