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For the week of July 10 – 16, 2017:

Ready or not, we’re stepping into another dynamic week of radical realignment and evolutionary upgrades.   The Full Moon in Capricorn is still very much in effect, and Monday’s Sun Pluto bridge ushers us right into the fire of transformation, front and center.  There’s no tip toeing around this week.  The time is now, and the floodgates of higher consciousness are wide open.  The week ahead is an opportunity to consciously affirm our path and move forward with newly upgraded alignment, integrity, and structure.


Everything that is occurring is for the purpose of awakening – supporting our greatest collective expansion through Unity and Love.  Everything.  When we can receive every moment with a whole hearted response of “YES!”, embracing all that shows up as a blessing and a gift, we become empowered to elevate our frequency to Love, which shifts our perspective on everything, elevating our vibration to a higher frequency.  In the process, we become realigned and recalibrated through every cell of our bodies.


Buddhist teachings refer to equanimity as a core distinction of meditation and life.  Equanimity is the practice of being in intimate relationship with our current reality, sitting with the full experience, moment to moment, accepting it all without disconnecting, distracting, avoiding, flinching, pushing away, resisting, judging, or wishing or wanting it to be other than what it is.  The practice of equanimity clears the reactionary patterns of craving and aversion by developing a solid neutral seat of acceptance, peace and non-judgment.  This neutral ground expands the mind’s capacity to witness everything clearly.  Our higher vision and intuition naturally expands multidimensionally the more equanimous we become.


When our minds are sharp, focused, neutral and still, we can become the crystal clear conscious observer of all that is occurring in ourselves and in our world.  From that highest observer’s perch, we can easily slice through the illusions and distractions of drama and chaos that have kept us entangled for lifetimes.  In the mind/body connection, a crystal clear mind restores alignment with divine truth and nature.


Our most important work is to stop judging the current reality as if something is wrong.  We’re in a massive period of global transformation that is radically changing this world as we’ve known it.  Transformation requires interruption to the familiar status quo.  That interruption is an opportunity to awaken something new.   The process is occurring, there’s nothing to force or make happen, it’s already happening, everywhere.  Sometimes it’s uncomfortable, even brutally painful.  And sometimes the moments of clarity and inspiration are breathtaking and exhilarating.  It’s all a part of the awakening process and evolutionary expansion of all beings on this planet.  If we judge any aspect of the process, we’re missing the point and lowering our vibration.


When we keep our focus aligned with the higher vision, and practice equanimity, we become the refined response of Love in action, in service to global transformation and the awakening of Unity Consciousness.  We strengthen our capacity to be unconditional, which means non-judgmental.  We strengthen our capacity to generate Love, no matter what is occurring around us.  The nature of Light is to give Light.


On Monday 7/10, the week begins early with a Sun Pluto bridge, part of the Full Moon in Capricorn that is still very much in effect.  The Capricorn Full Moon opened the floodgates for new downloads straight from Source, executive orders to take action and implement a new expression, new vision, new manifestation.  Sun Pluto activates the transformation process, the recycling, shifting, and resurrection into a whole new experience, a whole new world.


Also on Monday, Ceres crosses the world axis and moves into Cancer, and Mars is in a stepping stone with Eris.  The cosmic midwife births us into the sign of emotional power, the essence of nourishment that empowers, inspiring movement towards gratitude, blessings, abundance, and service.  Any temporary disruptions or moments of inner chaos lead to awakening, inspiring right action from the heart.


Tuesday 7/11 is an amazing finger of God with Mars inconjunct Ixion and The Earth Star Chakra (South Node), then Venus is in a stepping stone with Orcus, just 10 minutes after.   This prompts a powerful decision that aligns the physical with the soul’s blueprint and purpose, and as a result, clearing some significant karmic attachments.   When we say “Yes” to our purpose, from the heart, the path emerges, crystal clear.


Wednesday 7/12 and Thursday 7/13 are quiet days.  Precious time to pause, take a deep breath, and integrate all that has been occurring at lightning fast speed.


Friday 7/14 activates a Finger of God with Mercury in great eliminator with Neptune, then in resource with Jupiter.  Communications are cleared up, veils are lifted, and the chaos is diffused.  This shift in communications leads to an expansion of consciousness.  Also on Friday, the Sun is in Great Eliminator with Saturn, and the Sun is in a stepping stone with Haumea.   More decisions are being made that lead to definition and clarity of boundaries, resulting in new structures moving forward.   This high definition boosts a new perspective of wholeness, seeing clearly that of all the parts, pieces, and stories fit together in divine perfection.


On Saturday 7/15, Mars in a resource with Sedna, and the body synchs updates from the cosmic record keeper.  Just as Sedna is the librarian that holds access to all recorded information from the cosmic universe, our physical bodies hold the records of our entire life story, our ancestral lineage, and past life events.  Our physical bodies are synching updates from Sedna, bringing our physical vibration up to date and crystal clear.


And on Sunday 7/16, the Sun is in a stepping stone with Eris, infusing more light into the Eris/ Haumea Light bridge.  The Sun is actually forming an intersection, another significant choice point.   We’re at the center of it all, seeing all options and directions clearly, with access to all roads and choices if we can elevate our consciousness up to Unity and Wholeness.


Later, the Sun forms a Great Eliminator with Ixion as we make the choice that aligns with our higher purpose, fine tuning our path, narrowing the gap between who we’ve become and who we truly are.
And finally, Mercury forms a Great Eliminator with Pluto, and we communicate that choice clearly.  Anytime we eliminate something from our mind or field of attention, we gain more energy to redirect towards nourishing our highest vision and taking action on our purpose.  As we clear the distractions, we fine tune our vision, and gain power and alignment moving forward.


The practice this week is to shine your light, in whatever way you can, no matter what is occurring around you, and be the source of unconditional Love for yourself, in your community, your family, and in your workplace.  Energy is contagious, especially energy that nourishes, inspires, and elevates the whole.  Notice the ways your light organically expands and shines, and look for the path that emerges right in front of you.    Pay attention to how your body is moving, resting, and generating energy this week.  Notice any sluggishness or fatigue, and take care of yourself.  Be the source of a global movement of Love, starting within your Self.  Notice the choices that free up your energy, and the options that weigh you down.  This is a time to refine our energy and eliminate the distractions and illusions.  Our most refined and brilliant light ignites the greatest transformation on our planet.


“An awake heart is like a sky that pours light.” 
― Hafiz






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