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For the week of July 24 – 30, 2017:

Welcome to the wormhole!  Yesterday’s New Moon at 0 Leo officially opened the 8 week portal of infinite possibility and limitless potential.  The energy is super potent, anything can happen, and everything is rapidly transforming.  By September 20th, the world around us will look radically different.  It’s important that we navigate this period of time with complete surrender, trust, faith, and grace…from the heart.  We are being delivered through the birth canal, coming home to ourselves, in alignment with our most awakened blueprint and divine light, stepping up to participate in a whole new game and a whole new world.


The most important thing to remember while navigating turbulent change and unfamiliar territory is to keep our focus on ourselves, and pay close attention to all that is occurring and awakening within our own hearts.  This awakening process is reclaiming the wholeness of our hearts, by remembering and resurrecting the parts of us that have fragmented or disconnected throughout time.


As we bring our undivided attention to our hearts, we consciously merge mind (Mercury, masculine) and heart (Venus, feminine) together, as One.  When heart and mind unify in partnership, ascension is possible.  Breakthroughs occur and we make the quantum leap in consciousness.  New perspectives are realized and unprecedented possibilities become available.  If the mind is separate – racing, spinning, or distracted by the events that are occurring around us – there is a disconnect in our ability to manifest from our most empowered potential.  Our consciousness becomes fragmented, we’re split in half, or shattered into many pieces.  We’ve already been there, done that.  Now it’s time for something new.


When the mind is at ease, in partnership with the heart, there is peace.  All is well.  Within that still point, the mind can actually shift gears and access a higher dimension of consciousness where all possibilities exist, crystal clear, from within.  The presence of Love awakens higher consciousness.  No matter what is occurring around us, there is always an opportunity to elevate, to take the high road, and walk across the Light Bridge of Unity Consciousness where all things are possible.


We can’t see that Light Bridge or even begin to access it if we’re in fear or distracted by the temporary turbulence around us.  That turbulence is meant to return us to ourselves by shaking loose the stuck patterns and attachments we’ve been hiding behind, and release the subconscious emotions that have been suppressed below the surface.  The focus isn’t the chaos, the focus is the liberation of our Light through the awakened response of Love.  Now is the time to graciously receive the shake ups and unexpected chaos as a blessing and a gift… as the fast train ride back home to ourselves.


As mind and heart strengthen their unified relationship, a new language emerges that unites humanity.   The new language is Love, and it comes from the heart.  When activated, it can be fully digested and received beyond barriers, circumstance, or condition.  The presence of Love can be felt, even if the words aren’t always understood.  Our mental operating systems are learning how to speak from the heart, think from the heart, and take action from the heart…with Love.  As we implement this new way of being in ourselves, we not only elevate the conversation, but we change the entire game on our planet.  We’re establishing a currency and a language that invites the entire world to participate together.  No exclusion, no separation.


The week begins on Monday with quite a bang.  First off, Varuna enters Leo, and Venus and Saturn are in a bridge.   Our highest scope of vision is in the realm of emotional Love, the light of contribution, service, gratitude, and blessings.  The fact that the wormhole starts off with this aspect means we’re aligning ourselves to see the blessing in all things, so that we may be elevated by gratitude and inspired to radiate Love from the heart.  Venus aligns our hearts in an exact bridge with our inner authority, restoring full power and leadership to the heart for this journey ahead.


That same day, Mercury is manifesting with Uranus (28 Aries) and also in a great eliminator with Chiron (28 Pisces).  Also, Mercury enters his retrograde shadow at 28 Leo, which is the degree of the total Solar Eclipse AND the degree of Mercury’s station after his retrograde cycle, which occurs on the day of the Pisces New Moon that ends the wormhole and activates the Solar Eclipse all over again.  This degree is extremely powerful and potent, and Mercury’s story is a very significant theme through the next 8 weeks.


28 Leo holds the fullest expression of mastery of Leo Consciousness, which is bold and bright like the Sun, in service to All through generosity, abundance, gratitude, and Love.  Our operating systems and inner communications networks are being calibrated and attuned to this degree of mastery, which elevates the conversation to Love, through our inner cellular communication, within our own lower 4 body system, and with each other across the globe.  This is a massive catalyst for global healing and the awakening of humanity.


On Tuesday 7/25, Venus is manifesting with Haumea, Mercury is manifesting with Quaoar, and Mercury enters Virgo.   Our hearts are manifesting wholeness, our minds are manifesting with infinite potential, and our operating system shifts to Virgo, which is the sign of holistic integration, wholeness, purity, and alignment.


Wednesday 7/26, Venus is in a resource with Eris and in the Light Bridge with Ixion, which brings the heart into the full blown manifestation of the Star of David for a final activation.  Later, the Sun and Mars conjunct for a brand new cycle at 4 Leo.  The heart is the final of the lower 4 body rulers to activate the Star of David, which is the ultimate sacred geometry symbol for the unification of the divine feminine and divine masculine.


This Star of David activation gives All of us access to the awakened union between mind and heart, which aligns our lower 4 body system with our soul’s truth, power, and highest purpose.   From that most perfect union, we can manifest, create, and experience ANYTHING.  We are completely liberated, empowered, and free to be authentic, inspired, and original.  If we’ve ever thought we needed permission to shine, this is that permission…it’s forever encoded and activated in our human DNA moving forward.  There are no excuses and no limitations from here on out.


Thursday and Friday are seemingly quiet with no major aspects, and we’ll definitely need this time for the integration of these potent activations.  The themes of the next 8 weeks are taking root in our inner navigation system.  That’s a lot to wake up to, and a lot to digest.


On Saturday 7/29 Ceres is in a resource with Orcus.  The midwife is supporting our awakened remembrance and deliverance of our souls’ promise to be here, fully present, for this lifetime. There are no accidents, no mistakes. We’re all here on this grand stage at this moment in time for a very specific reason. As we remember that reason, we emerge powerfully beyond any shadow of a doubt, and participate boldly.


And on Sunday 7/30, Venus is in a stepping stone with Chiron, in a resource with Uranus, and in a Light Bridge with Quaoar.   That’s a lot of awakened heart energy bringing a highlighted conclusion to the Star of David activation.  From here on out, that sacred geometry is calibrated within us, and our job is to step up into our personal mastery, and live it from the heart.  The world around us will adjust and shift as we harness our own light like a lightning rod.


The practice this week is to consciously unify mind and heart through daily meditation. Breathe in deeply, get grounded and centered in your body.  Then breathe in and out through your heart.  Each inhale opens and expands your heart, every exhale empties the space by letting go of all attachments.  Find the space behind your heart, between your lungs.  Activate that space by breathing in your undivided attention and full awareness.  Allow your mind to drop into that sacred space, settling in next to your heart, side by side.  As you breathe in and out, feel the peaceful stillness, and allow your mind to rest in the presence of Love.  Practice this daily as your mental operating system is coming into refined relationship with your heart, creating a new partnership and wholeness of yin and yang energy.  This new relationship activates the possibility for ascension, the quantum leap in consciousness that is available to all of us now!


“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”  ~ Lao Tzu


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